Harm and cannabis use, its effects on the human body

Cannabis use is known to mankind more than 5000 years and these properties are used at the present time. Different varieties of this amazing plant is widely used in various fields of human activity – light industry, shipbuilding and medicine.

However, along with the benefits this plant can bring harm if used incorrectly. The harm from Smoking cannabis the person gets both the physical and psychological level. The harm from cannabis when Smoking is deterioration of the General condition of man, and in dissatisfaction with his present life.

What is hemp

Hemp is an annual plant with a height of over two meters. Hemp (Latin Cannabis) is a versatile medicinal plant. It is used in medicine to treat many diseases that are accompanied by pain.

There are four subspecies of this plant:

  • Cannabis Sativa.
  • Cannabis Indica.
  • Cannabis Spontanea.
  • Cannabis Kafiristanica.

Plants of different varieties is widespread on many continents. Depending on the variety, cannabis characteristic of different degree of drug exposure on the human body, from very weak to very strong.

Hemp is characterized by a high content of both chemical and nutrients. And this applies to the whole plant, its stalk, leaves, roots and even seeds.

The proportion of psychotropic substances in the composition of this versatile plant can be from 2 to 40% of the total mass. The drug concentration of the elements depends on the species and variety of the plant.

Due to improper use of psychotropic properties of this plant, despite its use, it is prohibited in some States of the world.

In addition to psychoactive substances, hemp is a number of nutrients and minerals:

  • Vitamins of almost all groups, namely: vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B8, C, D, F.
  • Phytin as a substitute vitamin.
  • Fatty acids: omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9. Moreover, the presence in one plant of three of these acids is a very rare property.
  • Mineral complex, including potassium, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

The use of such substances is to help when dealing with the following ailments:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Diseases of the nervous system.
  • Depression, memory lapses, fatigue;
  • Diseases of organs of vision and skin;
  • The formation of fatty deposits in the liver.

Oil from hemp is used as food additive for cooking of various dishes. This oil helps in the fight against the aforementioned diseases.

The benefits of cannabis

Currently about hemp is spoken more on the positive side. This interesting plant has received the versatile application:

  • Serves as the resource for thousands of goods, such as clothing, paper, hemp, fibreboard and even organic alcohol and gasoline.
  • Is an ingredient for many dishes, including delicious porridge.
  • Used in the manufacture of durable fabrics.
  • Serves to protect agriculture from Colorado potato beetles, cockroaches and mole crickets.
  • The broad therapeutic use in medicine.

Because of its narcotic component of cannabis is prohibited in some countries, and the rest of the world is used with advantage for therapeutic purposes. At the prescription of the attending physician at the pharmacy you can buy medicine based on cannabis.

The concentrate of this plant has a strong analgesic and soothing properties. It is used as an antidepressant to control the production of dopamine, but also for the emergence and increase appetite in disorders of the digestive system.

The positive effect of cannabis on the body is such healing properties:

  • mitigates the effects of nervous stress;
  • reduces the likelihood of epilepsy;
  • frees from daily depression and nervous tension;
  • removes anxiety, unreasonable anxiety, and irritability;
  • increases the duration and improves the quality of sleep;
  • promotes overall relaxation of the body, but only for medicinal purposes, without abuse, which can lead to overdose of the medicine;
  • contributes to the emergence and improvement of appetite;
  • relieves the irritation of inflamed intestine;
  • free from feelings of nausea and urge to vomit;
  • removes General cramps in the abdomen and colic;
  • helps in dealing with diarrhea and constipation;
  • indispensable in the treatment of the disease Krona;
  • reduces the likelihood of cancer of the large intestine;
  • eliminates the feeling of heartburn and gastric reflux;
  • indispensable to reduce the pain during the course of chemotherapy;
  • removes pain in the back;
  • reduces pain in women during menstruation;
  • used prophylactically to prevent many diseases of the heart and circulatory system;
  • stabilizes blood pressure;
  • regulates cholesterol in the blood;
  • stabilizes blood sugar levels;
  • helps moisturize dry skin;
  • reduces the effect of fatigue and irritation of the skin;
  • helps in the fight against aging skin, as well as withwrinkles;
  • reduces allergic reactions;
  • returns to its former luster and color of hair.

All of the above is typical of such plants as hemp, but only when used correctly herbs and medicines on its basis, and always under the supervision of a doctor.

Since ancient times some varieties of hemp were used to prepare nutritious and very healthy cereal. If you eat a little cannabis in the form of porridge, it is possible to intensify the activity of the brain, to regulate the amount of glucose in the blood, whet the appetite and to withdraw from most diseases.

Smoking cannabis, as one example of the incorrect application of medicinal plants, will necessarily lead to negative effects on the human body.

The harm from cannabis

Smoking cannabis man gets only harm, both on a physical and emotional level. The prepared herb for Smoking is a slight narcotic substance called weed. This grass is also called marijuana.

The benefits of Smoking dried grass is a mistaken belief, as it is a soft drug which brings a deceptive temporary pleasure, unforgettable and unreal sensations, even hallucinations, and a substitute for human reality.

Negative effects of Smoking cannabis on the human body is as follows:

  • The moral and physiological exhaustion, the grass adversely affects both the human body and its inner world.
  • General fatigue and malaise on a background of malnutrition, unhealthy lifestyles and malnutrition.
  • Neuroses and apathy among smokers trying to quit a drug, accompanied by mental disorders and hallucinations.
  • Weakness, that is the human condition in the first stage of drug addiction, manifested in the inability of an active lifestyle. This is expressed with a cotton feet, shaking hands and heavy head.
  • Effect on the brain of the head and the entire blood-vascular system. Patient unstable pressure often increases and falls. The formation of blood clots with the development of heart attacks, strokes and other severe diseases.
  • The pernicious influence of mental or emotional dependency. This fascination with marijuana comes gradually, not at once, and in five or seven, when people without qualified help will not be able to throw this light, but still a drug. The person who smokes these cigarettes, does not recognize his drug addiction and claims to leave at any time. But practice shows other facts.

After Smoking marijuana and gradual increase in dose the smoker on a 20-22 day no longer receives those sensations which were previously obtained, and he gets in the risk zone using hard drugs.

  • The total effect on the entire body. Negative impact on the lungs, immune system damage, decreased activity, coordination, and more men and reproduction. Women taking the pot, have children with physical and mental disabilities.

Benefits and harms of cannabis, which coexist, are an obvious fact. It all depends on what a person wants to get through such a universal and long-known plants. Harmful cannabis or not, everyone decides for himself.