What to do in case of poisoning with champagne: symptoms

Made to believe that champagne is the most harmless alcohol. Poisoning of champagne perhaps? Recently, scientists have analyzed the most harmful alcoholic beverages. In their number were the champagne. This drink is a wine of red or white kind, which is obtained by fermentation on the basis of adding carbon dioxide. Even in the production of champagne from red grapes, it takes on a spectacular Golden hue. This result is achieved through the use of technology, which does not affect red pigment.

Champagne bubbles are a danger to the body. Once in the stomach, they react with food debris. The process of putrefaction produces toxic substances.

Champagne poisoning can also occur when using poor quality raw materials. The raw material can lose its shelf life, or be applied in a high dosage. Especially careful when drinking champagne must be the female half of the population. The fact that the process of removing the beverage from the body lasts them much longer than men. Behavior disorders are also more apparent.

What else can be dangerous champagne? Champagne, like any kind of alcoholic beverage leads to psychological impairment.

His mind fogged up, and the behavior becomes uncontrollable. Driving a car after drinking champagne should be prohibited. Otherwise, the consequences can be irreversible.

What are the main signs of poisoning with champagne?

Not everyone is able to correctly distinguish intoxication from intoxication. Often bad feeling the next day is regarded as banal hangover. In cases of poisoning in the human body irreversible changes occur. In severe cases they can lead to death. The main symptoms of poisoning man with champagne manifested in the following:

  • the appearance of nausea and vomiting;
  • the chair is fluid and uncontrolled;
  • severe headaches, dizziness;
  • the appearance of disorders in the respiratory system – shortness of breath; feeling of heaviness in the chest;
  • severe abdominal pain;
  • pulse and heart rate are increased;
  • the skin pale. When severe poisoning may cause blue in the face;
  • sweating, palms clammy;
  • weakness.

Is it possible to get poisoned champagne very much? If the action of toxic substances is high, then there are symptoms such as the increase or decrease in body temperature, convulsions, loss of consciousness, fever, convulsions, slurred speech, impaired perception of themselves and the surrounding space.

What are the main causes of poisoning of champagne?

Manufacturers that manufacture high-quality products, apply purified alcohol. Unscrupulous manufacturers mix alcohol with denatured alcohol. This liquid is poisonous. When ingested, the brain cells affected, comes the swelling, the body suffers overall toxicity. Unfortunately, a great number of poisonings according to the toxic substance ends in death.

The combination of such components as sugar, carbon dioxide and alcohol – it's a bomb that acts slowly. You should not store champagne under the influence of ultraviolet rays. As a result of the contact of the alcohol with ultraviolet light develops a chemical reaction, and stand butane and ethane. These substances have a negative impact on the liver.

It is forbidden to drink champagne, which stood in an open state for 12 hours. No matter at what temperature it is at the same time. In the open bottle over time because of fermentation reactions begin to multiply toxic microorganisms.

The huge danger is champagne for the child's body. The alcohol in a volume of 50 ml with child may cause respiratory arrest.

What you need to do to avoid becoming a victim of intoxication?

To avoid poisoning with champagne, should be very careful approach to the selection of alcoholic beverages. Look carefully shelf life, the composition, the presence of the respective marks on the packaging. To avoid intoxication can help useful tips listed below.

  • It is not recommended to drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Before drinking alcohol, it is advisable to eat foods with a high content of calories. Such food delays the ingress of ethyl in the blood.
  • It is necessary to control the amount of alcohol consumed. Recommended for the man to beat is not more than four units of this drink, and women no more than three.
  • Give preference to certified and quality products. Do not purchase from questionable shops.
  • The alcohol contained in the sparkling beverage, leads to vasoconstriction. In order to avoid this, you can drink a Cup of coffee.
  • The lack of glucose in the blood intoxication comes faster. At night you can drink a glass of milk, water.

First aid if poisoning champagne

When severe intoxication every minute is important. What to do in case of poisoning with champagne? If you notice that nearby a person's state of healthdeteriorated, and noting the above phenomenon, it needs first aid. It consists in the following actions, if the person is unconscious.

  • People placed neatly on her side, legs need to squeeze in my knees. The situation must be fixed. Next, the person must be free from tight clothing, undoing belts and buttons. To create a flow of fresh air into the room.
  • To eliminate the state of suffocation, it is advisable to fix the language of the sick person.
  • Before the arrival of emergency medical care should be closely monitored for pulse and breathing person. If breathing is reduced, you may need CPR.
  • You must wait for the arrival of the ambulance.

If the person is conscious, then apply the following measures:

  • Ill is shifted to the side, legs should be slightly bent at the knees. These measures are necessary to ensure that the patient choked on his own vomit.
  • To avoid suffocation the position of the tongue is fixed.
  • Do not give human antiemetic drugs. Vomiting is one of the ways of ridding the body from toxic substances.
  • If severe vomiting to the back of the head put a cold ice. This will help to alleviate the condition.
  • With a mild vomiting can wash the body. For this to make the next solution is to add 2-3 grams of baking soda 3-4 drops of potassium permanganate. This is sick should drink. Called vomiting. The procedure is repeated until then, until the stomach is not cleared.
  • Cleansing the intestinal tract. It'll take the enema. Don't forget about the use of absorbents.
  • After rounds of cleansing is required to harmonise water-salt balance of the body.
  • The high content of ethanol in the body causes the body begins to freeze. The patient should be covered and to let him rest.

Features of treatment of poisoning with champagne

Upon detection of a strong intoxication or poisoning, it is advisable to call the ambulance. The body needs to self-clean before the arrival of the doctor the cause of poisoning and to cause a gag reflex. Do not treat the poisoning of champagne carelessly. Even a small dose of alcohol can cause health damage. If you abuse this drink, it can lead to alcohol withdrawal syndrome. If the liquid has a suspicious smell, and on the bottom of the bottle the sediment can be traced, you do not need to use it.

If you encounter a problem like a hangover, it is not necessary to treat him with alcohol. Drunk person should not bask in the bath, sauna. It is not necessary to take medication. Most of the preparations forbidden to use in conjunction with alcohol. Failure to do so may aggravate an already difficult situation.

Drinking alcohol should be done in moderation. Of course, in the best case to completely abandon the use of this drug. But, unfortunately, the person living in the rhythm of modern life, it is not always possible to avoid it. Blame receptions, anniversaries, celebrations, commemorative dates, etc. you should Not ignore your health. From alcohol poisoning, no one is immune. Therefore, if the problem affected you and your family, call your doctor in a timely manner and provide competent medical care.