Ammonia in alcoholic intoxication and binge

Alcohol has a devastating effect on the human body. Ethanol is able to trigger the development of many diseases, including chronic. Regular consumption of drinking damages the nervous system, dilates blood vessels, detrimental effect on the stomach and liver. One of the methods to bring the patient in a sense is the use of ammonia. Ammonia in alcoholic intoxication, to get over with alcohol to recover quickly.

What is the ammonia

Ammonia is a known tool used in official and folk medicine. The drug is an aqueous solution having a specific smell, which can excite the nervous centres. Most people remedy known for its ability to bring in people who lost consciousness. However, not everyone knows that smelling salts can help to sober up.

Ammonia 10% has the following properties:

  • quickly increases blood pressure;
  • helps to cleanse the respiratory system;
  • activates the neuro-vascular system;
  • has an irritating effect on the receptors in the nose.

The drug is used in cases when a person needs urgently to recover and sober up quickly. In addition, the substance takes you out of unconsciousness with loss of consciousness.

Sobering ammonia

The use of ammonia is carried out in various ways:

  • internal use;
  • inhalation medications;
  • external usage.

Ammonia activates the nerve centers of the brain, stimulating receptors located on the mucous surfaces of the nasal passages. This leads to the resumption of breathing of the patient and narrowing of the blood vessels. Also, ammonia can provoke retching, which in itself will help to cleanse the body of alcoholic toxins. If you apply the solution on the skin, you can feel the relief of muscle spasms of small blood vessels, improve blood flow and improve the nutrition of tissues and cells.

Alcohol and ammonia – two concepts that are closely related to each other. People staying in a state of intoxication, should bring it under the nose swab soaked in ammonia. Another method of use is ingestion. For this, the drug is diluted with water. With this method, you should be careful: excess dosage can become lethal. The amount of dosage of the drug depends on the portions of alcohol taken. Equally important is the overall health of the patient, presence of chronic diseases, and the age of the patient:

  • mild someline only two or three drops;
  • in a condition of average weight – 3-5 drops;
  • in severe conditions it is recommended to add 6-10 drops in a glass of water.

If you exceed the dose of ammonia for internal use can cause symptoms of food poisoning.

In addition, ammonia rubbed whiskey of the patient. The exposure time is from 1 minute to a quarter of an hour.

Ammonia is not suitable for use by people suffering from epilepsy.

Ammonia hangover

Hangover is one of the negative States that occur after the abuse of alcohol and continuing for about a day. The symptoms of a hangover are hard tolerated by the body and manifest themselves in the form of headaches, chills, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, thirst, isusernode mouth.

The ammonia helps get rid of the negative influence of ethanol and rapid sobering. Often the drug is used as first-aid hangover.

Internal use may threaten the health and life of man: when incorrect reconstitution drug may cause burns to the respiratory system.

Using a diluted solution of ammonia may provoke a gag reflexthat will help to get rid of toxins. After a bout of vomiting, you must drink water. This method will compensate for the lost fluid and bring relief.

Ammonia in mild intoxication

Symptoms of mild intoxication is the euphoria, the rush of activity, dilated pupils of the eyes. The person becomes sociable, has a lively facial expressions, he may be slightly disturbed coordination. Also characterized by the emergence of enhanced appetite, increased heart rate, reddening of the face.

Often easy drunk does not turn into a hangover. If the patient continues drinking alcohol, after a couple of hours it has been full of relaxation and desire to sleep.

When intoxication mild enough to inhale the vapors of ammonia. Penetrating into respiratory organs, the tool activates nerve receptors of the respiratory tract, helping to cleanse the breath and the quick sobering up.

Inhaling ammonia pair for 2-3 seconds. Otherwise, the product may cause respiratory arrest.

Using this method you can quickly recover if necessary. Easy sammelana often held while walking in the fresh air, the ethanol evaporates from the body through the respiratory tract. In addition, to sober up will help drinking green tea, taking a bath.

Ammonia with an average degree of intoxication

Asalcohol consumption for people the characters sudden changes in behavior:

  • reduced adequacy;
  • it impairs the ability to evaluate the actions of others;
  • mood changes: kindness should be angry;
  • strong aggressiveness gives way to tears.

External characteristics include:

  • wobbly gait;
  • confused speech;
  • the frequent repetition of words;
  • persistent dilation of the pupils, reduction reaction eyes, blurred vision.

In addition, a person may experience double vision, nausea and retching.

The morning after average of intoxication, the patient experiences fatigue, headaches and loss of strength typical of a hangover.

With moderate sammelani also used ammonia. Solution it is possible to RUB whiskey, attach cotton wool to the nose. The tool will immediately cause a reaction of the organism, will lead to changes in facial expressions and sneezing. After about 20-30 seconds the man begins to accept reality.

Ammonia in severe alcoholic intoxication

Severe intoxication occurs in the form of depression in which a person:

  • loses the ability to stay on his feet;
  • poor grasp of the situation;
  • has slurred speech;
  • experiencing dizziness, nausea, severe gag reflex;
  • may suffer from arbitrary discharge of urine and feces.

Increasing intoxication increases the disorder of consciousness, disrupts the blood vessels and respiratory organs, leading to muscle weakness, complete immobility. There is the likelihood of alcoholic coma.

Most often the person who experienced severe alcohol intoxication, in the morning, suffering from memory impairment.

When severe intoxication is one of ammonia be very difficult, in some cases even impossible. So loved ones are encouraged to take the following measures:

  • To free people from tight clothing, unbuttoning buttons and loosening the straps. This will help the smooth breath of the drunken man.
  • Open Windows and doors, creating a circulation of the oxygen in the room.
  • Wipe the temporal area of the affected liquid ammonia, applying a cotton swab with ammonia to the nose for 2-3 seconds. If a person suffers from epilepsy, this method is not suitable as a substance able to provoke an epileptic seizure, which is extremely hazardous in a strong drunk.
  • The patient should drink a glass of water with addition of ammonia. To do this, 2-3 drops added to the water. The solution will provoke vomiting, which will help to get rid of alcohol toxins and brings relief.

In addition, in severe openenig sick I do wash with an enema. These methods will help a drunken man to get out of a dangerous condition. After cleaning the stomach and intestines a person needs to drink large amount of water, dairy drink, mineral water or tea with lemon.

Security measures

It is understood that ammonia is poisonous, it can cause severe poisoning. You cannot give a person undiluted ammonia, as the substance can cause burns to the esophagus and stomach or cause ammonia poisoning.

A lethal dose of ammonia is 10 g. During poisoning a person may experience the following phenomena:

  • sharp pain in the digestive tract;
  • a long and protracted vomiting;
  • swelling of the larynx leading to the common cold;
  • disorder of defecation;
  • the weakness of the intestinal system;
  • the occurrence of delirium;
  • irritability;
  • high motor activity.

Sometimes ammonia poisoning is fatal. If you have any of these symptoms should urgently call an ambulance. To reduce the toxicity of ammonia will help the inhalation of vinegar. Also the victim should be forced to drink a glass of water, milk or mineral water. In external lesions the skin is washed with water and is applied to the skin of the water compresses.

If the person lost consciousness

Sometimes ammonia does not lead to the desired effect. The man, who moved with alcohol, may fall into unconsciousness. In such situations, to continue the use of ammonia does not make sense: the person requires urgent medical assistance. Can also be futile attempts to feed the patient with water to provoke him vomit.

Before arrival of doctors the victim is put to the side to avoid zapadaniya language and strangulation vomiting. If the patient has no palpable pulse and no breathing, you need to carry out CPR.

Prolonged drinking of alcoholic beverages return to normal conditions is hard enough. Bring the alcoholic of the binge will help the use of ammonia. To do this, add 10 drops in water and drink 3 times a day. Using this method, you must adhere to the dosage. Otherwise, the medication is able to cause severe intoxication.

The degree of alcohol intoxication depends on the dose drinking alcohol and the individual characteristics of the person. Some people are able to get drunk even in small portions and strong drinks. Ammonia is one of thefunds available to remove the patient from unconsciousness, which can quickly result in a feeling of. However, use caution: ammonia can be extremely dangerous failure to follow recommended doses.