Consequences of drinking expired beer and wine

We all know about the danger of eating expired meat and dairy products, buying them, often check the date of manufacture and sometimes smell and appearance of the product. At the same time about the danger of stale alcoholic beverages, little is known. No one there and thought about the danger of using aged old wine or whiskey. Unlike these drinks, the beer cannot be kept long, it's not getting any better, and simply deteriorate. In this article, we decided to investigate whether it is possible to drink beer prorochenko, what will be the consequences after its use.

What happens to the beer after the end of the implementation period

Overdue beer we may face in the store or at home. Overlooked and "forgotten" bottle of this drink may accidentally be on the balcony or in the refrigerator. Some supermarkets are satisfied with total sales of intoxicating, the implementation period is already over or coming to an end.

Natural beer is a perishable beverage. Under certain conditions it can be stored for more than two months. Then, after the end of the implementation period, it is beginning to breed bacteria that can become dangerous to humans. Such microorganisms are opportunistic and can cause acute poisoning only if there is a large concentration in the beverage. It turns out that if you drink beer, expired just a few days, the probability to obtain toxicity is low.

But, unfortunately, on our market for organic Beers a little and they are not cheap. The majority of consumers accessible budget drinks. When cooking involve the use of chemicals, preservatives and flavor enhancers. The technology of making natural beer is expensive and time consuming. In the production of large amounts of this beverage producers prefer to resort to chemical reactions.

To distinguish natural from non-natural beer can, reading the period of its implementation. Beverages, in the manufacture of which was used preservatives, can be stored longer than two months. If the package you see a shelf life exceeding 2 months, no doubt in senatorelect beer.

Beer, composed of different preservatives, to use the expired form is not recommended. Chemicals after working life are dangerous and poisonous to the human body.

It is worth noting that if you drink expired wine made from wine materials by chemical reactions can also be poisoned. Only natural wines can be stored in a special container for a long time, with proper temperature and humidity.

Poisoning expired heady

What happens if you drink expired beer? Ingesting beer, a term which has already expired, you can seriously poisoned. The disease will proceed according to the type of food borne intoxication and be manifested in the following symptoms:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • intestinal colic;
  • an increase in temperature to subfebrile indicators;
  • diarrhea;
  • General weakness;
  • increased flatulence.

When you see these symptoms, you need to wash the sick stomach with plain water. In order to bring the remains of poor beer from the digestive cavity, it in one gulp to drink several glasses of water and cause vomiting by pressing a finger on the root of the tongue. After this procedure can give a poisoned person drink sorbents, for example, activated charcoal or enterosgel.

After taking the sorbents, the patient should use a simple or alkaline water. The liquid will reduce intoxication and speed up the recovery.

Typically, such poisoning does not lead to serious consequences, but in the case of profuse vomiting and diarrhea may develop dehydration and electrolyte failure. These States should be treated under medical supervision. Below we have listed the alarming symptoms, the appearance of which should immediately call an ambulance:

  • uncontrollable vomiting, due to which the patient can not drink water and replenish lost liquid;
  • pale skin, and extreme weakness;
  • the increase in body temperature above 37.5 degrees;
  • a drop in blood pressure, the development of palpitations.

How to use stale beer

What can you do with stale beer? Because to throw if you purchased the product for the money, sometimes it is a pity. It is possible to make lots of useful, pour this drink is not required. Below we have compiled for you ideas use of this drink:

  • Mask for hair. To use stale beer it is impossible, but to use it as a cosmetic was not forbidden. Wet their hair and do not rinse for 20-30 minutes. To carry out this procedure 1 time a week. You will see that the hair is brighter and more radiant.
  • Of expired beer can make a great bait for insects, especially whether using it to destroy the slugs. An open can of beer set into the ground so that only its top sticking out. Pests attracted by the smell of beer, will climb in the jar. And out get out can't.
  • Use natural expiredbeer in cooking, if the end of the implementation period was not more than two weeks. On the basis of beer, you can prepare crepes and pancakes, it replaces the yeast. Also in this drink you can cook the shrimps and marinate the meat. Intoxicating will give this product a spicy taste and aroma. This beer can spoon over the kebabs during cooking.
  • Polish furniture with a cloth soaked in the drink. He'll clean it to perfection.
  • Fertilize plants. Once a week they watered beer. It will accelerate their growth and fertilize the soil.
  • Add beer to the bathroom. It is very beneficial for the skin, makes it soft and silky.

Can beer go bad before the end of the implementation period

Once you read carefully the labels on beer containers? They indicated not only the drink and the term of its suitability, but also the conditions of storage (humidity, temperature, lighting). Failure to do so the drink can go bad before the time specified on the bottle. To distinguish between a defective and tainted the drink can be changed to taste, smell and color.

You also need to pay attention to the condition of the packaging. For example, the iron crumpled beer cans better not to buy. When damage to the internal coating cans, the drink takes on a metallic taste.

Remember that buying intoxicating in plastic bottles is dangerous. Alcohol is able to engage with the plastic in a chemical reaction in which there is an allocation of toxic substances hazardous to the human body.

Stale beer can result in serious food poisoning. These drinks is better not to use. But to throw them out is not necessary. On the basis of expired foam you can cook pancakes or marinate meat. Also, you can wash the head, to fight pests and fertilize the soil. No need to risk your health and eat inside expired and poor-quality drinks.