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What to drink when alcohol poisoning: pills, medicines, medications

There are many reasons that can lead to alcohol poisoning. This condition is very dangerous for humans and can lead to severe disorders in the internal organs and systems. In this article, we discussed what to drink when alcohol poisoning, basic medicines for providing first aid in cases of occurrence of this severe condition.

Causes alcohol poisoning

Alcohol intoxication can be caused by many factors. The main causes of alcohol poisoning:

  • drinking alcohol in large amounts, where its concentration increased sharply in the body;
  • the combination of alcohol with drugs or drugs. Especially strong alcoholic intoxication develops during combining alcohol with antipsychotics, antidepressants, hypnotics, narcotic painkillers;
  • poisoning alcohol substitutes. These substances are poisonous to humans. They are found in fake alcohol. They are added to drinks to reduce the cost of the product;
  • binge drinking, often drinking people more prone to poisoning. His liver is not able to effectively neutralize the alcohol.

What are the dangers of alcohol poisoning

Alcohol in large doses is a virulent poison to the body. Alcohol poisoning develops when the concentration of alcohol in the blood 2.5-3 g/L. At this concentration alcohol suppresses the Central nervous system, poison all the organs and systems of the body. It can lead to the following severe consequences:

  • the development of acute renal failure. This pathology occurs in the use of alcohol substitutes;
  • bleeding from the vessels of the esophagus, stomach or duodenum. This pathology is more likely with chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, cirrhosis of the liver;
  • acute pancreatitis, which develops as a result of high alcohol intoxication. The disease can be cured expeditious way;
  • dehydration – a serious condition that develops due to the loss of large amounts of fluid with vomiting and diarrhea. Dehydration leads to thickening of the blood, disruption of the heart, raising blood pressure;
  • severe impairment of the Central nervous system. In strong alcoholic intoxication, the person falls into a deep coma;
  • irreversible blindness, which occurs when poisoning with methyl alcohol;
  • the development of alcoholic hepatitis (liver inflammation). This pathology often develops in heavy drinkers, alcoholics, who often fall into a state of hard drinking.

Remember that complications of alcohol intoxication can be avoided thanks to timely seeking medical care.

Where and by whom the treatment of alcohol poisoning

Treatment for alcohol poisoning should be performed by physicians. To treat him at home with medicines or folk remedies prohibited. With the development of the first symptoms, you should call an ambulance. Manager to list the symptoms and include the exact home address.

In alcoholic poisoning in the home can provide only first aid, thanks to which the patient's condition slightly improved.

Medication when providing first aid

Before giving the patient pills from alcohol poisoning, it should be possible to quickly clean his digestive system from the remnants of alcohol. You need to do gastric lavage and enema.

Gastric lavage is necessary to remove the alcohol which has not had time to be absorbed into the blood stream. It helps in alcoholic intoxication is necessary for the health of the patient. In order to wash your own stomach, you have to chug a liter of room temperature water and cause vomiting.

Please note that this folk remedy like potassium permanganate, it is not recommended for acute alcohol intoxication. A person in a state of severe intoxication violated swallowing reflexes. He can choke and inhale this solution. Also potassium permanganate poisoning due to improper breeding.

Enema is done on the basis of simple boiled water at room temperature. This procedure can be repeated several times until clean wash water intestinal. Enema speeds up the removal of alcohol intoxication.

After you have cleansed the stomach and intestines from alcohol toxins can give the patient some drugs from alcohol poisoning. Only a few medicines allowed to take the pre-medical stage.

What drugs and medications you can give the patient independently described below.


Sorbents are drugs that can be taken independently. Due to their structure they bind, neutralize and eliminate intestinal toxins, alcohol remains. When alcohol intoxication you can give to the patient any of the sorbents, which you will find in your home medicine Cabinet.

Remember that before their admission, should study carefully the instructions and check the expiration date of the medication. The doses of some of the sorbents is calculated by weight, otherage.

Examples of drugs:

  • activated carbon;
  • white coal;
  • enterosgel;
  • sorbex;
  • smectite;
  • APSCO.


Rehydron is a drug for the regulation of water and electrolyte balance in the body. It helps to overcome dehydration. This drug is a component of many home first aid kits. It is available in portioned packaged form.

One sachet is diluted regidrona liter of water and vpaivaetsja sick. In order not to provoke repeated vomiting seizures, should drink little and often.

In pharmacies in recent time there are many analogues regidrona (gidrovit, trihedron, rosolen). Method of dilution may vary. Read the instructions carefully before use.

If you have a home no of these drugs, do not worry. At the stage of rendering first aid they can be replaced by the canteen or alkaline mineral water. Drinks should not be fizzy, too cold or hot. It is best to drink beverages at room temperature.

First aid

More extensive first aid is provided by physicians who have arrived on a call. After collection of anamnesis, examination of the patient, checking his pulse, pressure, respiration and saturation, they will start treatment. Below are its components. Droppers with solutions that help to reduce intoxication and to establish water-electrolyte balance. Can be used with the following medications:

  • Trisol;
  • saline;
  • glucose with vitamin C;
  • disol;
  • reopoligljukin;
  • reosorbilakt;
  • drugs for nausea. Relief of vomiting is performed with the use of metoclopramide, cerucal or osetron. These drugs affect the vomiting center located in the brain. They are injected intramuscularly. Retching run for 10-15 minutes.
  • drugs from head needed to eliminate strong headaches and dizziness. Doctors may injected analgin or Ketanov.
  • antispasmodics (nosh-PA, drotaverine) is a pain in the stomach and relieve spasms of blood vessels.

During transport to the hospital the patient wearing oxygen mask and continue to drip fluids. Hospitalization is carried out in the intensive care unit, where continuing treatment and evaluation.


Hospital treatment starts in the first minutes after admission. Simultaneously, a survey of the patient. He undertakes General analysis of blood the concentration of alcohol in the blood.

The duration of hospital stay depends on the severity of the patient's condition. Treatment may consist of the components described below.

  • Hemodialysis. This procedure is aimed at cleansing the blood of toxins. Is carried out at a poisoning with substitutes of alcohol (ethylene glycol, methyl alcohol).
  • The introduction of the antidote (ethanol) intoxication with methyl. Through this procedure you can prevent the onset of total blindness. Although in severe cases, completely restore the eyesight fails.
  • Massive intravenous fluids to replenish water and electrolyte losses. The dropper can be added to diuretics to conduct a forced diuresis.
  • Diet. In the first days of treatment the patient stays on a strict diet. During this period, he can only eat liquid rice water or oatmeal. Also given a decoction of flax seed, it protects and restores the gastric mucosa.
  • Enzymes – drugs that improve digestion.
  • Surgery that is indicated for the development of acute pancreatitis or internal bleeding.

Alcohol poisoning is treated in the hospital. With the development of its first symptoms it is necessary to call an ambulance. Some drugs can be given to the patient at home before arrival of physicians. Also at home, lavage of the stomach and intestines. The duration of hospital stay depends on the severity of the patient's condition and timely treatment for medical help. Do not self-medicate the disease, it can lead to disability and death.