Dropper with alcohol intoxication at home: composition

Alcohol poisoning is a dangerous condition that is life threatening. Its treatment should be by doctors. Alcohol disrupts the brain, internal organs, leads to severe dehydration. In this article the dropper with alcohol intoxication at home, the main indications for its implementation.

Causes of alcohol intoxication

Intoxication of alcoholic beverages may develop in alcoholics and in people who rarely consume alcohol. Below are the main possible reasons for its occurrence.

  • Consumption of alcohol in large quantities, which increases the allowable level of alcohol concentration in blood (above 2.5-3 g/l).
  • The alcohol prepared on the basis of surrogates (methyl alcohol, ethylene glycol). Unscrupulous manufacturers of fake alcohol, use surrogates to reduce the initial cost of the goods. Surrogates are deadly poisons to the human body.
  • Combining alcohol with drugs or medicines. Alcohol can not be combined with tranquilizers, antidepressants, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, narcotic analgesics, corticosteroids, drugs.
  • Condition the binge, in which people systematically, day after day, poisoning your body with alcohol. Often people binge drinking is not the best quality drinks.

The main symptoms of alcohol poisoning

Consistent with alcohol poisoning symptoms develop within the first 2-6 hours after ingestion of alcoholic beverages. The patient's condition deteriorates, on the background of severe intoxication he developed dehydration and disruption of the heart.

The main clinical manifestations of alcohol intoxication:

  • nausea and vomiting. In the vomit may be present remains of eaten and drunk, gastric juice, bile;
  • intestinal colic, flatulence and diarrhea. When alcohol poisoning diarrhea profuse, fetid;
  • General weakness and headache;
  • dizziness;
  • tachycardia – rapid heart rate;
  • hypertension – high blood pressure;
  • hallucinations are visual or auditory in nature;
  • disturbance of consciousness, lethargy patient, gradual entry into a stupor and deep coma.

Please note that in case of poisoning by alcohol surrogates, the main symptom is blurred vision. The patient begins to see worse, complains of floaters eyes. This condition can lead to total and irreversible blindness.

Why you need a dropper

The dropper does not help for alcoholism. It can help to improve the patient's condition. It may be implemented by paramedics in the home or by doctors in the hospital, toxicology Department, or intensive care. The dropper can also supply drug gang, which called for the removal of the person from hard drinking. The price of the dropper depends on the composition and volume.

Dropper is a purely medical procedure. To put it the patient independently at home is prohibited.

Listed below are the main mechanisms of action of the dropper in the treatment of acute alcohol poisoning.

  • The decrease in the concentration of alcohol in the blood. This leads to a rapid sobering up and reduce the harmful effects of alcohol on the brain and internal organs.
  • Stimulation of the kidneys, accelerating their work on the removal of the remnants of alcohol from the blood.
  • Restoration of water and electrolyte losses in the body. Vomiting and diarrhea, the main symptoms of alcohol poisoning, lead to significant water and electrolyte crash.
  • Normalization of blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate. These symptoms are caused by electrolyte failure and shortage of liquid. With the normalization of water-electrolyte balance vitals are regulated.
  • Removing spasm of blood vessels in the brain and regulation of the Central nervous system.
  • Cleansing the body of toxins and poisons.

That can drip with alcohol poisoning at home

Part of the dropper with alcohol intoxication depends on the patient and degree of dehydration. The first dropper is placed by the paramedics, they after seeing the patient, decide what to prokapat it.

Remember that when the first symptoms of alcohol poisoning, you should immediately call the ambulance. To treat this disease at home is forbidden!

To stabilize the patient's condition, regulating his vital signs, physicians put the patient on a drip. Often uses the following solutions:

  • saline;
  • glucose;
  • Trisol;
  • disol;
  • reosorbilakt;
  • reopoligljukin.

In solutions with droppers can be added vitamin C, ascorbic acid. Also introduced to the patient intravenous antiemetic drugs (metoclopramide, reglan). Further medical examination and treatment conducted at the hospital.

What else is included in first aid for alcohol poisoning

If poisoning alcohol dropper can be placed only by physicians. While waiting brigade SMP can start putting yourself firsthelp the poisoned person, which consists of:

  • lavage of the stomach. A person needs to drink 1 liter of water in one gulp and then her snatch. This procedure should be repeated several times;
  • cleansing enemas on the basis of plain water at room temperature. Enema is done until a clear and clean wash water;
  • reception of sorbents (drugs that neutralize and remove toxins from the digestive system). These include activated carbon, sorbex, smectite, APSCO;
  • copious drinking. Before arrival of physicians need to drink little and often. In the treatment of alcohol intoxication suitable mineral alkaline water.

If before arrival of physicians the person has lost consciousness, it should be put on a firm and level surface, turning his head to one side and lift up legs. Follow the presence of his breathing and heartbeat. The pulse is most convenient to check on the aorta, and breath with his hand on the chest of the victim.

Treatment in a hospital

Treatment of alcohol poisoning at the hospital is impossible without droppers. Drugs that are part of the IVS, counteract and relieve alcohol intoxication syndrome.

For proper selection of drugs for droppers and their volume may require additional laboratory and instrumental examination. Based on these data, the doctor can more accurately adjust the acid-base and electrolyte balance.

Examination for appointment of IVS in the hospital consist of the following tests:

  • a General detailed analysis of blood. It is possible roughly to calculate the degree of dehydration, to identify the presence of acute inflammatory process in the body;
  • determine the pH of the blood;
  • biochemical analysis of blood to identify the levels of electrolytes (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium);
  • electrocardiogram, which is needed to detect arrhythmias (heart rhythm disturbances, which can occur due to dehydration).

When poisoning with methyl alcohol in the dropper to the patient by intravenous administration of antidote – ethanol. Thanks to him, it is possible to prevent total loss of vision and kidney damage, brain.

In cases of poisoning by alcohol the patient must dig solutions for the treatment of dehydration and electrolyte shift. The first dropper to put a medical emergency at home. Further treatment is carried out in a hospital. Patients staying in a serious condition hospitalized in resuscitation unit. The duration of treatment depends on internal organ involvement, severity of alcohol intoxication.