The harm of cigarettes and cigars for the human body

If you believe the statistics, most people start Smoking as a teenager. What drives children to this and do they know how it can affect their health? In fact, their surrounding, and smokers and non-smokers constantly talk about the harm of cigarettes and saying, what is this addiction. However, watching parents, friends and even strangers passers-by smoke, the child begins to think that it's okay and all that it inspires – is nonsense. And now, as an adult and suffering from addictions over the years, people gradually realize how harmful cigarettes, but get rid of the addiction.

The most harmful components of cigarettes

Smoking takes the first place among the destructive habits of mankind. Trying to quickly grow up, many children start Smoking in 12-13 years, and adults trying to justify the harmfulness of cigarettes because they help to cope with stress.

So, what to contain harmful substances in cigarette?


This component gradually destroys healthy cells, replacing them cancer. All because of cigarette tar is a pure carcinogen. Together with the smoke a smoker inhales tar, which upsetting on the lungs and accumulate in them. Primarily irritated oral cavity, bronchi and lungs. Resin is the reason for the incessant cough of a smoker. Nitrosamines are contained in the resins have on the body of the destructive action. They can affect the DNA and make changes that subsequently leads to cancer. It cigarette tar is the reason that among smokers the risk of cancer is increased threefold.

If, after transferred colds trachea, bronchi, and lungs of a healthy person is actively trying to get rid of phlegm, smoker these organs gradually lose the ability of self-purification. Due to settling on lungs the tar, the respiratory system of smokers is unable to fully fight off viruses and bacteria. Therefore, for this group of people is the epidemic of influenza and SARS is quite dangerous.


In small amounts nicotine contains even some vegetables such as sweet peppers and potatoes. However, we can safely say that the nicotine contained in cigarettes is the most that neither is a poison that gradually kills the nervous system. When tightening the man feels the adrenaline rush and palpitations that leads to a General excitation. Obesity, hypertension, diabetes and regular diarrhea that can lead to constant Smoking.

Just because this part of many years to quit Smoking. It all starts with one cigarette per day and gradually the body on a subconscious level makes you increase the dose, especially during times of stress. Withdrawal syndrome the person who is trying to kick the habit caused by nicotine. The person experiences irritability, fatigue and apathy that can result in severe depression. As a consequence, he begins to jam the lack Smoking and to gain weight.


It would seem that it can be harmful in the menthol? However, many countries think in order to stop the sale of menthol cigarettes, as they are a major threat to health. Smoking menthol cigarettes are preferred by many smokers, not knowing what harm these cigarettes is that light even more filled with smoke. No wonder menthol is a component of cough drops, as it has on the pulmonary system lung, freezing the action and reducing their sensitivity, allowing you to drag harder.

The harmfulness of menthol cigarettes is obvious – they are even more addictive. From regular Smoking of these cigarettes develops heart failure, they also adversely affect virility, reducing erectile function.

And that's just the harmful components of cigarettes, a complete list has about four thousand, among them Gaza, formaldehyde and more.

Is there any use of tobacco to human body

It is assumed that the use of tobacco for the body is still there. Based on some studies, nicotine stimulates brain activity and improves memory. It is believed that Smoking prevents the onset of diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, and schizophrenia it helps to increase the intervals between attacks and to stop the aggravation.

During several experiments, it was found that smokers have a healthier body than those who do not smoke or quit Smoking. Moreover, it is believed that the nicotine and tar decrease appetite – smoked one cigarette before eating, will not want to eat a full portion. In addition, there is a perception that cigarettes increase the metabolism.

In recent years, many prefer to smoke a pipe in the mistaken belief that this action is not only no harm, and there is even a small advantage, as they buy tobacco. But this is misleading, because it is not as tobacco, and tar and nicotine, which affects the body in exactly the same way.

The effects of Smoking

The harm of cigarettes shall be expressed in detection of a smoker's discomfort or unusual reactions from the different systems and organs. In addition, there are individual reactions. Toexample, some people have intolerance to cigarette smoke, so, for example, vomiting after Smoking cigarettes can be a regular reflex of the body. It arises because cigarettes interfere with the functioning of the autonomic system and its failures are known to be expressed in unpredictable ways. The most common effects of Smoking can be considered:

  • constant dry and hollow cough with expectoration;
  • pain in the legs that occur because of circulatory disorders;
  • burning and tingling in the heart area at low load;
  • intolerance to physical exercise, severe shortness of breath;
  • numbness of limbs;
  • frequent dizziness and weakness;
  • constant colds and bronchitis.

We also can not ignore the disease, the appearance of which provoked a cigarette. Among them:

  • duodenal ulcer, gastric ulcer, colitis, gastritis, constant diarrhea from Smoking cigarettes and other disorders of the digestive system;
  • of a malignant tumor. In women, the alkaloids that are contained in cigarettes cause cancer of a mammary gland and other reproductive organs, and in men, Smoking can cause cancer of the prostate. Stomach cancer is also is a fairly common disease among smokers;
  • chronic bronchitis. Resins, which are deposited on the walls of the lungs, come out of them with phlegm and can irritate the bronchial tubes, therefore, the harm of cigarettes to the respiratory system are obvious;
  • cardiovascular disease. Heart attacks, hypertensive crises, arrhythmias, palpitations – this is not a complete list of diseases that provoke Smoking.

Is it possible to overdose cigarettes

Lethal dose of cigarettes for a person is calculated taking into account the body mass and the amount of alkaloid contained in the cigarette. Irreparable harm cigarettes can cause, if for every kilogram of body weight will have 0.5-1 mg of nicotine. By performing elementary calculations, we can determine that the fatal outcome may occur if the smoke about 30 cigarettes in a row. Mortality due to poisoning by nicotine, fortunately, not overwhelming in its scope, however, is not the result of the awareness of smokers about irreversible consequences. Smoking not die for trivial reasons:

  1. During Smoking cigarettes, the person receives only a third alkaloid, which is present in the cigarette, since the main share of burns.
  2. When tobacco smoke enters the lungs, the toxins are immediately transported through the body circulatory system, and other harmful substances out with the exhalation.
  3. Nicotine is destroyed by the action of formaldehyde that stand out with him while Smoking.
  4. Any healthy person doesn't smoke as much cigarettes to death, as the body will resist the poison and its simply sick.
  5. Like any other poison that constantly enters the body in small amounts, nicotine is able to "harden" the body and to counteract the poisoning. For this reason, the dose that would be lethal for non-smokers and smokers should be increased by two and even three times.

The harm of cigarettes for women

The harm of cigars or cigarettes exists for both sexes. However, Smoking affects the male and female organisms a little different. Women after a certain age spent years trying to maintain its bright and fresh appearance, using services of the beauticians and visiting beauty salons. However, smokers women the odds of long maintenance of your youth reduced.

Many women justify the harm of cigarette that Smoking lady looks mysterious and sexy, but in reality, taking into account the opinion of men, the majority believes that this unnatural phenomenon. Yes, the first few years you can smoke without much harm for health, but there is a risk to commit to it for years to come.

What is waiting for a Smoking cigarettes woman at the age of 25? Unhealthy, yellow skin, nausea, lack of healthy appetite, brittle hair and nails – this is only a small fraction of the harm to the body of the girl a cigarette from a young age. The skin becomes dull with a grey tint, the voice sits down and develops aphonia as an elderly person. Around lips wrinkles appear – a clear sign of inveterate smokers, and next to the eyes, and beneath them are deep and permanent wrinkles are formed bags.

Oddly enough, women are refusing to quit a harmful habit not only to get better, but the question is, is it harmful to smoke cigars and cigarettes, don't care about them as a prospect to gain a few extra pounds.

The harm of cigarettes for men

Often it is men smoke at an early age and not give up their bad habit has ever. The reason for that, again, fashion trends and advertising, where the big muscular guys do not leave the cigarette. It is a pity that because of this implausible advertising, many are willing to part with their health and to replenish the capital of the tobacco magnates, forgetting about the dangers of tobacco.

Most of the stronger sex suffers the reproductive function. From the modern sedentary lifestyle sperm and so become sluggish, and cigarettes only aggravates the situation. No wonder the doctorsassert that in planning the conception, future parents need to be cleansed of toxins, and forgetting about addiction. The amount of harmful substances in cigarettes so high that smokers babies are born with a weakened immune system, unable to resist many diseases.

As already mentioned, menthol is a very detrimental effect on potency, so men who smoke menthol cigarettes, have problems with erectile function. In addition, among male smokers often have problems with heart and blood vessels.

Harmless Smoking

It is believed that cigars more harmful than cigarettes, but it is not always the case. A strong cigar will definitely effect the body stronger, but cigarettes with high nicotine content and tar also occur. Moreover, this point does not make Smoking harmless.

Realizing the dangers of cigarettes, many in any way trying to get rid of unhealthy habits. Some start to smoke a pipe, however, the question of what is more harmful to smoke a pipe or cigarettes, we can clearly answer the risks are the same. Increasingly, you can hear harmless and cigarettes. So, what are they?

These are the same cigarettes, but with minimal content of tar and nicotine. Most interestingly, harm from them is exactly the same as conventional. Their producer deserves applause, because he made a remarkable marketing move, as these cigarettes a person will smoke significantly more, which will increase its earnings.

But herbal cigarettes are a useful innovation for those who are trying to leave the habit. In their part of the missing narcotic substance, therefore, cope with addiction will be very difficult. However, this harmless Smoking is a serious step for getting rid of bad habits. Harm no herbal cigarettes – they contain only special herbs that help to cope with withdrawal symptoms.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that no matter how strong the desire to smoke is not worth the years depend on this bad habit. The benefits and harms of cigarette Smoking are studied for years, and while first place is precisely the harm. It is unlikely that the desire to gain extra pounds or to keep up with peers is worth it to part with their health. It's easier to prevent addiction than later to deal with it.