How to quickly remove alcohol from the body at home

After the feast, to completely dispel the fumes, to get rid of a hangover and sober up not so easy. Alcohol causes toxicity in the body and can stay there for more than a day. In this article, we covered how to quickly remove alcohol from the body, to get rid of hangover symptoms, how to recognize alcohol poisoning.

What are the main signs of a hangover

Hangover is a condition which develops after ingestion of alcoholic beverages. Excretion of alcohol from the body provide the kidneys and liver. It is these organs suffer the most. In essence, alcohol is a poison to the human body, it poisons it causes dehydration, affects the nerve cells.

Hangover symptoms develop in the morning after drinking alcohol. These include:

  • the smell of fume from the mouth;
  • dry mouth and a feeling of intense thirst;
  • nausea and vomiting. Usually, vomiting with a hangover once, and bring relief;
  • tremor of the hands;
  • headache, difficulty to focus and concentrate;
  • loose stools;
  • stomach pain, intestinal colic;
  • flatulence;
  • swelling of the face;
  • dizziness.

How you can neutralize and remove alcohol from the body

How to withdraw alcohol from the body with a hangover, finally sober up and regain his ability to work? This question interests many. This is not difficult. Below are recommendations that will help you to bring alcohol intoxication in the home.

Gastric lavage

Gastric lavage should be in the case of severe nausea. It can be effective, even if after reception of alcohol it took 6-8 hours. During sleep, the stomach practically does not function, and drunk with eaten the day before can stay in till morning.

The cleansing of the stomach to help remove the remaining alcohol, food and toxins. Thanks to him, you can not only get rid of the nausea, but also to prevent possible poisoning.

In order to wash your own stomach, you should drink a liter of still simple cool water and then her snatch. If, in doing so, you feel that the stomach is not fully cleared, repeat this procedure.

Please note that under the new protocols, potassium permanganate is not recommended for gastric lavage in the home. If the wrong dilution it can cause severe poisoning and burns of the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus.

Drink plenty of liquids

Dehydration and toxicity are the principal causes of fumes and poor health. Thanks to rehydration (replenishing lost fluids in the body), you can quickly get rid of the remnants of alcohol in the blood. In order to bring the alcohol, you need to drink per day at least 3 liters of fluid.

Than the "kick" of alcohol, include the following:

  • Alkaline mineral water without gas (for example, "Borjomi"). This drink is excellent for removal of alcohol from the body. Due to its alkaline pH mineral water restores the acid balance in the blood, helps to reduce heartburn, heal and electrolyte loss.
  • Rehydron is a product created by analog solutions for droppers that treat dehydration. It is sold in portion bags. 1 packet regidrona is diluted with one liter of plain water at room temperature. The day can drink 2-3 litres of the treatment solution. He tastes good, a little salty.
  • Brine from pickles and tomatoes to ensure rapid recovery of the acidity of the blood. To drink it in limited quantities. 1 Cup of pickle juice, drunk in the morning, that's enough. After it it is necessary to drink other drinks (water, regidron or tea).
  • Weak black tea with sugar not only neutralizes alcohol, but also improves the functioning of the Central nervous system. The level of glucose in the blood is reduced with the use of alcohol, and the brain receives less nutrients. Sweet tea improves his work, helps a person to gather their thoughts and to concentrate on work.
  • A decoction of rose hips has a diuretic effect. It can be used to bring beer from the body and to get rid of facial swelling.

Remember that if you want to withdraw alcohol from the body, not pohmelitsy in the morning. The new portion of alcohol will only increase its concentration in the blood and prevent recovery.


Sorbents withdrawal alcohol very effectively. Once in the stomach and the intestine, they bind, neutralize and eliminate toxins. The sorbents should be in every home medicine Cabinet. You can take any drugs in this group, for example activated carbon, enterosgel, atoxil, smectite, sorbex.

Before taking sorbents make sure that the drug is not expired. Date of manufacture placed on the packaging.

Dosing rules are different for each drug. Some are calculated by weight and some by age. In the instructions to the drug, you can read the rules of the selection of dosage and receiving.

Drink sorbents abundant amount of liquid. Water accelerates the action.


Contrast shower helps to relieve the vasospasm. It improves blood circulation, relieves headaches. Should alternate cold water with hot.

Please note that the doctorsnot recommended to take a bath after drinking alcohol. Hot water and steam can cause vomiting that will worsen the condition and well-being.


In the morning with a hangover it is very important to have Breakfast. The food will help to start the digestive system, speed up the metabolic processes in the body.

In the morning with a hangover is not desirable fatty, fried and spicy food. Food should be light and at the same time nutritious. Perfect the following dishes:

  • chicken broth;
  • steam omelet;
  • boiled eggs;
  • cooked lean meat chicken or Turkey;
  • steamed vegetables;
  • oat or rice porridge.

How to recognize alcohol poisoning

Do not confuse a hangover with alcohol poisoning. This is a serious condition caused by drinking large doses of alcohol or its surrogates (methyl alcohol, ethylene glycol).

When alcohol poisoning the patient should be given immediate medical attention. The following are the basic symptoms of this condition, the development of which is necessary to urgently call a team of emergency medicine:

  • abundant repeated vomiting;
  • extreme weakness;
  • severe pain in the abdomen;
  • blurred vision (in case of intoxication with methyl);
  • convulsions, resembling epileptic seizure;
  • hallucinations;
  • tachycardia – rapid heartbeat (over 100 to 120 per minute) may develop atrial fibrillation;
  • hypertension – high blood pressure;
  • violation of breathing, it becomes frequent, superficial, develops shortness of breath;
  • loss of consciousness, deep coma.

Before the arrival of doctors flush the patient's stomach, do an enema, let sorbents and drink. Further treatment is carried out in toxicology or intensive care.

Other disturbing symptoms that may occur after alcohol

Drinking alcohol can trigger the development of severe pathological conditions, the treatment of which should be in the hospital.

Below are the alarming symptoms, the development of which should go to the doctor:

  • Vomiting black color or blood - a symptom of internal bleeding from damaged blood vessels of the esophagus, stomach or duodenum. To it inclined people suffering from cirrhosis of the liver, peptic ulcer, chronic erosive or atrophic gastritis. The bleeding is accompanied by black stools, pale skin, tachycardia. The patient anything to drink, it is strictly forbidden to wash out the stomach.
  • Girdle pain in the abdomen is a sign of acute pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas). This disorder can be treated by the operative method.
  • Yellowing of the skin, mucous is a symptom of liver damage, the development of alcoholic hepatitis.

During a hangover, the person feels bad, he has reduced working capacity. Excretion of alcohol from the body will help to quickly sober up, get rid of the stale and return to regular life. To neutralize and bring alcohol, you can use plentiful drinking, sorbents, contrast showers and a gastric lavage. With the development of symptoms of alcohol poisoning should immediately seek medical help.