How to sober up from alcohol at home

It so happens that in certain circumstances a person needs to sober up fast from alcohol. Of course, most effective to wash from the body ethanol using dropper, which will do only in the hospital environment, however, this option is not very comfortable, and go for it not all. Anyway, do not immediately turn to such radical methods, as there are other ways of sobering up.

The main ways of sobering up fast

To start is to understand what is the effect of alcohol on the body. Once in the intestine, the breakdown products of ethanol are absorbed into its walls and transported through the blood and tissues throughout the body. So first it is required to release the digestive system from alcohol intoxication. That's what will help the most effective and fast:

  • to drink about half a liter of salted water. No wonder if a hangover helps the brine. As from the effects of alcohol the salt balance is disturbed, it is necessary to recover;
  • strong tea or coffee. Caffeine sobers you up quickly and removes heaviness in the head, as well as in green tea even more caffeine than coffee, it is recommended to drink a Cup of green tea with a slice of lemon, lime or ginger. Sugar should be abandoned, but honey can be added – this product is also able to cheer up;
  • induce vomiting. This is an unpleasant method, but effective, especially if the person is very drunk, and he just immediately come back to normal, need to release the stomach. Good for this to drink about a liter of water with addition of potassium permanganate;
  • to do enema. This is the most radical way. When intoxication is very strong, the enema will help to cleanse the bowel of toxins and decomposition products;
  • to drink a diuretic, or drink non-alcoholic beer. Good non-alcoholic beer saturates the body with vitamin b and gives a diuretic effect, which of the body beyond the breakdown products of ethanol.

If a person in a matter of minutes, much was drunken, it is necessary to get his nervous system to earn more. Helps wash with cold water or snow, a walk in the fresh air or in moderately strong claps in the face. It is best to take a cold or cool shower, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth.

Chew mint or Bay leaf or just suck a slice of lemon also helps in conjunction with the above manipulations. Massage of the feet, ears and hands to trigger the nervous system through body points and also will help to sober a person, as will cause the brain to resist alcoholic relaxation.

A sauna will help you sweat, and sweat glands, also known to remove through the skin toxins. However, this option is suitable only for completely healthy person. In the presence of cardiovascular disease alcohol and bath – concepts incompatible. If it is good to work physically, subsequently well to disperse the blood and sweat, too, can quickly sober up, however this individual, as when a person is drunk, he can not stand on his feet – not that work.

Quick disillusionment with medical methods

To sober up for a few hours of the above methods is extremely difficult, especially if the degree of intoxication is high.

The best effect is given IV drips, enemas, and gastric lavage, which must be carried out exclusively in the hospital environment.

The most effective method is to set up a drip. But before that the medical staff usually cleans the gastrointestinal tract, as the injection method helps only if the maximum toxins are washed from the intestines. Lavage through enemas 2-3 times to the total amount of liquid that is injected into the intestine, amounted to no less than two liters. The water should be warm.

After that you need some time to do a gastric lavage, and then you can create a drip. Hemodialysis and forced diuresis are also good help to get rid of alcoholic intoxication, however, has its contraindications. The application of the above methods is agreed with the doctors, and they all must be under the supervision of medical staff. After the lavage, the patient is given a sniff of ammonia, or any other sharply smelling the drug.

In addition, the person in alcoholic intoxication, it is recommended to take ascorbic acid. After washing, you can take a five per cent solution of thiamine. You can buy it at any pharmacy in the form of a solution. The ideal is to take thiamin 20% strength glucose solution.

How to quickly sober up at home

For a quick sobering up at home will be useful to know about the properties of certain products, which are always at hand. Some simple techniques, accessible to everyone, will also help to quickly sober up:

  1. Helps to eat as much fruit as the fructose in large quantities in such fruits as apples, pears, bananas, peaches, grapes, helps to speed up metabolism.
  2. Any jam and honey also help to quickly sober up, saturating the body with carbohydrates and fructose. It is better to add honey in tea or eat a couple of spoons, drinking plenty of fluids.
  3. Milk and dairy products is knownassistants in various intoxications, including alcoholic. By the way, doctors believe milk is one of the best means which effectively prevents the absorption in the intestine of the malicious toxins. Therefore, before the triumph recommended to drink a couple of glasses of milk or yogurt.
  4. Houses need to have a tincture of mint, as it also helps when you need to quickly sober up. A few mint leaves to add to a glass of vodka and infuse for weeks. To achieve the effect, simply add in a glass of water about 20 drops of this tincture.
  5. During strong intoxication will help the ammonia. Just add in a cool glass of water 5-6 drops, it will help to quickly sober up.
  6. Mental gymnastics also gives good results. For example, reading books, solving puzzles, or solving puzzles also contributes to the sobering.
  7. Brisk walking and active movement. You should walk at least a kilometer a bold step – it will definitely help.
  8. If there are no diseases of the digestive system, you can make a refreshing cocktail. A spoonful of vegetable oil and added a pinch of salt, black and red peppers. After the mixture is separated egg yolk and the flesh of one tomato. In a separate container mixed in a little grated horseradish with vinegar and added to the cooked mixture. Drink it very quickly.

What to do when you need to instantly sober up

If sobering up is essential, for example, a big meeting or did anything out of the ordinary and necessary personal presence, is the most effective method in order to quickly sober the man. You need to perform three manipulations:

  • press the tip of the nose with two fingers and slightly pulling him up to pain. It will promote blood circulation and exacerbate the sense of smell;
  • you must inhale the vapors of ammonia for a few seconds. The breaths should be as deep;
  • dip your fingers in ammonia and RUB them whiskey drunk person.

In any case, even after this procedure, driving is strictly prohibited. Besides all the above mentioned methods give short-term results. A few hours later, the body still relax under the influence of alcohol and need rest.

How to warn in advance of intoxication

It is easier to prevent the problem than to solve it later. A good way is to prepare the liver before the celebration. To do this, half an hour before the celebration to drink about fifty grams of strong alcohol, the best vodka. As a snack fit a slice of bread, generously buttered. After this training people can't quickly and sharply get drunk, as the process of opposition to the influence of alcohol launched.

Modern drugs of the type "some fizzigood" do as well. Due to the presence in their composition of a large number of acids and glucose, they do not allow alcohol to turn into toxins. The advantage is to have such a drug in itself, as even if you drink it after the intoxication, he will quickly deal with the acetaldehyde and will help to sober up.

Obviously, ways to sober up a lot, each in its own way effective. Good quality sleep is the best way to sober up, so it is possible you just have to lie down and sleep, and only then get behind the wheel of a car or to go to an important meeting.