How to get rid of hiccups after alcohol at home

Hiccups many people causes very severe discomfort. Even more unpleasant sensations delivers the hiccups caused by the intake of alcohol. This condition may last longer than usual, preventing the individual to speak, eat and even sleep. How to get rid of hiccups after alcohol in the home, you can learn from this article.


Hiccups are usually harmless and familiar brand to every person from childhood. Formed, this condition due to involuntary contraction of the diaphragmatic muscles and tissues of the larynx, resulting in a sharp sound. Hiccup is considered to be a reflex that helps to remove excess air from the digestive space. The air goes on during the meal or cause increased gas formation. Physiological hiccup occurs suddenly and lasts for a very short time, without causing the person unnecessary anxiety.

Hiccups caused by alcohol, has a very different nature. In this case, the role of alcohol intoxication: toxins are striking internal organs, and the body cannot cope properly with their normal functions. Most often such hiccups formed because of the enlarged liver presses on the diaphragm. This condition is very dangerous to the health, as it can last a very long time (several hours or even days), causing organ deterioration. People with this ailment may not be in a calm state, quickly get tired and not sleeping well.

Belching after alcohol can talk about that in the body there are hidden ailments. For example, one of them is alcoholic polyneuritis. The disease develops as a result of toxic lesions of the nerve trunks and is characterized by muscle weakness (usually of the lower limbs), paresis, and sensory disorders. One manifestation may be the nerves in the area of the diaphragm. If nothing is done, the body will be irreversible violations, therefore, if you have prolonged hiccups, it is advisable to seek medical help.

Alcoholic hiccups reflects the growing microinfarct. A drunk person does not notice and accordingly to take some measures cannot. In this case, the relatives need to be careful and to try to help.

People that constantly drink alcohol, this state perceives as normal. In fact, this way the body signals, alcoholic toxins and rapidly infects the internal organs, resulting in formation of diseases of varying severity.

The necessary measures to help

To help belching drunken man is quite possible at home. You need to use.

Perhaps the most essential therapy – rid the body of alcohol intoxication. Quickly removing the last traces of ethanol from the body through vomiting. This requires the finger gently press on the root of the tongue. Even if such as a drunken man will not essentially sober, this event will help the nervous system switch to the gag reflex, causing the hiccups to stop.

We offer you to try other methods:

  1. A cool drink of clean water, preferably in small SIPS – this method is very effective at physiological hiccups, but can help during a drunken state.
  2. Try simple breathing exercises – ensuring the flow of fresh air, take a deep breath and then hold your breath as long as possible. This exercise normalizes as well.
  3. Drink a soothing mint tea – this popular method helps to relax muscles, resulting in the hiccup stops. You can drink up to three cups of mint tea, or the tool may adversely affect the heart. If not mint, you can drink chamomile tea in small SIPS.
  4. To remove the spasm of the muscles of the diaphragm by using sweet product. This can be sprinkled on the tongue or sugar just to dissolve the sugar. A very effective and ancient method such as holding the mouth of honey. You want the honey itself flowed into the throat, so swallowing it is not required.
  5. A nice effect is having the cold. To do this is to use a piece of ice that you want to hold in your mouth for some time until it melts. Alternatively, you can eat ice cream.
  6. To get rid of this unpleasant condition it also helps the irritation of the taste buds. For example, well suited for that lemon or any other acidic product.
  7. Often helps ordinary dry food. For example, many have noted good results from a solid piece of black bread, which you have to slowly chew and then swallow. At the same time to drink water should not be.
  8. Another option is to lie on the floor and slowly drink a glass of water. This body position helps you to switch from drinking to swallowing, resulting in alcoholic hiccup quickly disappears.
  9. To calm the hiccups maybe using a hot water bottle or a shot. Attaching to the breast one of these tools, you can well to relieve muscle spasm of the diaphragm. Attach a yellow card or a warm heating pad to the pectoral muscles in this condition should briefly (no more than half an hour).
  10. Doctors recommended to eliminate the spasm of the muscles of the diaphragm by means of special gymnastics. Exercise a lot, for example, gives good resultsthis method: place the legs wide, inhale and raise your arms then lean forward, exhale and lower the hands down.
  11. There is an additional positive way, often this measure is used by many speakers and singers. The point is to gargle with plain water without swallowing. Of course, to carry out such a procedure during the hiccups quite difficult, but this option also helps to switch from hiccups.

Options that help to restore the normal function of the diaphragm, are numerous: if does not work one way, use another. Over all of these listed measures well help in that case, if belching condition is not caused by a serious illness in the body, but rather is the result of excessively drinking alcohol.


If no traditional methods do not work, then it makes sense to use medical assistance. Competent doctor usually will first conduct a study to see if disease in the body, which triggers hiccups. After the diagnosis is assigned therapy is needed. The hiccups very often is neurological in nature, so physicians generally apply neuroleptics, muscle relaxants or antidepressants.

Antipsychotics well calm the nervous system and help to reduce the sensitivity of the vagus nerve. Muscle relaxants help to relax skeletal muscle, therefore, with the help of these funds you can remove an involuntary contraction of the muscles of the diaphragm. In the treatment of this condition professionals also often use enzyme medicines, which cleans the digestive tract, improve metabolism and soothe inflammation.

The mistakes which you should avoid

Often the methods whose effectiveness is not proven. For example, many people decide to get rid of hiccups with fright. First, this option is no positive result does not, and second, scaring the person, can further aggravate the situation. Besides, fear can cause a person a nervous disorder, which, in turn, may leave a trace in human life. So this measure is unjustified and very dangerous.

Another wrong tactic is the use of soda. As you know, carbonated beverages increase the amount of air in the stomach, so drinking this drink can aggravate the situation.

It is impossible to get rid of belching condition and using a large amount of food. This method can also worsen the condition.

Sometimes you can hear such smart advice on how to get rid of hiccups with beer. First, alcohol does not relieve hiccups (as can be seen from the topic of the article, on the contrary, provokes), and secondly, to give a new batch of alcohol to a person who is already drunk, it's a risky move. This method can not only remove the ailment, but also increase alcohol intoxication.

After hiccups

After treatment, person should think about the cleansing the body from alcohol toxins. If there is alcohol addiction, then the treatment is where to start. After passing the special examination, it is possible to find out whether disease is caused by the influence of alcohol. Restoring the organs and systems of the body, cleansing the blood of toxins, you can forget about the sweltering alcoholic hiccups.

If there is no alcohol addiction, drunk hiccuping in most cases takes place independently and without consequences after reducing the concentration of toxins in the bloodstream. In the future, to avoid such a state will be easy if you control the consumption of intoxicating beverages. A long and unpleasant hiccups after intoxication can be a good reason to quit drinking and start a meaningful and healthy lifestyle.