As alcohol is rapidly excreted from the human body

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drugs. It poisons cells and leads to their death, and this requires just a small amount. In addition, the abuse of alcoholic drinks has a bad effect on the liver. In order to get poisoned, do not have to be dependent on such beverages. Since alcohol is present at almost every celebration in life, there are times when not wanting to drink too much. After this morning can be rewarding with the weight, headache, and lethargic condition, and therefore need to know how alcohol is rapidly excreted from the body.

Mild alcohol intoxication at home

Everyone knows that excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks causes a hangover, and it's not just a set of symptoms that are caused by a temporary discomfort. The hangover – this is the real intoxication, and to tolerate this condition is not necessary. There are many ways to get out of it quickly, and thereby reduce the effects of ethanol on the body. If the feeling is not very bad, will help the following simple steps:

  • a thorough mouth rinse, tongue cleaning and teeth;
  • washing with cold water or wiping the face with ice cube, and more good effects of bathing with cool water;
  • rubbing a wet towel, until a glow on the skin;
  • you need to drink fluids in large amounts, especially to help caffeinated drinks – tea and coffee. However, the caffeine in alcoholic poisoning can damage people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • ventilating and walk. Fresh air getting into the lungs also helps to cleanse the body of toxins;
  • you need to eat a lot of vitamin C – citrus fruits, sauerkraut, etc., to restore the functioning of the liver, as it continuously filters blood and suffering with a hangover most.

Oddly enough, but for rapid elimination of alcohol from the body is great beer. Even doctors recognize this method is effective. First, this drink is rich In vitamin b, which leads to normal nervous system. Secondly, beer is a diuretic drink, and in the urine excreted the largest amount of toxic substances.

But it is necessary to note that use with a hangover will be only good live beer. Store-bought pasteurized beverage contains vitamins and does not give the expected effect.

Non-alcoholic beer is also a good choice to ease a hangover.

In addition to these measures, it is useful to know what foods contribute to the rapid excretion of alcohol from the body:

  • citrus, in particular lemon, currants and sauerkraut due to the high content of vitamin C helps the ethanol quickly out of the body through the pores and kidneys;
  • milk and dairy products, as they inhabit the intestinal bacteria and improve its performance;
  • parsley and green tea act as a diuretic and excreted through the kidneys, the toxins produced by alcohol;
  • cabbage also speeds up the metabolism and removes toxins through the digestive system;
  • garlic speeds up the liver, and it helps to cleanse the blood from alcohol.

Excretion of alcohol from the body through medicine

If the poisoning is more severe, then the best option would be to turn to medical drugs. It is better not to experiment, and to provide competent medical personnel. Besides, if the condition is very serious and the person doesn't recover, then no pricks to prick him not. In such cases it is necessary to take him to the hospital to avoid coma.


Drugs that help remove alcohol from the body, prescribed by doctors is:

  1. Aspirin. This medicinal remedy thins the blood and removes toxins through the pores when a person sweats. In combination with vitamin C, the introduction of aspirin into a vein gives a quick result.
  2. Caffeine. Removes lethargy and back strength, is administered intravenously.
  3. Apomorphine. This drug is a little bit relieve due to the presence in its composition of morphine and causes vomiting. Not only applies to single address alcohol intoxication, 10-15 procedures the introduction of this drug is prescribed for getting rid of alcohol addiction.
  4. Insulin. Injection of this drug is injected under the skin, and immediately follows the introduction coronarienne glucose solution intravenously.
  5. Kordiamin. Stimulates brain, heart and respiratory activity when they are weakening due to severe alcohol poisoning.
  6. Metronidazole. This drug provokes different side reactions if taken with a hangover. Therefore, it is mainly applied for the treatment of serious dependencies to develop the patient's aversion to alcohol.

Another common way to quickly get rid of alcohol intoxication – intravenous saline solution. However, it is usually added glucose, magnesia or solutions of crystalloids that contribute to the restoration of salt balance. As the alcohol retains fluid in the tissues and thicken the blood, this treatment is aimed at thinning of blood and removing excess fluid in the urine. But this hangover relief is possible only if the person well the kidneys are working.

Activated carbon

src="/poisoning/images/910-3.jpg">When rolls nausea and a person realizes that drank too much, he can apply right after the feast, about five tablets of activated charcoal. Bthanks to the adsorbing properties of this medication stop the effects of alcohol and will help you quickly get rid of the toxins. The only condition is the consumption of large quantities of liquid with him.

In the morning, to warn hungover, too, should take activated charcoal at the rate of one tablet per ten pounds of weight. If before drinking alcohol, take some pills of this drug, it will allow not much to get drunk. The time of absorption of the drug in the intestine is different, as it depends on individual physiological capacity of the organism, the amount eaten and drunk, but within half an hour his action must occur.

Regidron and similar drugs

A similar action with the rapid excretion of alcohol from the body has regidron. It is a drug intended for the treatment of food and alcohol poisoning and are able to quickly remove toxins. It is sold in powder form in sachets, which is diluted with water and taken several times a day. It restores the acid-alkaline balance and removes puffiness.

While taking the drug you need to eat only light food that is quickly digested and does not overload the digestive system. However, you need not forget about water balance, as regidron contributes to dehydration. Analogues of this drug a lot, but you should pay attention to the fact that in diseases of the liver, kidneys and pancreas to take it very carefully under the supervision of a physician. The dosage depends on the weight of the patient, and if such symptoms as nausea and vomiting, it is recommended to reduce the dose until they go away.

Drugs for the hangover

In addition to all these means, you should pay special attention to the preparations for the hangover. They are usually made in the form of tablets that dissolve in water and contain acetylsalicylic acid. However, the damaging effects of alcohol on the body they will not stop. Good reviews are drugs, such as "some fizzigood", which contains a large number of acids and glucose. It is recommended to take before drinking alcohol. In this case, they do not give him to develop in the body poison. If the person is already drunk, and then took the cure, they contribute to a more rapid breakdown of acetaldehyde.

Special enzymes

The liver is affected by alcohol intoxication, as delays of ninety percent ethanol. Alcohol is completely eliminated from the organism after 18-20 days. It is necessary to ponder these numbers! Therefore, people suffering from alcohol addiction, rarely die from heart disease, and more often from cirrhosis, fatty liver or liver cancer. For elimination of alcohol due to accelerated liver can make special enzymes. But this is not a quick process.

Traditional medicines from the hangover

For the supporters of folk medicine, too, there are several ways of rapid relief of symptoms of a hangover:

  • a decoction of oats – improves the overall condition removes lethargy and muscle pain;
  • the brine – it helps to restore electrolyte balance;
  • rich chicken broth – animal fats contribute to the breakdown of ethanol;
  • tea made from mint, lemon balm, lemon with honey. This will remove the headache and nausea;
  • a decoction of a succession. As a decoction of oatmeal to quickly relieve impotence.

However, to self-medicate unsafe, as there have been many cases of death from alcohol intoxication. If health begins to deteriorate, should immediately go to the hospital – there will take appropriate action and withdraw from alcohol poisoning.