Filtrum-STI in alcohol poisoning and a hangover

Filtrum-STI in alcoholic poisoning has powerful detoxification effect and it helps the body to recover quickly. The medication belongs to the group of chelators.

Alcohol intoxication

Ethanol to the human body is a potent poison. Once in the bloodstream, the substance transformirovalsya in toxic compound ethyl aldehyde. This substance is extremely poisonous, so the alcohol in large quantities often causes poisoning. It should be noted that the body by the intake of alcohol does not sleep, and as protection produces a special enzyme called acetylcholinesterase. This enzyme is designed to break down alcohol toxins to the state of acetic acid, then safely excrete. The faster the process of formation and action of the enzyme, the less damage has time to provide alcohol to the body.

Frequent use of alcohol, the activity of this enzyme ATSDG reduced. As a result of alcoholic toxins will be transformed further and begin to accumulate in the liver. Over time this process leads to various diseases, including cirrhosis of the liver.

Use of intoxicating drinks even a small amount leaves the body in negative trail. Depending on the dose distinguish the degree of intoxication:

  • Mild concentration of ethanol in the bloodstream is up to 1.5 ppm. This stage is usually characterized by withdrawal alcohol syndrome.
  • The second stage is marked when the blood 2-3 ppm.
  • The strongest intoxication occurs when the amount of ethanol in the blood exceeds 3 ppm. At this stage the consequences can be unpredictable.

To recognize the degree of intoxication in the home can symptoms. The first and second stage of intoxication are likely to have the following characteristics:

  • significant headache;
  • the feeling of nausea and a frequent urge to vomit;
  • excessive thirst (usually appears the next day after alcohol);
  • dizziness.

In the second stage can also be symptoms such as:

  • incomprehensible speech;
  • impaired coordination of the body;
  • cool (clammy) skin;
  • constricted pupils.

The most dangerous is the third stage, in which appear the more formidable symptoms. The last stage may lead to mental disorders, lowering of body temperature, respiratory failure and even loss of consciousness. In some cases the last stage is fatal.

If the first and second stages can help at home, when the third degree of intoxication requires immediate professional medical care.

A quick method of removing intoxication

If the intoxication is not severe and not much time has passed since the adoption of the alcohol, then the first effective method is cleansing the stomach from the remnants of ethanol. This person should drink water and then try to cause vomiting. The procedure can be repeated several times to fully clean the stomach. This measure is effective that does not allow the ethanol is then absorbed into the bloodstream.

If man falls into the alcoholic anesthesia, can not induce vomiting. In this case, catharsis is not safe and it is better to take medical help.

After cleansing the stomach, it is advisable to drink plenty of liquids (preferably use regular water) to help the body will bring the breakdown products of alcohol. Drinking plenty of fluids also helps to restore fluid balance and to correct the dehydration.

Quickly get rid of the action of acetaldehyde will help the aspirin, which neutralize the negative impact of toxins on the body.

Filtrum-STI in case of poisoning by alcoholic beverages

To cleanse the body from alcohol toxins experts recommend the use of chelators. These drugs, binding of toxic compounds in the intestines, remove them from the body naturally. One such tool is the filtrum-STI (another name for lignin hydrolysis). The drug is inert absorbent material and helps to rid the body of toxic substances.

As with other chelators, to take filtrum-STI best after removing the acute signs of alcohol intoxication. The fact that during the intoxication in the body continue to produce toxic compounds, so taking the sorbent at this point will not have effective action. The greatest result has filtrum hangover.

How does the drug

The treatment is natural and has a high adsorbing property. The medication is available in the form of dark tablets in which the active component is lignin hydrolysis. Each tablet adsorbing means containing 400 mg of the active ingredient.

Lignin is a polymer of plant origin which is obtained from wood. The drug is a pure chemical and has on the body soft action. The adsorbent is not absorbed into the bloodstream and is valid only within the digestive tract. Displays the vehicle quickly, the course of the day. Action the drug resembles activated carbon, but unlike it has no irritation on the intestinal lining and works more efficiently.

The main indications for this drug are poisoning of various kinds, including alcohol intoxication.

Sorbent product effectively removes from the body not only toxins after alcohol, but also helps to get rid of pathogenic bacteria and breakdown products of their vital activity. Sorbent tool cleans the blood of allergens and toxic compounds.

The drug begins its action in the stomach. Rising from the stomach to the intestine, the tool absorbs all the toxins of ethanol (and other including) and displays the body in a natural way.

Receiving means and the correct dosage

Sorbent means can be taken in two ways. If you want to prevent a hangover, then the sorbent should be taken 20 minutes before meal, then two pills while drinking, and two pills after. For the best action is to grind the dark pills and then drink plenty of fluids.

If the hangover has already arrived, then, for good health you can take 3 tablets of the drug 3 or 4 times a day. Filtrum of a hangover you should always drink plenty of water. Duration of reception depends on how I feel but do not exceed 3-5 days.

Please note that after a short time after taking the medication, be sure to empty the bowel. If this time is not done, then there will be an opposite effect, that is, all the toxic substances from the sorbent will go back into the intestines, and in greater numbers. Two hours is the ideal period of time after receiving the funds to go to the toilet. It was at this time there is dynamic equilibrium between these two processes.

If the treatment to take at night, then it is advisable to wait for the process of defecation, and then go to sleep or to Wake up and go to the bathroom. Method of reception adsorbing means has one important caveat. Removing a hangover is not recommended to take other drugs at the same time with filtrum-STI. In this case, all therapeutic substances will be absorbed by the sorbent and thereby be neutralized. Ideal for the treatment of hangover is:

  • to empty the bowel;
  • make sorbent medium;
  • two hours later, again to empty the bowel;
  • after 30-40 minutes take the necessary medication.

The dosage and duration of intake of any medication, the adsorbent including better to check with a specialist to avoid unwanted consequences.

Side effects and contraindications

As the adsorbing means is a natural, usually no side effects when taken does not arise. The tool is well tolerated by many victims of alcohol poisoning. In rare cases, possible allergic reaction or constipation. If the tool is to take a long time, then it is possible to malabsorption of essential vitamins and minerals.

The adsorbent has and contraindications. The medication should not be taken if:

  • individual sensitivity to the active component;
  • exacerbation of ailments such as gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer;
  • depression of tonus and peristalsis of the intestine;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • bleeding in the region of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • galactosemia.

To avoid the effects, before applying you should check with your doctor about expediency of reception.

Filtrum-STI much fits the well-being after alcohol intoxication and quickly relieves the unpleasant symptoms of a hangover. Medication alcohol binds toxins and gently removes them from the body, improving the condition of the victim. Reviews of filtrum-STI confirm that the adsorbent perfectly normalizes after taking alcohol and restores.