The effect of alcohol on the human brain

Alcohol affects the organs and systems of the person, but most of all gets to the brain. Alcohols, once in the body, almost instantly absorbed into the bloodstream and quickly reach the parts of the brain, where it begins its destructive work. Even a small dose of alcohol causes an increase in the speed of blood flow and mobility of red blood cells, the clotting is reduced. Ethanol, getting into the brain and other cell structures, pathological changes of their membrane. The effect of alcohol on the human brain is very strong, if you drink alcohol often and in large volumes, you can get severe disease.

The mechanism of action of alcohol on the body

When a person consumes excessive alcohol, drinks a lot and often, the blood severely dehydrated and thickens. Ethanol acts as a solvent and helps dissolve the membranes of red blood cells. Due to this thin protective shell on the erythrocytes are destroyed, and they begin to stick to each other, the result is the formation of clots. Blood clots contribute to the overlap of the finest capillary vessels, which leads to dehydration and hypoxia of the tissues in the body. The person who was drinking alcohol, such changes are increased euphoria and thought disorder. At the same time the cells of the brain and all the organs are subjected to severe violations.

People who frequently abuse alcohol, familiar hangover that occurs the next day after drinking. Under this condition, the blood cells also stick together and block the capillaries. If a man rarely drink alcohol, then do not worry from such a process. But the frequent and heavy abuse of alcohol start irreversible processes in the cells of the brain, leading to serious pathologies.

The effects of alcohol on the brain

Alcohol leads to the death of neurons in the brain, which is a consequence of thrombosis. But beyond that, there are other dangerous pathology. If a person consumes alcoholic beverages, the operation of aktiviziruyutsya heart, blood begins to flow with greater speed. Vessels clogged with clots, can not pass through the blood, so they burst, leading to strokes or heart attacks.

Under the influence of alcoholic beverages malfunction in the brain that occur in human intoxication. Such changes occur in the behavior and health:

  • In humans, weakens the concept of morality. People with alcohol problems have little understanding of behavior in society and morals. Very small dose of alcohol promotes the emancipation of man and the dulling of a sense of modesty. In chronic alcoholism morality and ethics completely disappear.
  • In people with alcohol dependence suffer vestibular apparatus, is a violation of coordination.
  • People who abuse alcohol, there are memory lapses. Sometimes the person cannot recall events that happened before drinking alcohol. This is a consequence of poisoning of the brain.

People in an alcohol intoxication did not control myself. In this state, committed many crimes and acts that would be embarrassing.

The effect of ethanol on brain vessels

When resistant bad habit work of all brain gradually unstable, which ultimately affects memory and attention. In addition, alcoholics begin irreversible changes in the structure of the blood vessels of the brain, which often leads to mental illness. Ethanol has a harmful effect on blood vessels:

  • Disturbed vascular tone of the body, due to damage of brain parts responsible for this process.
  • Slow vegetative reactions.
  • Disrupts the function of the endocrine system.

State data can lead to hypertensive stroke and other vascular diseases. Ethanol significantly increases the permeability of vascular walls, therefore, there is a greater chance of getting the brain swelling.

Even small amounts of alcoholic beverages can lead to irreversible consequences in the brain. The boundary dose not exist, it all depends on the state of health, presence of chronic diseases and genetic predisposition.

The consequences of chronic alcoholism

The effects of alcohol on the human brain is very detrimental. So, according to the results of the autopsy of people with addiction, doctors found that the constant drinking causes such diseases are:

  • Observed extensive microscopic bleeding in the brain.
  • Convolutions of brain much flattened.
  • In the brain detected atypical of emptiness.
  • Brain volume decreases.

Due to the blockage of cerebral vessels begins oxygen starvation of the brain, which is outwardly manifested by intoxication and increased arousal. Easier to say, even occasionally drinking people systematically kill your brain and at the same time feel great pleasure.

When drinking alcoholic beverages is a so-called pleasant degradation, man well, he's in complete euphoria, and the brain during this period of atrophy.

Disease of the brain that are triggered by alcohol

In chronic abuse of alcohol after a short time, the brainexposed to a dangerous strain. The ethanol contained in alcoholic beverages, refers to the very toxic assets and badly affects the whole body. The alcohol provokes the development of many diseases, some of which can lead to death.

Develop the disease differently, but the source of their origin is the death of brain cells due to the impact of alcoholic beverages. In addition, strong drinks lead to a deficiency of vitamin B, which regulates brain activity. Major brain disease that can develop with regular intake of alcohol:

  • Encephalopathy – changes of neurons, impaired memory, emotional state becomes unstable. People are constantly lethargic and indifferent to everything, possible diseases of a General nature. When a person experience symptoms of alcoholic encephalopathy, it indicates the final stage of alcoholism.
  • Korsakov's disease is manifested to a severe degree of encephalopathy with memory impairment and development of dementia. Most often occurs on the background of polyneuritis. Alcoholics who have this disease will not be able to correctly name the date and time, and perform primitive mathematical problems. When the disease Korsakov's thinning all the muscles, so it's hard to move, and he gradually becomes crippled.
  • Alcoholic epilepsy for this disease is characterized by the fact that seizures are observed only with a hangover. If the person is completely cured of alcohol addiction, seizures gradually stopped. When the abuse of alcoholic beverages continues, the epileptic seizures are becoming more frequent. Ethanol gradually destroys the brainbecause the frequent seizures and is formed by alcoholic dementia.

Alcoholism is a disease that should be treated immediately. If the man himself can not cope with the harmful addiction, you need to seek help from professionals.

Mental disorders

Often people with alcohol dependence develop different disorders of a neurotic nature – sleep problems, irritability and fatigue, dissatisfaction with life. If alcohol is systematic, it can be such mental disorders:

  • Delirium tremens is most often starts after abrupt discontinuation of consumption of spirits. In this state, a person can injure both themselves and others. It becomes very dangerous for the society. Required emergency hospitalization and psychiatric help.
  • Hallucinosis is characterized by the fact that the alcoholic begins to hear different voices. The disease also must be treated in hospital.
  • Paranoia often begins after a rapid rejection of alcohol. People suffering hallucinations and manifestations of delirium tremens. At the first sign of illness need to consult your doctor.
  • Pathological jealousy – this condition can haunt an alcoholic all my life and a little to subside only to old age. This deviation bears great suffering as a person with addiction and the object of jealousy. This couple regularly conflicts and scandals, the woman all the time are suspicions and accusations. Often this mental disorder can be accompanied by physical abuse, when the jealous man brutally beats his companion.

From the effects of alcohol affects not only the mental and physical health, perhaps the deterioration of cognitive capabilities of the brain.

The effects of alcohol consumption

It is scientifically proven that the cells of the brain, damaged by alcohol, can not recover fully. Therefore, almost all disorders caused by alcohol, are irreparable. As a result of alcohol violated all of the mental capabilities of the human brain:

  • With the constant use of alcoholic drinks, the person ceases to think well, it is hard to make important and informed decision.
  • Intellectual abilities are significantly reduced due to mass dying off of neurons. The alcoholic is a low level of intelligence.
  • Strong drinks reduce the level of memory. People suffering from alcoholism often confused in dates and events that sometimes have complete lapses in memory, when people can't remember what he did the day before. In the stage of intoxication the person completely forgets everything he learned recently, the brain returns to the level of knowledge that was a few months ago.

Unfortunately, most of the processes that develop in the brain the abuse of alcohol are irreversible. Completely break down the whole nervous system, and this process often involved and the spinal cord. The result of poisoning of the body alcohol may be deep coma, which then will cause death.

How to prevent brain disease

To protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of alcohol, should adhere to simple rules:

  1. It is advisable never to drink alcohol. Contrary to popular tradition during feasts, you can drink juices or sodas.
  2. If a family has people with alcohol dependence, you should not hesitateturning to the doctor. These professionals work anonymously, so no one will know that a person suffering from alcoholism.
  3. After drinking it is necessary to ensure a good drinking regime and balanced diet with a high content of vitamins.

If a person uses alcohol rarely and moderately, then nothing bad will happen. In the case of alcohol abuse comes quickly pathogenic dependence which leads to serious diseases of the brain and all major organs and systems.