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Than to induce vomiting from alcohol: pills, medications, pharmaceuticals

Someone starts to drink from a grief, someone just for company. But as a result makes others suffer. In the end, you must decide whether to drink or not to drink. Not everyone is able to do it yourself. If people can't get out of the binge, to help him have come close.

Methods to induce vomiting

Vomiting is the most effective method to bring the drunk from the binge and bring it to life. In addition, this measure is needed to provide emergency assistance.

Than to induce vomiting in alcoholics? The most basic method to induce vomiting is known to all. For this you need to put it in my mouth patient two fingers or the spoon to put pressure on the tongue. It is better to use a spoon is more hygienic and safer, because the drunk can not control and reflex to try to get rid of a foreign object in your mouth. It is often used when a person is unconscious. It needs to lie on his side or stand with her head down. Should closely monitor patients so he wouldn't choke on the vomit.

There are special medical devices and solutions to induce vomiting, but without the proper skills, you can harm the patient.

Before attempting to induce vomiting, encourage the person to drink up to 1 liter of a weak soda solution or even plain water. In this case, the contents of the stomach will rasizada and the patient will be easier to vomit. Before the procedure call vomiting it is necessary to prepare some kind of container (bowl, large pot).

Also to induce vomiting used in folk remedies and medicines, which can be put directly into the alcohol.

  1. Herbs that cause vomiting, to apply systematically. These recipes are often used to prevent relapse, after the binge.

All the herbs used to ward off alcohol and induce vomiting, poisonous. To apply them it is necessary strictly according to the recommended doses. Otherwise, you can seriously poison a patient, including death.

  1. Drug experts suggest to use another, more secure method. The pharmacy can choose drops and tablets causing vomiting from alcohol. The main advantage of the pharmacy of treatment is already chosen dosage. Under the instructions no problem. They are easy to use – just sprinkle on food or alcohol contents. In addition, there are long-acting products. After "sewing" of capsules for implantation, an alcoholic can't touch alcohol for about a year.

The method, which is based treatment, called the "conditioned reflex". Vomiting and accompanying painful cramps are very unpleasant. If an alcoholic will notice a link between alcohol intake and vomiting, alcohol seems not be so tempting.

The main drawback of therapy is the gradual reduction of the reaction on the taste and smell with alcohol. Periodically have to pour the pills or drink herbs to consolidate the effect.

The conclusion of the binge by using folk remedies

Prolonged binge occurs chronic poisoning of the body. Call a vomiting to cleanse the body and bring a person to senses. Folk medicine for centuries used medicinal herbs to save people from alcohol dependence. To provoke vomiting and to bring the alcoholic of the binge, you can try these natural methods.

  1. Grass club-Baranets is often used for the treatment of alcoholism. It has strong action and quickly shows the effect. To prepare a medicinal decoction, you need to take 1 tablespoon of dried and chopped herbs. Pour a glass of boiling water and put on low heat. Simmer for 20 minutes, then add another Cup of hot water, stirring occasionally. A few SIPS of broth give drink to the drunkard in a state of hangover or alcohol. Plaun not be combined with alcohol drinks. When the alcohol almost immediately begins vomiting. This broth can be mixed in juice or tea.
  2. When interacting with alcohol thyme causes vomiting. This herb called thyme. It is well removes toxins from the body and relieves the symptoms of poisoning. Thyme has virtually no side effects and is suitable for safe withdrawal from binge. Contraindications to the reception are cancer or gastric ulcer with accompanying bleeding. Prescribed doses alcoholic fast enough to get out of the binge. To prepare the medicine is very simple. To do this, take 2 tablespoons of dried and chopped herbs pour a glass of hot water and boil on the fire. The decoction will be ready in a few minutes. 5 tablespoons of the cooled broth to give an alcoholic, vomiting and will not keep you waiting.

The concentration of active substances in plants depends on the location of growth, collection time, drying conditions and storage. This should be taken into account in the manufacture of natural emetic. Best to use the drugs purchased in the herbal chemist's shop.

  1. Lovage grows in most suburban areas. So if you own a vegetable garden, it is possible to ask friends. For the preparation of emetic from the necessary lovage root plants and a fewthe Laurel leaves. The root and chop and add to a glass of vodka along with the Bay leaf. All this must stir thoroughly, cover with a towel or gauze and place in a dark place for 2 weeks. After the first drink this "brew" for 20 minutes, the patient appears vomiting. This medication is used to reinforce the Association of alcohol=vomiting, so it is best for one approach to do this procedure three times.
  2. Gag root or wild ginger in decoction causes vomiting. To do this, 1 tablespoon of the broth is added to a glass of vodka.
  3. A simple method to sober up and achieve vomits is coffee. Only instead of sugar it is necessary to put salt. Under the influence of the degree of people do not immediately notice the trick, and then it will be too late.

When withdrawal of a person from binge , it is recommended to take herbs that will improve the overall condition and speed up the recovery of the body after intoxication.

  • Wormwood can cause poisoning – when in contact with alcohol it becomes a poison, but useful as enhancing the overall tone.
  • The roots of peony soothes the nervous system.
  • Centaury has antioxidant properties, reduces the damage caused to the body during a long binge.

Carry out actions for withdrawal from binge at home and need a complex, preferably in advance in consultation with a specialist.

Call of vomiting with the help of drugs

Particularly popular drug "MCPFE", containing in its composition of cyanamide. At the first SIP of alcohol drink a person begins to feel sick, vomit, vertigo. This tool is safer for the body, if the alcoholic is trying to drown out the unpleasant symptoms of the shock dose of alcohol. This drug is available in form of tablets and drops. It is tasteless, colorless and odorless. The food pour in and add to beer.

Before you induce vomiting to a very drunk person, you must bring it to life. This will help cold water with mint tincture or rubbing your earlobes to their redness.

Other popular drugs with similar effect include disulfiram. "MCPFE", they cause unpleasant symptoms. Most popular drugs:

  • "Esperal" — an effective drug French production;
  • "Midewin" — except of disulfiram, includes vitamins, again, and Niacin to help get rid of toxins;
  • "Tetlong-250" is a very effective drug, but is administered intramuscularly;
  • "Teturam" — a cheaper analog of "Asperula" Russian production.

Most of these drugs are available in the form of drops, tablets and capsules, implants. Their best to mix in food, not added to the vodka. Thus, an alcoholic may not know about the treatment.

What to do after vomiting

After vomiting usually noticeably significant sobering. This happens because of reducing the concentration of alcohol in the stomach. Of course, before fully coming to consciousness is still far away, but it's a start. After the man pulled out, you need to follow the simple recommendations below, the patient easily undergo the recovery time:

  1. After such forced vomiting after not eating for 6 hours. The gastrointestinal tract also needs time to recover. Drink also undesirable if tormented by unbearable thirst, is to drink a glass of carbonated mineral water. After this time, it is recommended to drink a Cup of strong green tea.
  2. Some time after binge is better to stick to a low calorie diet. Fatty, spicy and smoked foods only worsen the condition of the digestive system. It is recommended that a fractional power in small portions.

If a person was bad, then he is likely to think about his condition. If the alcoholic recognizes his disease, the need to help him get rid of it. For this purpose there are hospitals, anonymous meetings. Moral support from loved ones is one of the important factors that help to withdraw from alcohol addiction.


In any case can not be applied cause vomiting methods as a protracted withdrawal syndrome and delirium tremens. At this point, the patient suffering from long, chronic poisoning, the vomiting could exacerbate his condition.

Herbs also have their contra-indications. Before their use it is important to learn about any possible negative consequences for the alcoholic. Very often they have an increased load on the heart. Patients with diabetes mellitus, oncological diseases, having a weak cardiovascular system, you should be especially careful. Therapy for withdrawal from binge and alcoholism treatment should be carried out in a specialized hospital under the supervision of a doctor-psychiatrist.

Before the treatment of alcohol dependence required medical consultation. The advice and knowledge gleaned from the Internet can not help, but only aggravate the situation.