How to drink activated charcoal alcohol poisoning

We all know that combining drugs and alcohol is not. Because it can greatly harm the body. However, this rule does not apply to activated charcoal. On the contrary, the medicine should be consumed before, after and even during the feast. The drug relieves symptoms of a hangover, any toxicity, cleansing the body from toxic substances. It is therefore often used activated charcoal alcohol poisoning.

What is the drug

This is a drug, the components of which are extracted from organic materials (wood or coking coal). To use these features began in ancient times, but in pill form, it started to produce recently. In the product contains only natural substances, so it does not cause allergic reactions.

The resulting tool not only cope with any food poisoning, but also helps to recover the body after diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The tool eliminates flatulence, diarrhea and bloating. The drug eliminates the high acidity of the stomach, due to what are the symptoms of heartburn.

The medicine helps to eliminate allergies, removing from the body the allergen. To make it even more effective, it is administered along with antihistamines. However, the tablets have a break of not less than one hour, because the activated carbon neutralizes the effect of any drug. Some experts include black tablets in complex therapy aimed at weight control. But the result will not be obtained if you drink only coal with no other drugs.

Features of activated carbon

The drug has a black color, but it has no taste or smell. Activated carbon particles do not dissolve in liquids. Their structure is porous, due to which they, like a sponge, absorbing all the poisons and toxins. As a result, black tablet relates to absorbent products.

The drug is resistant to external influences and does not deteriorate under the influence of moisture or elevated temperatures. The absorption rate depends on the size of the granules of coal, which is why it is recommended to grind before use. The drug is available in different forms. The shelf life indicated on the package. And although the drug does not deteriorate, it is not recommended to use after the expiration date.

Principle of drug action

Pills charcoal is a powerful absorbent means. They contribute to the binding of toxic elements in the stomach, after which the poisons are excreted together with feces and urine. The action of the drug occurs in the intestines. Once in the body, it begins to bind toxic substances, after which they are displayed. Take it should be with any poisoning. Although you can drink it and in the prevention of many diseases, as under its influence the body is cleaned.

To faster the drug began to act, it should drink plenty of warm water. It is desirable to crush the pills and dissolve them in water. The use of such a solution contributes to a more rapid ingress of coal into the intestine. As a result, the effect of the pill occurs much faster.

Effect from the use of coal pills starts after half an hour. The effect of used medicines will have to wait longer, if before taking it to eat. In this case, the tablets dissolve later, after we digest the food eaten.

First aid for intoxication

Activated charcoal in cases of poisoning by alcohol is necessarily used for the purpose of rendering emergency care to the patient. Once the vomiting is a characteristic symptom of intoxication, the victim needs to provide plentiful drink. Moreover, it is desirable to give him a special solution that restores the water-electrolyte balance in the body (for example, regidron).

This medicine should be in every medicine Cabinet. In case of emergency it can be prepared from available funds. To do this in a liter of water is dissolved in the teaspoon of salt and soda and add 4 tbsp of sugar. Drink the suspension need small SIPS, otherwise you can provoke an attack of vomiting.

It is also necessary to provide the patient with medication that relieves the signs of intoxication, among which coal and produce pills. They act quickly and help to rid the body of poisons and toxins. It is advisable to take your medicine as soon as the first signs of poisoning, otherwise the toxins will enter the bloodstream. In this case, the treatment of the disease will take longer – up to 5 days.

How correctly to drink tablets of coal

Alcohol intoxication is often caused by uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages. The main toxin that leads to unpleasant symptoms in the case of alcohol poisoning – acetaldehyde. A substance formed by the breakdown of ethanol. And if you drink a small amount of alcohol, the toxin quickly out of the body, so the person will not encounter any symptoms of intoxication. But if alcohol, beer or other drink to be consumed in very large amounts, acetaldehyde will accumulate in cells, leading to the emergence of unpleasant symptoms.

You need to pay attention to how correctly to drinkcoal. Because this process has some features:

  1. Activated charcoal may be used during gastric lavage. To do this, it is added to a solution of potassium permanganate.
  2. If vomiting is uncontrollable in nature, it makes no sense to drink charcoal. Indeed, in this case the substance will not have time to act as it will be withdrawn from the body with vomit.
  3. The ambulance is conducting a gastric lavage the patient and gives him medicine. If the victim is unconscious, the medicine is injected into his stomach through a tube.

Before drinking the medicine needs to be studied instructions for use in cases of poisoning by alcohol. There is even a special scheme, following which it is possible to achieve the maximum effect from use of medications:

  • Before taking activated charcoal tablets, should wash out the stomach, because of the alcohol remains in it. Through the washing of the breakdown products of ethanol will no longer be absorbed into the bloodstream, which can lead to a stronger intoxication. If it is not possible to wash out the stomach, you can immediately proceed to further stage.
  • Take a few tablets of charcoal, grind them. There are charcoal capsules. In this case, these capsules are opened and their contents poured into a glass. He poured warm water and mix well. The resulting solution should be drink in one gulp. You can also chew the tablets, but not everyone likes that then remains black language. In the future, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids to the drug more intensively worked.

How many tablets need to drink, is calculated as follows: 1 capsule of 12 kg of body weight. However, even if a strong poisoning, it is impossible to drink more than 15 tablets in one go. This dose may be taken 3 times a day, if necessary.

If the poisoning is not very strong, under the influence of coal symptoms of intoxication will be approximately 7-10 hours. If a strong poisoning it may take more time. When symptoms persist longer than three days, you need to go to the doctor. In General, it is recommended to take the victim to the hospital immediately after the occurrence of the first symptoms. If the poison gets into the blood and in various organs, this can cause a number of complications.

The use of tablets before the meal

If you drink black pills before the meal, it can prevent the occurrence of poisoning. About an hour before the start of the festivities, you must drink 5-6 tablets. They should also drink plenty of water. And when a person drinks alcoholic beverages, coal binds the particles and removes from the body, thus preventing the possible consequences. So the next morning the person has a so-called hangover.

But the drug did better, you need to drink plenty of fluids, not alcohol, but water or juice. It is best to drink mineral water, for example, "Borjomi", because it contains salts that leached from the body due to poisoning. Due to this, the toxins will quickly be excreted in the urine. The drinking of water and alcohol should be about the same. Importantly, alcohol was no more.

But be aware that as a result alcohol intoxication will come a bit later. Therefore, people may drink more alcohol.

Possible contraindications

There are some limitations, which is not recommended to drink coal tablets. They are undesirable for people with peptic ulcer disease, inflammation and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. But you must understand that it is important not only how to drink activated charcoal, but how much. It can be used for 3-14 days. If you drink medicine for longer than three weeks, the body will get used to it.

As a result, will decrease its resistance to poisons and toxins because this function will start to run activated carbon. Moreover, because of him, the body loses not only harmful, but useful components. Under its influence neytralizuya vitamins and minerals. As a result, this could have a vitamin deficiency or exhaustion.

Activated charcoal is an effective remedy intended for the treatment and prevention of all intoxications. With all this it is inexpensive, and therefore need to be in every home. But it is important to follow the dosage and period of using the drug, otherwise it can also cause a number of negative consequences.