Hepatoprotectors the liver: a list of drugs

Despite the fact that the liver is the body able to heal itself, stressful pace of life makes it very vulnerable. This is especially true for those people who do not comply with a healthy lifestyle. That patients doctors recommend medications for liver – special medicines, promoting regeneration of its cells.

In some cases prescribers

With the deterioration of liver function should not self-medicate. Only a doctor can pick up the necessary pills in conjunction with other methods of treatment of the underlying disease.

Currently, Russian pharmacy shelves is a wide range of drugs aimed at the restoration of liver cells. These medications are recommended by experts in the following cases:

  1. Viral hepatitis. Medications prescribed, if for any reasons it is impossible to implement antiviral therapy or to enhance the action of other drugs.
  2. Cirrhosis provoked by alcoholism. Usually the disease develops gradually, from steatosis to hepatitis, and then the alcohol form can develop into cirrhosis. Drugs will have the desired effect only if the patient completely eliminate the intake of alcohol.
  3. Obesity liver. Support on drugs used in a combination therapy along with other methods of treatment – antidiabetic drugs, special diet, moderate physical exercise.
  4. After undergoing chemotherapy. Supplementation will help restore liver cells, eliminate accumulated toxins and to avoid complications after the treatment.
  5. In hepatitis caused by use of antibiotics. Medications-medications prescribed in the complex treatment for quick recovery of enzymes and regeneration of hepatocytes.
  6. By increasing the liver. This pathology is caused by exposure to toxic substances and poisons, and requires urgent treatment. Hepatomegaly can be a signal of wrong diet or mark the beginning of cirrhosis. Special funds will help to repair damaged cells and return them to normal functioning.

All these cases are the indications of hepatic. However, their effect depends on the lifestyle of the patient. Also of great importance to the treatment comorbidities of the patient, as in hepatic disease usually affects the neighboring system, carrying out the process of digestion.

The types of hepatic

Modern medicine to protect the liver is not universal, and can go far from all patients. The list of medications is quite extensive. Depending on their constituent components, the drugs are divided into the following groups:

  1. vegetable substances;
  2. tablets are of animal origin;
  3. essential phospholipids;
  4. biological active additives;
  5. synthetic medicines;
  6. amino acid derivatives;
  7. vitamins;
  8. homeopathic medications.

The required drug and the duration of the course must appoint a physician. It depends on their efficiency.

Medicines of animal origin

These drugs are medications produced from liver tissues of cattle. Sold under prescription of a specialist.

Usually these pills used in renal failure to treat cirrhosis, alcoholic inflammation of the liver, and to cleanse bile ducts.

In the list of drugs includes:

  1. Sonepar.
  2. Hepatosan.
  3. Hepatamin.
  4. Headif.
  5. Progear.

Their advantages include:

  1. antioxidant effect;
  2. rapid regeneration of damaged cells;
  3. restore the health of the body;
  4. removal of intoxication.

However, there is another side: the safety of medicines are not clinically confirmed.

In addition, the ingestion of animal substances may:

  1. to provoke an allergic reaction in patients with allergies;
  2. to increase the probability of occurrence of cytolytic syndrome at relapse of hepatitisand infecting pianoboy infection, which can cause encephalopathy.

That is why before use to ensure no contraindications.

Herbal remedies

These medications are passed numerous clinical studies, the results of which revealed their positive effect on liver cells. They may enter various plant components, one of which is milk Thistle. This substance contains a drug Silymarin – a powerful antioxidant, often prescribed for hepatitis and other severe pathologies.

Vegetable hepatoprotectors effectively support liver function, stimulate the production of new cells and is able to stop the development of cirrhosis.

In addition to milk Thistle, funds may contain other vegetable substances:

  1. the oil of various seeds;
  2. artichoke;
  3. the celandine;
  4. licorice extract;
  5. dimance;
  6. St. John's wort;
  7. dandelion;
  8. Senna;
  9. chicory;
  10. nightshade;
  11. yarrow.

Botanicals accelerate processesrecovery, stabilize cell membranes and have a positive effect on the entire digestive tract. However, drugs based on them often require long hours – not less than 90 days.

Medicines with milk Thistle

More often than other professionals prescribe drugs that contains milk Thistle. The most popular are:

  1. Silimar.
  2. Gepabene.
  3. Karsil.
  4. Legalon.

Medicines prevent the occurrence of cirrhosis with steatosis and alcoholic hepatitis, quickly eliminate toxic substances, regenerate the cell structure.

However, currently there is accurate data about their effectiveness in the treatment of viral hepatitis and its aggravation.

Hepatoprotectors with artichoke

Cheap medication often used in the treatment of jaundice. These include:

  1. Artichoke extract.
  2. Hofitol.
  3. Cynarix.

These funds, which include other nutrients, regulate the gall bladder, stimulates the excretion of bile, activate the protective function of the body, improve the condition of liver tissue. Drugs have low toxicity, and are often used in the treatment of cirrhosis.

Of contraindications can be noted cholelithiasis, cholestasis. In addition, officially confirmed the data of their effectiveness are not yet available.

Liv-52 and biologically active additives

The composition of these tablets includes extracts of medicinal plants, protecting parenchyma liver from the negative effects of medication and ethanol.

A hepatoprotective Liv-52 is often prescribed for serious liver diseases and their prevention. Allowed to eat children. It contained ingredients stimulate the discharge of bile, restore the damaged cells. However these tablets did not show any result in hepatitis C and during exacerbation.

Dietary supplements containing natural ingredients, according to manufacturers, help cleanse the liver, normalize the process of digestion and helps get rid of many pathologies. Of the most famous include:

  1. Hepatotropic.
  2. Milona-10.
  3. Ovesol.
  4. Gepatrin.

Despite the fact that these tablets are in great demand from patients, they do not guarantee a hundred percent treatment effect.

Drugs on the basis of pumpkin seeds

Medicines based on natural pumpkin oil sold in pharmacy chains, OTC. Such medications acceptable to take during pregnancy and in childhood. The most popular are Tykveol and Peponen.

Thanks contained in the composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids, pills to protect the body from the negative impact of unfavorable factors, regenerate cell tissue, improve the functioning of the liver. They are often used together with other antiviral drugs in the combined treatment.

Of the shortcomings can be noted the fact that the pumpkin butter is not recommended for patients suffering from chronic diarrhea and cholecystitis, and prone to allergic reactions. In addition, studied the effects of pumpkin seed oil on liver cirrhosis and inflammation.


Essential phospholipids contain fragments of cell walls of hepatocytes. Penetrating into the destroyed wall of the liver, substances restore their function, enhance enzyme activity and improve the quality of bile.

Of the most popular we can mention:

  1. Postlip.
  2. Phosphogliv.
  3. Gephard.
  4. Hepatite.
  5. Essentiale N.
  6. Rezalyut.
  7. Livolin.

Phospholipids should be consumed for a long time – up to 6 months. Indications for use are fatty liver, cirrhosis, toxic or alcoholic hepatitis, and chronic inflammation of the organ.

Medications are not administered in childhood and the presence of hypersensitivity to active components.

In addition, the study found that the intake of phospholipids may activate inflammatory processes during acute viral hepatitis, and cause the stagnation of bile.


Usually vitamins medications the specialists prescribed in the combined treatment, in conjunction with other methods of therapy.

On the pharmacy shelves you can find a great range of vitamin funds having a different composition, but not all of them intended for regeneration of liver tissues.

Often lack of vitamins in the body leads to polyhypovitaminosis. It is especially dangerous if the body lack of vitamin E: this can lead to fatty degeneration. Vitamin a deficiency often provokes the deterioration of the production of glycogen and bile stasis.

To avoid complications, patients with liver problems are often recommended to take vitamin complexes:

  1. Complivit.
  2. Vitrum.
  3. Supradyn.
  4. Undevit and others.

Comprehensive tool that includes vitamin E, will help maintain the integrity of cells, protecting them from destruction. Vitamin C, a part of their composition, enhances immunity, neutralizes toxins;vitamin a inhibits the hepatic poisons, regulates the glycogen.

However, the overabundance of these substances can also harm the body: to disrupt the flora of the urogenital tract, trigger the formation of stones and other nasty consequences.

Homeopathy for liver protection

Homeopathy for the liver and gallbladder is used only under the supervision of a homeopath. These pills contain natural medicinal plants that help to support the work of the body and eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

The most famous are the tools I and hepel, which is recommended to use for cleaning the liver and also to eliminate inflammation.

Homeopathic medicines for the liver usually require prolonged use under the supervision of a qualified specialist.

It is forbidden to take these medications for patients with intolerance to the components, allergic reactions on components, as well as during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

There are ardent opponents of this field of medicine who believe that homeopathy has a placebo effect. In addition, in the present studies the action of homeopathic medications have not been conducted.

Amino acids

Such hepatoprotectors, antioxidants are involved in the production of phospholipids, breaks down fats, have a regenerating effect, reduces intoxication, and often prescribed for hepatitis provoked by toxins. In addition, amino acid derivatives effective in steatosis and alcoholic lesion of the liver.

Of the most popular we can mention:

  1. HEPA-Merz.
  2. Heptral.
  3. Gator.

HEPA-Merz is often prescribed to treat severe diseases of the liver, but it is believed that the pills have a dubious effect.

Known to many the drug Heptral showed a positive result only when administered intravenously, as domestic consumption absorbed a minimal part of matter.

In addition, alcohol affects the cells amino acids are not able to fully recover the body, and are used rather for the purpose of prevention and as an additional method of therapy.

Synthetic drugs

In this group of drugs include acetylcysteine, or ursodeoxycholic acid, which has immunomodulatory effects.

Synthetic drugs are prescribed for cirrhosis, high cholesterol, and inflammation of the liver. Active components contribute to the resorption of cholesterol, normalizes the secretion of the stomach, activate the excretion of bile. Most often used:

  1. Antral.
  2. Ursofalk.
  3. Ursosan.
  4. Tsikvalon.
  5. Endoxa.

These substances should not be taken during dysfunction of the gallbladder, acute cholecystitis, presence of stones, as well as young children.

Once the use of medications will not bring the desired effect. The diseased liver needs to be treated in other ways, with means-medications usually serve as an auxiliary.

How to choose a tool

Most patients believe that medications are not dangerous, since they are made from natural ingredients. That is why they are used before you go to the doctor. However, this is a mistake.

Any medication is a hepatoprotective, entering into interaction with other medications, may exert hepatotoxic effects and affect organ function. Uncontrolled use of tablets or excess dosages can lead to liver failure. Especially dangerous are Chinese means having a complicated structure and small doses of toxic substances.

Thus, the results of clinical trials proved the therapeutic effect have the following medications:

  1. amino acid substances;
  2. ursodeoxycholic acid;
  3. silymarin;
  4. essential phospholipids used intravenously.

A safe remedy in children are:

  1. Galstena.
  2. Essentiale.
  3. Antral.
  4. Karsil.
  5. Legalon.
  6. Holenzim.

Medicines to protect the liver should not be used uncontrollably, especially if the patient suffers chronic inflammation in the body. It should be remembered that the universal remedy, regenerating liver after exposure to ethanol, fatty foods and diseases do not yet exist.