Pumpkin with honey for the treatment of liver and cleanse the body

The modern pace of life, food on the move and unfavorable environmental conditions – all that depresses the immune system, clogs the body and leads to the development of various diseases. The liver is one of the main bodies is struggling to cleanse the blood from toxins penetrating from the outside. But with such a rich stream of poisons over time, it "gets tired" and no longer able to cope with their natural function. Then there comes a time when she needs to help clean and relieve and treat. Here come to the aid of folk remedies, among which were the obvious leaders of pumpkin and honey. Let us consider how to use the pumpkin with honey for the treatment of liver how to eat after a course of purification.

Useful properties of pumpkin

That honey is a universal remedy for all ills, has long been known. And as a treat it is very popular among children and adults. But pumpkin is such a status of "folk healer" yourself have not earned. Although useful properties of this product weight:

  1. In the pumpkin contains large amounts of pectin, a beneficial impact on bowel function and cleansing the blood vessels from harmful cholesterol. Thus regular consumption of this orange vegetable will reduce the load on the liver to get rid of the need to process an extra serving of toxins.
  2. In the pumpkin contains vitamins A, b, C, E and K as well as potassium, magnesium, iodine and a whole list of chemical elements and organic acids. All this rich composition of active effect on the liver cells, promoting regeneration and preventing the death of hepatocytes during the development of serious pathologies (Botkin's disease, hepatitis a).
  3. Pumpkin has choleretic and diuretic properties, thanks to which allows to actively cleanse the body of deposits and toxins of different origin.

Few people know, but pumpkin is one of the best Anthelmintics for the treatment and prevention of infestation.

Liver cleansing with honey pumpkin

That pumpkin and honey to the liver is useful, there is no doubt. But, before you start cleaning, the body needs to properly prepare. This is necessary in order to normalize the acidity of gastric juice, relieve spasms in the intestines and also to eliminate the inflammatory process in the liver and gallbladder.

Begin pre-treatment

Preparations should start in about a month. During this time , you should drink a glass of water with dissolved honey four times a day: three times before main meals and once before bed. Depending on the level of acidity of gastric juice should be kept for different time intervals between food and honey water:

  • low 30 minutes before a meal;
  • normal – an hour before a meal;
  • increased for 1.5 hours.

You may not use the remedy in diabetes, and if you are allergic to honey and other bee products.

How to cook pumpkin with honey

After the body is prepared, you can begin the liver cleansing pumpkin with honey. For this recipe it is recommended to use liquid honey varieties and ripe pumpkin of small size:

  1. Wash the vegetables, dry and cut off the tip. Top do not throw away, you will need it as a cover for the sealing of pumpkin honey.
  2. Carefully remove seeds, leaving the flesh intact.
  3. In the finished cavity pour 400 ml of honey. If the pumpkin is very small and the whole volume does not fit, be guided by the situation and just fill to the brim.
  4. Knead a little simple test, mix water and flour.
  5. Cover with pumpkin top and seal the dough.
  6. Ready honey pumpkin should be left in a cool place, protected from penetration of direct sunlight.
  7. After 10 days, open the pumpkin and drain the honey.
  8. Finished medicine from the gourd and honey should be stored in a glass container in the refrigerator.

The course of treatment is 3 weeks. During this period, pumpkin honey should be taken daily before each meal up to 4 times a day.

In the preparation of honey means do not use metal objects to remove the core. The oxidation process may adversely affect the quality and efficiency of finished honey.

When honey can't save pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin with honey to cleanse the body is tasty and safe. But if the patient has intolerance of products of beekeeping, from this recipe it is better to refuse. If you believe the reviews, acacia honey does not cause allergies. But it is better not to experiment, because today quality product available on the market is extremely difficult. Then, the cleaning recipe can be replaced by another equally effective means – pumpkin butter. It is useful for liver cells, vision, hair and skin.

Is liver cleanse a pumpkin for three weeks. Make the oil immediately before a meal three times a day 1 teaspoon Purchase oil to treat the liver should not be, but to cook it yourself quite a force even the most inexperienced cook.

  1. Clean two cups of pumpkin seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder.
  2. Cleaned seed pour a glass of oil. It is advisable to use flax or olive, thesevarieties of oils are much healthier sunflower.
  3. A container of oil seeds and place in a water bath and heat up but do not boil.
  4. Ready oil not filtering, pour into a glass bottle and put in a cool place for 7 days.

Further recommendations

While the pumpkin with honey cleanses the liver, your task is to help the medication and adjust your diet, not loading the body more junk food. At the time of treatment you should limit the consumption of fatty, pickled, very salty and fried foods. The pungent spices and preservation is also banned. Once again it is worth mentioning the dangers of fast food, alcohol and soda. While pumpkin honey cleans the body, to the new food restrictions in the diet were also eggplants, beans, kidney beans, mushrooms and hard boiled eggs, how hard to stomach food.

At the end of the three-week course will need to fix the result:

  1. Start the morning with a carrot-Apple juice.
  2. For Breakfast prepare yourself a salad with lots of greens. A good idea diet the first day after cleansing to restrict only this dish.
  3. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamins will allow you to gently complete the process of regeneration of hepatocytes, at the same time strengthening the immune system.
  4. If the cooking oil is used, it is necessary to add to the already prepared portion. This applies both olive or vegetable oil and butter.
  5. Continue to keep drinking regime.

Pumpkin honey and oil to cleanse the liver is one of the most attractive methods. It is simple to use, delicious and has no side effects. But before treatment should consult with your doctor to rule out all possible risks.