The most useful herbs for blood purification

Pure blood is the basis of good health and good health. Many factors have contributed to the pollution of the circulatory system: poor nutrition, certain diseases of the excretory organs, Smoking and other. To clean the blood system is possible, without resorting to chemical means, using medicinal plants. Herbs, cleanses the blood, will lead to the desired effect, if you combine their intake with the right diet.

Who should clean the circulatory system

To clean the blood herbs should anyone who has:

  • disease of the intestinal system, liver, kidneys;
  • the tendency to allergic reactions;
  • frequent viral and infectious disease.

In addition, cleaning is required when the presence of harmful habits, as well as after long-term use of medicines.

Before use of the medical infusion to cleanse, should pay attention to the daily diet. In the menu you need to include plenty of vegetables, fruits, grains, increase the amount you drink to 2 litres a day, and eliminate junk food that contains animal fats and additives.

Before cleaning it is necessary to arrange fasting day: throughout the day eat only one useful product. It can be fruits or vegetables.

The best herbs for cleansing

From medicinal plants usually make tea, prepare an infusion or a tincture. The most useful herbs for blood purification are the following:

  • birch;
  • burdock;
  • nettle;
  • yarrow;
  • walnut;
  • dandelion.

The herbs used to cleanse circulatory system of toxins, there are distinct advantages over pharmaceutical drugs: a minimum of contraindications and natural ingredients.

To make cleansing necessary in the spring: the accumulated during the winter toxic substances are released more easily in the spring.


Birch leaves include substances that help to stabilize the amount of cholesterol in the circulatory system, strengthen the immune system. In addition, the juice obtained from birch, and the infusion is used to treat skin pathologies.

To prepare you need 2 tablespoons of fresh birch leaves, pour a glass of boiling water. To drink the infusion twice a day for 100 g

To improve the composition of blood and eliminate toxins helps drinking 1 liter of juice of birch a day during the week.


Burdock roots clean the lymph and the blood, reduce uric acid, eliminate puffiness. Most often the plant is used in the treatment of gout, skin rashes, arthritis.

2 tablespoons of burdock – 300 g of boiling water. To use herbal decoction twice a day, on an empty stomach.


Known folk remedy that cleans the blood. In traditional medicine the plant is used for liver disease and kidney disease.

Restrictions for use are pregnancy, high blood pressure, a blood clotting disorder.

2 pinches of fresh leaves – 1 liter of water. Boil for half an hour, leave for 10 minutes and strain. The resulting infusion drink on an empty stomach in the morning and evening one glass.

Also used dried leaves. To do this, 15 g of raw material, brewed 1 liter of water. Boil 10 minutes, drink 2 times a day on an empty stomach.

In addition, from nettles, you can prepare a healing balm. For this, 200 g of grass pour 500 grams of vodka, kept in a glass container for 8 days, filter and drink 30 minutes before a meal, one teaspoon twice a day.

This recipe will help to improve the blood, to establish the function of the heart, and helps eliminate cholesterol from the blood vessels.

Cleansing the blood with nettle not only helps to get rid of unwanted cholesterol, but also strengthen the immune system.


This herb effectively cleans the blood, improves blood flow and has anti-inflammatory properties. Is applied in the therapy of liver diseases, gastrointestinal pathologies.

15 g of dried material – 1000 g of water. The infusion boil on moderate heat for 30-45 minutes, referring to himself and drink in two doses.

Walnut leaves

To lymph the toxins and cholesterol will help the fresh leaves of the walnut. 2 pinches of leaves into 1000 g of boiling water. The solution is boiled for half an hour insist 10 minutes, referring to himself and drink morning and evening before meals.


The healing herb that promotes blood and cleanse the circulatory system from the heavy compounds. The root of the plant has the ability to strengthen the liver tissue, remove toxins from the kidneys and intestines, eliminate constipation and bloating.

2 tablespoons roots – 1 Cup of boiling water. Use the resulting broth three times a day 1/3 Cup on an empty stomach.

Herbs for cleaning the blood take on for one month, once a year.

Tincture from plants

Tincture to cleanse the blood will not only help remove toxins but also to bring the body in tone.

To prepare you need:

  • 100 g of leaves, roots, dandelion flowers;
  • 100 g of nettle;
  • 5 g of sweet flag;
  • 5 g of wormwood.

The collection is ground using the grinder, pour 500 grams of vodka. The resulting composition is keptfor 10 days in a dark place, filter. Drink on an empty stomach, in the two approaches, 5 g, pre-diluted solution of 50 g of water.

The herbs

For cooking you need:

  • chamomile flowers;
  • zveroboynym;
  • dried flowers;
  • birch buds;

Components take in equal proportions. 10 g of the composition to 0.5 liters of boiling water. To withstand the infusion for 4 hours, add 30 grams of honey. Drink is required in the two approaches – instead of Breakfast and dinner.

The fee is not recommended for use by people suffering from hypertension.

Other useful herbs

Cleansing properties also have the following medicinal plants:

  • The cinquefoil. The plant includes carotene, vitamin C, flavonoids, and is a powerful antioxidant. Using herbs can bring salt from the joints, cleansing the lymph and blood flow, strengthen the immune system.
  • Calendula is rich in vitamins. Promotes immunity prevents frequent colds. Calendula is perfect for cleansing the bloodstream, leads the body in tone.
  • St. John's wort helps to cleanse circulatory system of cholesterol, fatty deposits, and will also help in the fight against obesity.
  • Elderberry eliminates swelling, reduces inflammation. Grass is a natural laxative and blood purifying means, is bactericidal.

Before applying any plant, you must obtain advice from a specialist. Important role in blood purification infusions plays a healthy lifestyle. Using physical activity and avoiding harmful habits, you can speed up the cleaning process.