Enterosgel and licorice for cleansing lymph: instructions for use

The role of the lymphatic system in human life cannot be overestimated from its normal functioning depends on the work of all internal organs. But the lymph under the influence of adverse environmental factors or wrong lifestyle eventually becomes clogged, which leads to failures in other systems of the body. As a means for cleaning the lymphatic system successfully apply enterosgel and licorice. These medicines individually are used to treat completely different diseases, but in combination have excellent lymphocytosis property. Find out if the lymphatic system needs to be cleaned and how to clean the lymph at home using licorice root and sorbents.

Lymph and its role in the body

Lymph is called colorless intercellular fluid that circulates through the lymphatic vessels of man. The lymphatic system is closely associated with the circulatory system and affects all the internal organs. Waste products from the blood are excreted into the lymph, which passes through the lymphatic vessels through the lymph nodes, is cleaned there, and then returns the cleaned blood nutrients and enriches it with lymphocytes – the main cells of the immune system.

The lymph in the body performs several important functions:

  • allocates and clears interstitial fluid;
  • involved in the regulation of metabolism;
  • forms of immunity;
  • carries the blood cells and lipids;
  • returns the protein from the tissue environment into the blood.

For proper functioning of the internal organs it is important to maintain the optimum rate of formation and movement of lymph.

Unlike the circulatory system in which circulation is carried out with the help of a powerful pump – the heart, the speed of movement of lymph through the vessels is much lower. Due to the blockage of lymph often takes place obstruction of the outflow and stagnation, so the toxins and bacteria remain in the lymph nodes or out of the body through the skin, the bronchi, the mucous membranes of the nose or eyes. This causes unpleasant symptoms and causes various diseases.

Signs of "contamination" of lymph

That the lymph system cannot cope with its functions, the body signals as follows:

  1. Appears bad breath.
  2. Rashes on the skin, appearance of warts, acne.
  3. The smell of feet and armpits become very unpleasant.
  4. Regular indigestion, diarrhea alternating with constipation.
  5. Discharge from the genital organs.
  6. The occurrence of swelling of the face and extremities.
  7. Increase the size of the lymph nodes, tonsils.
  8. Frequent inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.

Bad lymph circulation is one of the causes of cellulite, heavy legs. A more severe complication is the elephant disease which cannot be cured without proper medical intervention.

But to maintain the normal operation of the lymphatic system for everyone – you need to lead an active lifestyle and to periodically cleanse the body using licorice and enterosgel.

It stimulates the immune system, rejuvenates the body, relieves Allergy symptoms and is a good means of prevention and treatment against other diseases:

  • thrombophlebitis;
  • oncological diseases;
  • arthritis and osteoarthritis;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • skin pigmentation, acne and warts.

All diseases develop because of a weakened immune defence in connection with the contamination of lymph and blood. Autopurification of an organism is possible only with a healthy diet and high physical activity. Improper lifestyle, bad habits and staying in adverse environmental conditions to clean the lymphatic system will help enterosgel and licorice (licorice root).

Why licorice root and sorbents help to cleanse the lymph

Cleaning of the lymphatic system are effective only when it is based on two processes:

  • on the dilution of the lymph and stimulate the flow of lymph;
  • on cleansing the gut derived toxins.

Due to its medicinal properties it licorice root and enterosgel (or other sorbent) when co-administered to help cleanse the lymphatic system and to restore its functions.

Licorice root has the following therapeutic properties:

  • has a thinning effect;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • has expectorant action.

In accordance with the instructions for use syrup of licorice root is used for treatment of viral infections.

One of the healing properties of plants – clarification of lymph nodes from harmful substances. They are derived from the lymph into the intestine and if the time they are not adsorbed from the intestine, toxins are again released into the bloodstream, and then into the lymphatic system. The process of clogging of the slag from the beginning.

It is therefore very important to Supplement the cleansing effect of licorice taking any sorbent that will bind and display your body of harmful substances. Combine well and complement each other licorice and POLYSORB or enterosgel and licorice for bowel cleansing and lymph.

The sorbents typically used in:

  • any poisoning;
  • allergic reactions;
  • irritableintestines;
  • extensive burns.

Although cleansing the lymph fit and activated carbon, and POLYSORB, and smectite, the most popular was the cleansing lymph licorice and enterosgel. Medicines are sold in any drugstore at affordable price. Licorice root can prepare yourself before use to make infusions or decoctions of him.

Before you decide to clean the intestines licorice and a sorbent, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Unsupervised cleansing of the lymphatic system can cause intoxication and metabolic disturbances.

Despite the fact that both drugs are safe for the body, in properly adjusted doses or with prolonged use possible side effects. You also need to familiarize yourself with contraindications for use of these medicines.

When you are not allowed to clean the lymph licorice and enterosgel

Before beginning the procedure it is important to examine the user manual to both drugs (if you are using tablet or syrup of licorice root). The fresh root of the plant is preferable for patients with diabetes or obesity, because the syrup from the pharmacy contains a large amount of sugar. Other contraindications it remain the same as the pharmacy drug.

It is prohibited to carry out the cleaning procedure lymph licorice and enterosgel in:

  • intolerance of components, allergic reactions;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • hypertension;
  • serious diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • exacerbations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Note that brushing liquorice with enterosgel, as well as any other cleaning of the body, contraindicated in acute diseases, elevated body temperature in the postoperative period of rehabilitation.

Methods of cleaning of the lymphatic system with the help of licorice and sorbent

If contraindications to cleaning the lymph is not and the doctor has forbidden cleaning procedures, then you can start it. To cleanse the lymph liquorice and activated charcoal or enterosgel brought the expected effect, you need to know how to properly drink.

Doctors advise to clean the lymph twice a year: in spring and autumn. You often do not recommended because of the regular intervention in the natural functioning of the organism can lead to unpredictable consequences.

The use of drugs for the purpose of cleaning the lymph is usually straightforward, it is important to observe the sequence of receiving funds and to withstand the recommended time intervals.

There are several ways how to make sorbents and licorice root to cleanse the lymph. The choice of a suitable method depends on the way of life that leads people.

The classic method of cleansing the lymph

Suitable for people who are trying to stick to a balanced diet, do not abuse bad habits, do not have serious health problems. For purification of lymph in the next two weeks every morning on an empty stomach drink 1 tablespoon of syrup of licorice root, diluted in a glass of hot water. You can use licorice tablets (need to take 1 tablet), infusion or decoction of crushed licorice root 1 tbsp. l. raw pour a glass of water and boil in water bath for 20 minutes. Make 1/3 Cup.

40-50 minutes (not before!) you should drink 1 tablespoon of enterosgel with a small amount of water, or activated charcoal tablets (1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight). An hour later you can have Breakfast. During this period, the sorbent will have time to bind toxins in the gut.

According to this scheme, you need to take medicines three times a day: taking licorice should be on an empty stomach or two hours after meals, and simultaneous treatment with enterosgel invalid; it would bind the nutrients contained in the root of licorice, not allowing effectively to show the medicinal properties of the plant.

During the period of the cleansing of the lymph is not allowed the intake of alcohol, oily and spicy food, fast food.

Cleansing lymph pretreatment

This method is suitable for people who are not quite the right way of life, often consume junk food, alcohol and have any chronic diseases. Cleansing lymph liquorice and a remedy will not be effective if you don't first hold a series of preparatory activities:

  • within 7-10 days to follow a vegetarian diet or at least completely exclude from your diet fatty, spicy, smoked food and alcohol;
  • 2-3 times before cleaning the lymph to go to the sauna;
  • to put a cleansing enema once in three days during the preparatory period;
  • drink more pure water.

From proper preparation to the success of cleansing the lymphatic system and improve overall health, so treat it very responsibly.

The process of cleaning the sorbent and licorice root coincides with the classical scheme.

Cleansing lymph by the method of Butakovo

The methodology developed is a doctor with lots of experience, O. V. Butakov, promoting lectures about the need for periodic cleaning of the lymph even people who do not have pronounced problems withhealth.

Cleansing lymph by the method of Butakovo requires mandatory pre-service training and the use of licorice root brown seaweed, vitamins, amino acids and probioticsdeveloped by pharmaceutical company Coral Club Inc. In the period of purification is also necessary to drink plenty of water to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, go to bath and take an enema at least four times in two weeks brushing.

Simplified purification of the lymphatic system by the method of Butakovo need to take licorice root and enterosgel according to the classical method of receiving and Supplement the diet with vitamin-mineral complex. After a course of compulsory cleansing, probiotics (Linex, bifidin, Acipol, Bifiform).

Side effects of cleansing

A few days in the beginning of treatment licorice root and enterosgel , you may experience side effects such as runny nose and watery eyes. That is thinning action of licorice on the mucous secrets. May appear nausea, dizziness, bleeding from nose, pain in the joints. Afraid of these phenomena is not necessary – they mean that the body began rapidly to be purified from harmful substances. After 4-5 days the side effects usually stop.

If the procedure of cleaning the lymph is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms and sudden deterioration of health, she should stop and consult a doctor for examination and advice.

Therapeutic action cleanse licorice

Thoroughly cleansing lymph liquorice and sorbent allows to achieve significant improvements health and well-being. Reviews of doctors and those people who took licorice syrup and enterosgel, indicate that after purification:

  • the complexion becomes more healthy;
  • improves condition of hair and nails;
  • the skin becomes smooth, disappear acne, peeling and pigmentation spots;
  • comes to normal lipid metabolism;
  • reduced Allergy symptoms;
  • decreases puffiness;
  • stabiliziruemost blood pressure;
  • better digestion;
  • decreases weight.

The maximum therapeutic effect in the cleansing of the lymph drugs can only be achieved with a healthy diet and increasing physical activity. It is very important to regularly perform a set of exercises, move a lot, it is advisable to go in the period of the cleansing of the lymph course of General massage.

More and more people are turning to methods of cleansing the lymph licorice and enterosgel in an attempt to improve the health and rid of health problems. Judging by the reviews, they do manage to achieve this. Properly performed cleaning helps to improve the work so important for the body's lymphatic system, and hence, normalize the functioning of all systems and internal organs.

No matter how harmless it may seem preparations for cleansing, it must be remembered that before the procedure, doctor's advice is obligatory!