Cleaning of vessels in the Bay leaf at home

Bay leaf is a fragrant spice that goes well with meat and vegetable dishes. But it is not limited to only culinary recipes. Since ancient times healers have used it in traditional medicine to treat many ailments. One of these applications was the cleaning of the vessels the Bay leaf from cholesterol plaques and other deposits. So today we will talk about useful properties of Lavrushka and methods of using the cleansing broth.

Useful properties of Bay leaf

Chemical composition of Bay leaf is tannin, resin and essential oil. Each component on its own affects the body. Among the main useful properties of Bay broth can be distinguished:

  • strengthening of immunity, prevention of infectious diseases of viral and bacterial etiology;
  • the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, cleansing the body from accumulated toxins;
  • treatment of kidney stones;
  • improving the stability of the nervous system to stress and external stimuli, the problem of chronic fatigue;
  • in the treatment of diabetes;
  • cleaning of the blood and blood vessels.

Now all attention to the last paragraph.

Cleaning of vessels using the Bay broth

The cleansing of the vessels the Bay leaf is an effective procedure, it is doable at home. The cost of treatment this method can be attributed to option from the category "economy", as all you need is a pack of Bay leaf. This will be enough for the entire course of cleaning.

Before you begin, you need to clean the intestines, liver and gall bladder. First, it will help to reduce the risks of developing complications during treatment. And secondly, have accumulated in these parts of the body toxins will continue to have a negative impact on the body after the purification of the blood and blood vessels.

So, to prepare a Laurel decoction you will need 300 ml of pure water and 7 leaves Lavrushka (approximately 5 g). Bring the water with the leaves to the boil and allow to boil for 5-7 minutes. This is necessary in order to evaporate part of the essential oils that can have a negative impact on the kidneys. Do not cover the process of evaporation!

After switching off the finished broth, cover and wrap with a blanket, allowing to steep for 4 hours. Before taking sure to strain it.

There are two regimens of Bay broth. Consider both options:

  1. The most effective is the prescription of the cleansing of cerebral vessels Bay leaf for three days. Under this scheme, to drink a decoction is necessary to begin in the morning on an empty stomach. After a few SIPS, wait 15-20 minutes after the break, again drink two or three SIPS and break again. So drink until, until all the broth is ready. On the second and third day, repeat the cleaning and prepared a new portion of the therapeutic agent.
  2. If a three-day cleansing of the vessels you can not do, you can do one day. Begin drinking in the same way, increasing the intervals between doses. The entire volume of the Bay of broth was spread on the whole day. After a week break repeat the course.

Cleaning of vessels in the Bay leaf dangerous if the broth to drink in one gulp. As the infusion has toxic effects, you can drink it in small SIPS with breaks.

For more tips

At that time, while you to cleanse the blood vessels and the entire body with a Laurel infusion, it is necessary to adhere to certain recommendations:

  1. Go to a vegetarian menu, completely eliminating from the diet of milk, milk products and meat. It is also desirable to refuse from spices, and salt, not to provoke the appearance of new deposits.
  2. Drinks allowed water, natural juices and compotes. Tea, coffee and herbal teas are off – limits.
  3. To prevent repeated entering of toxins into the blood, do daily enemas. Especially if the purging was not carried out before.

Upon completion of the course cleansing should not immediately go to the usual diet. To adhere to the principles of vegetarianism is recommended even for one-two weeks, a couple of enemas at this time also can not hurt.

Side effects

Usually cleaning of the vessels the Bay leaf at home well tolerated. Among the possible side effects it is possible to allocate frequent urination, and coloring the urine a pinkish color. This is a normal reaction of the body to intake of salt compounds in the channels of the urinary system.

Cheerleaders you have such symptoms as heart palpitations, nausea and dizziness. This may be indicative of poisoning by Laurel water. In order to avoid possible risks of side effects, it is important to follow the preparation and not exceed the dosage (two SIPS every 15-20 minutes).


Bay leaf refers to the high degree of allergenicity. Therefore, people who are prone to allergic reactions, the application of this method is not recommended. In addition, the brewing of Bay leaves against swelling and for cleansing the blood vessels is contraindicated in such conditions:

  • serious pathology of the liver and kidneys;
  • diseases of the urinary system, including chronicinflammation;
  • ulcers disease stomach and duodenal ulcers;
  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • drug treatment influencing the blood;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • chronic constipation;
  • diseases associated with the violation of protein metabolism.

In addition, the use of Bay broth, like any other similar procedure, is contraindicated during pregnancy because of the risk of miscarriage.

The reviews of the people about the cleansing Lavrushka contradictory. The fact that the taste of the broth is very specific and not everyone can master the use of the total volume of liquid. But the opinion of doctors regarding the safety and efficacy of the procedure converge. And with all the rules of cleaning of the vessels the Bay leaf is really needed. However, we should not forget about the list of contraindications. So before starting the course of cleaning will not prevent to be examined by a specialist.