Ayurveda: cleansing the body at home

The human body is a unique mechanism that has the ability to self-purification and healing. However, most people lead an unhealthy lifestyle, consume harmful products and is constantly faced with stress, the body becomes clogged, the waste and toxic substances. This causes blockage of blood vessels and cells of the body, provoking abnormal fatigue, decreased vitality, and deficit of energy. If the human body is dirt, the ability to cleanse itself is lost completely. Cleansing the body according to Ayurveda helps to cleanse the body and restore the work of all organs and systems.

When cleaning

Clean the body according to Ayurveda we must take into account the biorhythms of the human body and the entire cosmos as a whole. The most suitable period for treatment is the manipulation time of the passage of the sun across the three constellations that belong to the element of fire. These include Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. During this period, energy as if distributed in the air, so the body needs easily digestible food.

Find the echoes of ancient tradition and Orthodoxy. No wonder all the posts simply have the fire signs. Cleaning procedures will bring great benefits to the body, if not conducted at a time when the seasons change. It is considered the best time for soft cleansing of the body.

At strong pollution of the body carried out extensive cleaning procedures. In special treatment centres to carry out procedures of Panchakarma. This includes warm-up, rubbing oil, medicated enemas, baths, inhalations with drugs and bloodletting. The frequency of cleaning procedures depends on the person's Constitution and metabolic rate. Slender and patanatomy person enough to clean the body once a year, overweight people fat physique cleansing is necessary once a quarter.

All purification procedures should begin on the first day of the waning moon.

It must be remembered that since January and until mid-summer the sun is too high, which is very draining the human body. In the first half is quite understandable some loss of strength, so it is advisable to avoid excessive physical and mental stress. Most high solar activity occurs in may. In this period, Ayurveda occurs acidification of the body.

Acidification is observed in August due to the abundance of acidic plant products in the diet. It is believed that an acidic environment is the most favourable ground for the beginning of all diseases. To eliminate the excess of acid in the late spring and summer, you need every day to drink warm milk with butter in it. Half a glass of milk take from a teaspoon to a tablespoon of butter, the amount of fat depends on the body. In that case, if there is intolerance to dairy products, you can take an incomplete tablespoon of flax seed, grind in a coffee grinder and pour a glass of boiling water. Afterwards, the groups need to insist 20 minutes, work to a lather and drink in small SIPS.

In the offseason, people should consume a lot of natural sorbents. It may be the young shoots of the nettle, the fruits of gooseberry and infusion of barley grains.

The power of minerals and metals

To spend body cleansing at home necessary during the change of seasons regularly drink honey water. This drink stimulates and improves digestion.

Incomplete a teaspoon of honey diluted in a glass of purified water and left overnight. The drink should be slightly sweet. Immediately after waking up this honey beverage to drink, it must be done from the comfort of your bed. This drink is an irritant, it helps to open the bile ducts and prevents bile stasis.

All body type are divided into three groups:

  1. Wool.
  2. Pitt.
  3. Kapha.

Depending on the physique in the honey water add some minerals. People with Vata type thin, fussy and very impulsive, these silver. The Pitta type has average physique, ambition, and commitment to them are gold, jade and platinum. People Kapha type tend to be overweight, but at the same time graceful and slow, they use a gold, carnelian and ruby.

Common mixed body types, in this case, the recommendations of others. Here you need to choose a diet for the two dominant groups. In addition, be sure take into account the weather conditions.

On our website you will find information about the bowel cleansing salt water.

In harmony with the soul

In every human body in harmony all three doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. They are fully responsible for the work of all internal organs. If even one of the doshas there is a disharmony, the human body becomes vulnerable to the effects of different factors. Disharmony in the body can cause:

  • feelings and thoughts;
  • habits;
  • diet;
  • a way of life.

Wool is in all of bone, bladder, intestines, ears, feet and kidneys. If balance this dosha, it is manifested by digestive problems and cramps and severe bloating. In this case, Ayurveda suggests cleansingof the intestine. Pitta located in the lymph nodes and the duodenum, symptom of imbalance is high acidity. Cleaning occurs at the expense of a mild laxative. Kapha situated in the head, neck, joints and chest. The imbalance manifests itself in different pathologies of the respiratory tract that leads to the accumulation of viscous mucus. To clear Kapha you can use vomiting.

For complete purification, the doshas should obtain the advice of a specialist who understands in Ayurveda.


Panchakarma is an annual cleansing of the whole body, which helps to cleanse and rejuvenate the energy channels. This technique was used in ancient times for the preparation of the organism to changes that occur during the change of seasons.

Ongoing treatments help to clean the polluted channels and help restore its special relationship with other people and nature as a whole. The purpose of such purification is the removal from the body of toxic substances and waste that prevent normal functioning. Harmful substances are removed from the body as at the cellular level that helps to recover the balance.

Traditionally, Panchakarma consists of five therapeutic procedures, which include:

  • Cleansing enema with decoctions of certain herbs and natural oils.
  • Cleansing the body by emetic medicines.
  • Treatment laxatives drugs.
  • Cleaning the nasal passages. Drugs are inhaled are introduced through the nasal passages.
  • Bloodletting. This manipulation can be performed using leeches and syringe.

Treatments prescribed to people selectively, depending on build and condition. All treatments are recommended rarely and then only in the case if the slagging of the body are too pronounced.

Cleansing of the body takes place only after a special preparatory procedures that help the Department of toxic substances from the cells:

  • Massoterapia. A person takes internally and externally uses natural oils that are blended with extracts of medicinal herbs.
  • Steam therapy. Includes a visit to the baths that use medicinal plants.

Cleansing the body according to Ayurveda is a long and gradual process that requires several cycles. Here the preference is not rapid, but gradual recovery.

For immunity is always better than a slow getting rid of addictions than instant. First, bad habits are changed to less harmful, and then get rid of them altogether.

What to pay attention

To the body after cleaning quickly not salakavala again, you should follow certain recommendations of experts on Ayurveda.

  1. To eat with positive emotions. This process should bring pleasure.
  2. You need to listen to your body. It will give man what he needs and what not.
  3. It is impossible to eat products which are flavor enhancers, especially not to give such products to children. Due to Supplement even good products are delicious.
  4. You can't eat when in a bad mood. Unacceptable food stress-eating and depression.

After the cleaning treatments shows the course of therapeutic massage with essential oils.

After cleaning the body it is impossible to throw food. Foods are introduced gradually and without fanaticism. At this time, will be beneficial herbal teas and decoctions. After cleansing of the body need to stick to a diet that meets the body type.