Cleansing the body before pregnancy

Birth of a new life inside a woman's womb is a happy event, which, together with enthusiasm brings a lot of trouble, worries and obligations. Every conscious expectant mother continually worried about the health of their baby and constantly monitors its development. Pregnancy is, of course, not a disease, but a certain strain on the body during this period is still the place. Cleansing the body before pregnancy is a change of eating habits, exercise, avoiding harmful habits. In other words – a transition to a different lifestyle.

Recently the couple on the advice of an obstetrician-gynaecologist prefer to be screened before conceiving the child. This is the right approach, especially with regard to women, because after birth a baby for two years under the protection of maternal immunity. Among the General recommendations, especially for those couples who for a long time can not conceive, experts distinguish active lifestyle.


Exercise helps the blood flow to the pelvic organs. A woman strengthens the muscles and improves flexibility before childbirth. The expectant mother can choose from many sports programs. Among them:

  • fitness proper alternating cardio and strength training will help to quickly restore the shape and health before such an important event;
  • Pilates exercises stretching and flexibility will make the future mother deft, prevent pain in the spine and joints in the later stages and facilitate childbirth;
  • yoga is a good body cleansing before pregnancy, both physical and spiritual. Correct breathing and endurance are the main principles of this skill. In addition, while the body tenses and takes the form of clear thoughts;
  • trainers and running is also cardio and weight training. Better to present yourself in the hands of an experienced coach, to describe the situation, and he chooses for you exercises and apparatus that will strengthen muscles, will help to quickly get pregnant and give birth easily.

Heavy physical exertion is better to avoid the 2-3 hour-long classes a week is enough for the expectant mother.

Alcohol and Smoking

Of course, if a woman does not smoke and does not drink alcohol – this information is not for her. However, besides the fact that Smoking poisons the body, it also lowers fertility, and men smokers at all reduced motility of sperm, so conception does not occur. Conclusion: before pregnancy need to give up cigarettes for both of the future parents.

With regard to alcohol. Besides the fact that it's poison, alcoholic beverages are also against the vitamin-mineral balance. The expectant mother is completely useless, as she, instead, it is necessary to replenish the supply of nutrients. Frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages in women there is a lack of potassium, calcium, b vitamins and other vital vitamins and minerals.

If pregnancy in the nearest future, alcohol should be abandoned immediately. The body needs time to clear, but it is, of course, does not mean that you can't drink even 50 grams of red wine. However, to conceive a child in a state of alcoholic intoxication is a high risk of developing such pathologies, which is popularly called "harelip" and "cleft palate". It has not been proven, but according to the observations of these children often are born from alcohol abusing people.


Proper nutrition is the key to health and mother and child. In the period of pregnancy in women having unusual food preferences and sometimes you can let yourself go and eat some unhealthy yummy. However, before you get pregnant, it would not hurt to follow the diet. Basic rules:

  • refusal of food, which contributes to cholesterol: fast food, fried, fatty, spicy, salty;
  • more animal and vegetable protein in the diet: fish, meat, eggs, beans, lentils;
  • dairy products: milk, yogurt, cheese – storehouse of calcium and normalization of digestion;
  • the menu should be a red fish and herring fatty acids, strengthening the nervous system, improving brain activity;
  • eat vegetables and fruits – citrus, apples, tomatoes, cabbage, onions, garlic improve metabolism and strengthen the immune system;
  • drink fruit drinks and juices – vitamin burst and saturate the body with potassium;
  • the compulsory acceptance of special complex of vitamins and minerals for pregnant and folic acid – you can start in advance and drink their whole pregnancy, but after consultation with the doctor.

There should be no strict diets and starvation weight loss is already irrelevant. If you have problems with excess weight, then you need to remember the only rule is to eat little but often. The perfect order of the day – three main meals and two snacks. In this mode, extra weight will go naturally, without the help of any radical ways. Also need to eat and during pregnancy.

Expectant mothers will be helpful to know what to eat for two prior to conception and during pregnancy is wrong. Such advice and opinions of others about the fact that mother must overeat or eat a double portion, you need to ignore. During pregnancy, serving to increase to anything – and mother and baby have enough for one. Following this simple recommendation, you will not haveto suffer when fat child, and after childbirth for a long time to return the form.

Cleansing diet before pregnancy

About any strict methods of purification it is not, but clean the digestive tract of toxins before conception will not injure. Fasting does not have: boiled or roasted meat and fish, light soups, cheese, fruits, casseroles and other cooked food correctly will help you to get and cleanse. Additionally, you can clean up:

  • honey with cinnamon on an empty stomach and before sleep. In the evening in a glass of cold water is added a tablespoon of both ingredients, everything is mixed and brewed until morning. Half an hour before Breakfast drink ingested;
  • apples. If there are no problems with the gall, a couple of apples on an empty stomach for a month – best body cleansing before pregnancy. During pregnancy this can not be done, because it might just throw up, but Apple diet it is highly useful;
  • flax seed. In the morning you need to fill a dessert spoon of seeds or seed powder flax 2% yogurt and leave for half an hour. The mixture is then consumed and after 20 mins you can start to the main meal. More than two months, the course didn't fit;
  • linseed oil. The most useful acids are rich remedy is taken according to the scheme: 1 tbsp on an empty stomach. A little washed down with a glass of cool water, and after half hour eat Breakfast.

The one rule that unites all of these cleaning methods is to drink plenty of fluids. Swelling during pregnancy is a consequence not so much of a sedentary lifestyle, as incorrect water balance. If pregnancy is achieved, the purification is better to stop. In any case, whether to continue such a course, it is better to know from your obstetrician-gynecologist.

There is nothing easier than to clean the body before pregnancy and thereby prepare for nurturing the baby. Eating right, abandoning bad habits and engaging in sports, a mother takes care of her baby, who yet lives only in her plans.