Detox: a program for overall cleansing of the body

Sooner or later, unfavorable environmental conditions, deficiencies in nutrition or bad habits lead to blockage of the human body toxins, which adversely affects the health and appearance. Detox program is comprehensive cleansing of the body, developed by the company NL Greenflash, helps to quickly and effectively withdraw from the internal organs of accumulated harmful substances, strengthen the immune system, to improve health. The program is easy to use and suitable for almost everyone wishing to brush your body. Look at what is a Detox program, when and to whom it is shown, which is ensured with proper use.

Description Detox programme from NL Greenflash

Natural and harmful chemical substances accumulate in the process of life in every cell of the human body. They come from food, water and air. Most of toxins are suffering the intestines. It is impossible to fully get rid of them without subsequent treatment of the liver, blood, urinary system.

Most often self-cleansing of the body with traditional methods, with the use of sorbents does not give positive results and often ends in a disruption of the balance of the intestinal microflora and dysfunctions of the digestive tract.

Detox programme from NL Greenflash allows you to comprehensively cleanse the body in 4 stages, each lasting 10 days:

  • with 1 for 10 day of the purification of the intestines by absorbing harmful substances and output to the outside;
  • 11 through 20 – the cleansing of the liver, biliary tract and gall bladder;
  • 21 – 30-day – cleaning the exposed kidney and the entire urinary system;
  • 31 to day 40 – the restoration of the intestinal microflora.

The uniqueness of the complex program "detox" is that the main components of the capsule – herbal extracts – gently affect the body by cleansing the cells of the colon, liver and kidneys of accumulated waste. Dietary fiber "Florala" gently removes all the excess out, enriching the body with vitamins, and the intestine with beneficial microorganisms.

For cleaning bodies from foreign substances is not required tedious daily preparation of teas (infusions), observance of time intervals between doses of medicines and food, unpleasant procedures (enema). Only need it twice a day, take two capsules during a meal. It is convenient to do at work, at the cottage or on the road. Nothing but forgetfulness and extraordinary circumstances, will not prevent the cleansing of the body towards health and well-being.

Indications comprehensive cleansing of the body

Periodically clean the body is good for everyone over the age of 18. Bad habits, sedentary lifestyle, living in ecologically disadvantaged areas, the abuse of industrial products and fast food are the factors that contribute to slagging of the digestive tract.

When the natural cleansing can not cope with their functions, the body sends signals, for example, could be:

  • skin rashes, acne, eczema, boils;
  • bad breath;
  • fetid sweat;
  • profuse discharge from the genitals;
  • incessant runny nose or cough;
  • disorders of the digestive system;
  • fatigue and lethargy.

These symptoms suggest that the intestine, the kidneys and liver cannot cope with the functions of purification, the decay products leave the body through the nasopharynx, genital tract, lungs, skin, there is a poisoning of the nervous system.

To restore the functioning of internal organs is possible – it is necessary twice a year (preferably spring and fall) to conduct a comprehensive clean with Detox programs. But not everyone can use it, there are a number of contraindications to this procedure.


Any body cleansing requires the advice of a doctor! Under the strict supervision of a specialist should be carried out the cleansing in chronic diseases of the digestive and cardiovascular systems, even with his permission.

When using a Detox program should be aware that the capsules contained a large number of various medicinal plant extracts, which may be a manifestation of allergic reactions.

Forbidden to clean the body during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The postoperative period is also not a good time for cleaning procedures. Temporarily refrain from cleaning bodies need in the acute period of inflammatory diseases.

Before using a comprehensive Detox program, you need to undergo ultrasonography for the presence of stones in kidneys and gall bladder. If any procedure is prohibited.

The capsules Detox-program

Active components, contained in capsules for overall cleansing of the body from NL Greenflash, different composition of each capsule depends on the stage of cleaning.

Common component contained in the capsules at all levels – is a dietary fiber "Floralia" is a complex prebiotic-enriched essential for the normal functioning of the body vitamins and minerals.

Fiber passes through the digestive tract like a sponge cleans the intestinal wall, collects all the toxins andnaturally removes them from the body. "Florala" also facilitates the growth of beneficial gut microflora and suppress pathogenic.

The 1st step of a comprehensive Detox program

Capsules are designed to cleanse the bowel. They contain plant extracts, which tend to increase the secretion glands of the gastrointestinal tract:

  • seeds of fennel;
  • psyllium husk;
  • aloe.

At this stage comprehensive purification is ineffective in cleaning and strengthening the walls of the colon, normalizes his motor skills, there is a stimulation of the pancreas, liver, kidneys, gall bladder.

Level 2 – cleansing liver and gallbladder

The capsules in this step Detox program designed to enhance the production of liver enzymes and bile. Plant extracts have choleretic, anti-inflammatory and relaxing antitoxic action. This:

  • turmeric;
  • peppermint;
  • ginger;
  • lemon;
  • green tea;
  • millet.

Due to the action of medicinal plants, there is an increase in the production of bile. She breaks down fats, eliminates all toxic substances by bile ducts into the intestine. Cleared the liver, gallbladder and bile ducts will be clean and the blood passing through these natural blood filters.

3-step Detox-cleanse program

After cleaning were the intestines and liver, it is necessary to release the urinary ducts and kidneys from slag, sand and slime.

Help in this herbal extracts:

  • artichoke;
  • prickly pear;
  • watercress;
  • horsetail.

Also in the capsule in the third stage a comprehensive Detox program added potassium citrate. It has a diuretic effect and is used in medicine for the removal of toxic substances from the blood in various poisoning.

At this step Detox program clears not only the urinary tract, but restores the acid-alkaline balance, normalizes water-salt balance in the body, eliminates swelling.

4-th stage of the program is the normalization of the intestinal microflora

After passing the first three stages of detoxification it is important to fix the result, improving the metabolism, the absorption of vital vitamins and minerals.

In the composition of the capsules at this stage, a comprehensive Detox program contains extracts of:

  • chamomile;
  • fennel;
  • mint.

In addition, the formulation includes probiotics: bifidobacteria B. bifidum and lactobacilli L. plantarum.

The complex components normalize the activity of the intestine after cleansing, prevent the development of pathogenic microflora, eliminate flatulence.

A healthy intestinal flora ensures the proper functioning of all organs and body systems, ensures reliable protection against infectious diseases.

Detox program is comprehensive cleansing of the body – a great chance to restore the immune system and remove in just 40 days from many health troubles. It is important to follow the dietary guidelines during the course of detox and give up bad habits. Then the body will always reward the efficient work of the bodies and excellent health.