As excrete drugs

The body of drug addicts is exhausted from continuous flow in heavy toxic substances. He alone takes the remnants of the poisons and trying to recover, but prolonged drug use irreversible processes and primarily affect the liver. If we are to overcome addiction is not possible, then the dependent at least should know how to excrete drugs with medication, special diet and recipes, in order to reduce the load on the organs and tissues and longer to maintain their own health.

Excretory systems remove only a fraction of drugs, and their residues poison the body a long time, transforming into more hazardous compounds due to participation in the processes of life. Dosage it does not matter that much – whatever the amount of the drug do to the body, it leads to failure and decreased functionality in various systems.

Intoxication occurs regardless of the volume of the dose, and its value depends only on the severity of the poisoning.

At that circumstance, the speed with which the excreted drug, not a secondary effect of having the condition, who are in the thrall of destructive addictions. Chronic disease and problems with metabolism accelerate the process of destruction of the immune system and reduce the body's resistance to toxins.

Home therapy

To clean the blood from drugs at home is possible only under the condition that their regular intake is discontinued and the health of drug addicts is satisfactory. Otherwise, no medical treatment is necessary. Get rid of the remnants of the poison in the body, adhering to some rules:

  1. To comply with the water balance. To harmful substances left the body as soon as possible, you should drink at least one and a half liters of clean water per day.
  2. To enter into the diet of unsaturated fatty acids. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin, flax, walnuts, salmon will restore vitality, improve overall condition and appearance, and will lead in order to digestion.
  3. Sports. While physical exercise is cleansing the body of drugs through the skin and sweat glands. Immediately exhausting yourself with grueling workouts not necessary – the load should be increased gradually so as not to undermine the exhausted substances to the body.
  4. Exclude from menu, coffee, sugar and honey. Caffeine destroys the nutrients that enter the body with food. Overloading the digestive system with carbohydrates is not worth it. Sugar can be replaced with stevia, instead of coffee perfect weak black or green tea.
  5. Take milk, curd, cheese and other dairy products is not only good detoxifiers, but also good fats that help to clean the body from poisons.
  6. Eat vegetables and fruits, drink fresh juices and berry juices. These essential antioxidants can help to excrete drugs is much faster.
  7. To avoid spicy and oily food that strengthens the liver and the entire digestive tract, as thus the recovery process may be delayed.

These simple recommendations will help not only to regain good health and strength, but also improve health in General. If hard and unyielding to follow this advice, together with a properly organized mode of the day and a full eight hours of daily sleep, already after a month the person will feel better.


In more complex cases, or in severe intoxication without medical treatment is not enough. Mainly inpatient treatment aimed at cleansing the gastrointestinal tract, affected enema and put a dropper with glucose and salt solutions. To withdraw from narcoplepsy, used several ways:

  • plazmaferez – hardware method of separating plasma from the blood, after which it is cleaned and flows back to the patient;
  • laser treatment – the patient is injected into a vein, the needle – diode under the action of radiation which you can not only quickly flush the drugs out of the blood, but also significantly improve the immunity and reduce the risk of serious diseases;
  • two methods – connection of a patient to a special charged sorbent apparatus, through which is passed the venous blood of the patient and back into his body;
  • forced diuresis – with a dropper dependent pour a few liters of saline that launches the active kidneys, the toxins through urine and it helps to quickly cleanse the body from drugs.

The latter method is valid provided that the person is healthy and takes drugs occasionally, but occasionally, or took a dose once. The purpose of these procedures implies the absence of any chronic diseases.

Usually the treatment is prescribed by a psychiatrist in each specific case, after the tests and assessment of the state of the body. Withdraw drugs from the body independently at home by delivering the drugs, which clean the liver, it is not recommended, because you can overload it and to minimize its filtration capabilities.

How to withdraw drugs salt

Those factors, how quickly and in what way to bringthe narcotic substances from the body, also depend on what exactly the substance was drug addicts. "Bath salts" are a subset of drugs, synthetic cation, which dubbed the same name. This drug is similar in effect to amphetaminefor a short period of acceptance of the person can't decide a simple logic task, because the intelligence level is reduced a lightning pace.

Withdrawal of the drug salt from the body fairly quickly, however, the consequences of the use of this substance after prolonged use to remove almost impossible.

The mortality rate due to consumption of salt in recent years has increased and surpassed the statistics of mortality from an overdose of the most dangerous substances such as heroin. Usually detox the body from drugs designed to release the internal organs and systems from the balances of cations, but the progress is observed only in those patients who do not have access to the drug. The rehabilitation period should also include psychological support of the patient.

Mephedrone one of the most common drug salts. This drug causes auditory and visual hallucinations, severe pain in the lungs, a person develops delusions of persecution and later schizophrenia.

To excrete mephedrone at home, you must:

  • to observe the drinking mode;
  • eat only healthy food: cereals, soups, fruits, vegetables;
  • on the third day after admission to start a little exercise.

If you follow all these rules, within five days, as the body be cleansed of toxins and you can go on the same diet, but pure water must be present therein in an amount of 1.5-2 l daily.

When a person is ready to go to the doctor with my problem, in the case of slight intoxication he appointed the lungs medicines to cleanse the blood from mephedrone. Their list usually includes detox, chelator, glycine and light sedative, for example, Valerian. Pain in region of liver and lungs prescribed Nospanum. All of these drugs can be administered strictly by a doctor after assessing the patient's condition.

After prolonged drug use to fully remove them from the body will need days and weeks and even months. The main thing is not to allow the dependent to be under the influence of "friends in misfortune," trying to slip him a dose. Therefore, the period of rehabilitation better place in the clinic under the supervision of qualified specialists and psychotherapists. If the drug entered the body completely healthy person once, after several days of home care, his condition normalized. All depends on the mood of drug addicts – if he strongly wants to get rid of harmful cravings, purification of the body will result. If the willpower will not prevail, no medicines and home rehabilitation will not help.