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Salmonella in quail and chicken eggs: how to recognize

Raw and half-raw eggs are part of many dishes. They are used in sauces, creams, desserts and as a separate dish. If the hostess cooks the eggs without heat treatment, the whole family may well be under the risk of Contracting Salmonella. This infectious disease affects the digestive organs and reduces the immune system. Especially seriously ill children at a younger age. It has been proved that Salmonella in quail eggs can also be found. Although a long time it was thought that the quails increased body temperature, at which the wand of the pathogen dies. Is it worth risking health to consume raw eggs to solve each independently.

Eggs – source of infection

Experts pay attention that carriers of pathogenic sticks are not eggs, and the infected poultry. But if the litter gets sick chicken on egg shells, then after three days the eggs inside will be contaminated and dangerous for consumption raw. Therefore, the veterinary service in the poultry carefully monitor that litter does not enter the shell.

The man who wants to protect themselves and their households from coli Salmonella should use only eggs from healthy chickens. For example, which was raised by the grandmother in the tree or purchased at a centralized point. Eggs must be fresh, it is better to use the product in food, if it is not more than 2 days. In this case, the chance to earn Salmonella from eggs is much lower.

You can not buy egg fight, especially if the eggs from leaking out of the shell. Savings in some cases can cost health. Should not eat the product if the shells of a lot of droppings or traces of blood.

General characteristics of the disease

Salmonellosis is a very insidious disease that affects the gastrointestinal tract and leads to General intoxication of the organism. The causative agent is a pathogenic Bacillus, oblong. This pathogen does not form spores. Salmonella is very resistant to environmental influences, they can survive in smoked or salted product. But boiling kills almost instantly:

  • Even prolonged exposure chicken raw eggs in the fridge for more than 2 weeks, the bacterium can penetrate the solid shell, and begin active growth within albumen and yolk.
  • Freezing infected food products leads to nothing, the pathogen survives well at low temperatures.
  • There are varieties of Salmonella that are completely resistant to antibiotics and disinfectants.

Once in the human body, pathogenic bacteria begin to multiply rapidly, leading to severe intoxication and the defeat of vital organs and systems. From an infected person for several days develops severe diarrhea, which without medical assistance quickly leads to dehydration.

UV radiation rapidly kills coli Salmonella, so a good purchase will be a quartz lamp. Especially given the fact that Salmonella is transmitted and household by.

Is it possible to recognize infected eggs

For many people the question arises whether it is possible to detect dangerous Salmonella in eggs, not to eat contaminated foods in the diet? In fact, the presence of sticks in the products does nothing. To know that the eggs are infected, it is possible only on the basis of laboratory results.

Any products that have pathogenic microorganism, are no different from quality products. Does not change taste, color and smell. The products can look quite presentable and at the same time carry significant risk.

Salmonella in quail eggs – myth and reality

If raw egg is potentially dangerous because of the risk of Salmonella, raw quail eggs, many nutritionists recommend giving even young children. It is really an excellent dietary product that improves appetite and raises the immune system. So is it possible to still become infected by ingestion of quail products?

The quails frequent illness caused by the Bacillus Salmonella. And if the pulloroza – a kind of Salmonella is not dangerous to humans, the bacterium enteritidis may lead to serious consequences.

The question is – can the sick quail salmonellosis can be answered in the affirmative. The eggs of these birds, without heat treatment, also meets a dangerous infection.

Appearance of poultry, it is impossible to determine whether she is a carrier. It is a healthy chicken or duck can be just a carrier of sticks.

Prevention of salmonellosis

Not to get sick, will be enough just to handle the eggs from Salmonella detergent. If the shell is litter or it is damaged, it is likely that the content is infected with a pathogenic Bacillus. Not to get an infection, you must observe some rules:

  • You need to buy eggs only in special points of sale where all products are checked by sanitary service. It is not necessary to buy food products in the spontaneous markets and in unfamiliar farms.
  • Need to buy fresh eggs, whichfor a few days. If the product is long, then it increases the chance of Contracting Salmonella.
  • Before cooking the eggs must be washed thoroughly with soap and water. Washed in order to remove pathogenic microorganisms from shell.
  • Eggs stored in the fridge on a separate shelf, they must not touch other foods.
  • It is not recommended to eat eggs soft-boiled, especially young children and people with weakened immune systems.
  • Pregnant and nursing women should not eat raw and insufficiently cooked egg dishes. Possible intrauterine infection of the fetus, as well as infecting the baby through breast milk.

Regardless of where the pathogen inside eggs or outside, a person can be infected if you eat this product raw. It is not necessary to risk your health and children, it is better to put the eggs properly heat-treated.

Good immunity is the best protection from infection

Doctors say that Salmonella bacteria are everywhere, so these bacilli often enter the body of people of different ages. But adults and children get sick in all cases, as the immunity protects them from many diseases. Chance to get infected increases many times if the immune system is weakened due to prolonged antibiotic treatment and chronic diseases.

It is very dangerous infection of salmonellosis in children of younger age, so it is not recommended to include in the diet of raw eggs kiddies under 3 years old.

Many parents give to their children sawn raw eggs and not even know if quail carriers of Salmonella. No need to risk the health and life of the baby. To strengthen the immune system can not only raw quail eggs, but seasonal vegetables and fruits. Harm from fresh plant products will be much less.