Diet for salmonellosis in children and adults

Most often the infection is transmitted through food – meat, eggs, because the agent is attacking Pets. There is also a risk of infection through everyday life, through drinking water. Upon detection of a modified food – unusual color, musty smell, the food must be destroyed, the dishes sanitized. All contact people should be required to pass the examination.

Symptoms severe, depending on the stage of the disease and forms of occurrence. In any case, observed:

  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • fever;
  • the increase in temperature.

Infectious agents carried by human body using blood and lymph. May experience different types of this disease:

  • typhoid salmonellosis;
  • meningeal;
  • gastrointestinal;
  • septic.

Food for Salmonella

When the diagnosis "a salmonellosis" treatment is usually carried out in hospital. People suspected of infection undergo a thorough examination and diagnosis. In order to get rid of the infection, you must strictly adhere to medical advice, to undergo a comprehensive treatment.

Diet for salmonellosis plays a huge role in the treatment and at the stage of recovery, so all recommendations must be treated strictly. It is worth remembering that the infection is quite serious and dangerous, with insufficient and incorrect treatment could face complete or partial loss of function and even death.

In cases must follow a diet number 4, which specifically excludes refractory fats, dairy products and food, irritating the gastrointestinal tract. Fasting is absolutely contraindicated!

Diet for adults and children

Diet for salmonellosis in adults is a therapeutic table No. 4. Proteins in this diet should contain normal, carbohydrates and fats – the minimum number. Important variety, since this type of food table scarce. Gradually, the diet of the patient should be expanded, introduced permitted foods.

Important and way of cooking is completely eliminated fried, maybe steaming, baking, boiling. Diet for salmonellosis in children differs little from the adult diet. Similarly, the observed fractional power is allowed to eat 5-6 times a day small portions. Food should be either in liquid form or finely ground.

Diet for salmonellosis in adults and children should contain enough liquid, as in the first days of the disease severe dehydration. You can drink clean mineral water without gas, allowed the decoctions of medicinal herbs.

If the patient feels very ill and is in the acute phase of infection, from foods should be discarded altogether. After two or three days you go to a sparing diet.

Nutrition after illness

Diet after salmonellosis in adults and children also differs a little:

  1. The emphasis should be on vegetables – potatoes, carrots.
  2. Allowed fruits: watermelons, blueberries, bananas.
  3. You also need to eat dairy products, because it is a source of bacteria for the gastrointestinal tract. You can eat child and adult low-fat yogurt, kefir.

It is very important during this period to normalize the intestinal flora, which is damaged by infection. While it is not normal to typical diet to go absolutely not!

When the relative normalization of the diet after salmonellosis in children and adults should include cereals – rice, buckwheat, semolina. To prepare them you only need water.

Allowed eating lean meat and fish, steamed. During this period, the body must get enough protein, so to completely abandon meat products is impossible.

What to exclude: fresh bread, pastries, pastries, desserts. All of these products will not bring any benefit to the body. If no bread is indispensable, allowed the eating of crackers. All bakery products must be dried, fresh muffin prohibited, it can cause serious complications, deterioration of health and slow down recovery.

Is to eat sufficient fruits raw and the vegetables boiled. Special emphasis is put on green apples, carrots, lemons, bananas. All food must be sufficiently pulverized and have the form of puree or soup.

What products should be discontinued

Diet for salmonellosis in adults and children should completely eliminate foods with high sugar content:

  • grapes;
  • oranges;
  • sauerkraut;
  • beets;
  • pear;
  • radishes;
  • plum.

All these foods irritate the intestines and promote restoration of the microflora. Exclude any foods with rough fiber, which is difficult to digest – all kinds of legumes and soy.

Cereals after treatment you can eat, but only certain types of grains. Completely should abandon oat cereal, as this product increases peristalsis. Completely forbidden during the recovery period the fast food products and semi-finished products,fatty meat, fresh milk, sweets.

Some of the features of the diet of children after the disease

The child's body more susceptible to various infections and it is difficult to restore after the disease. It is therefore important to know some nutrition children with this infectious disease.

When the diet of children as well as adults, it is important to observe the correct balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proteins are normal, fats and carbohydrates are minimized. Cooking steamed or boiled, salt is excluded, because it causes more dehydration child's body.

Diet begins gradually.

First day of fasting is allowed only liquid is water, teas or herbal teas. If you are planning the treatment the popular methods – using herbs, be sure to consult your doctor! After gradually introduced other dishes. Once the baby starts to feel better, gradually transferred to the healing table 4B. The principle of such a table in the presence of certain prohibited foods allowed milk, is prohibited vegetables (e.g., pumpkin). On this diet the baby is about a month. After, depending on General condition, he was transferred to the next table – 4B. Here you can eat eggs, dairy products, grapes, cabbage. But, of course, everything in moderation is boiled or steamed. When dieting 4B, the food is not ground up, but just a little crushed. Thus, the body of the child and its digestive tract is prepared gradually to a normal diet.

For adults, you can not make such smooth transitions, but it all depends on the type of infection and condition of the patient. The decision to switch from diet to diet and other therapies should only take a doctor, self-medication is dangerous.

Time diet

Salmonellosis is a serious disease that affects the gastrointestinal tract of man. Even in the recovery period after the illness should follow a certain diet because you want to fully normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Diet period when salmonellosis will depend on many parameters, first of all, this type of infection, General condition of the patient, age, features of the flow. Usually in children, the disease is more difficult, there are various kinds of complications, so the transition to a normal diet should be carried out smoothly. Should gradually introduce new products, not to forget the fractional power and grinding food.

It is important to drink plenty of fluids during and after illness. Salmonellosis is characterized by a strong dehydration, therefore, in the early stages, you must drink at least 2-3 liters of clean water. After allowed decoctions of herbs, weak tea, stewed fruit and dried fruit. All purpose, advice on nutrition should be given only by a doctor. Following the basic requirements and recommendations you can get rid of the disease with the most minimal risk.

With proper and timely treatment, compliance with bed rest and nutritional recovery occurs soon, and the risk of complications and re-remission is minimized. Remember that any disease is easier to prevent, than after to do a difficult treatment. Correctly handle food and carefully check it before cooking.