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The incubation period of salmonellosis in children and adults

Salmonellosis is a common infectious disease, which stands out among other intestinal infections the severity of. The reason for the prevalence is that it is possible to get sick when consuming foods that contain pathogenic coli, and water. When coli Salmonella gets into the water and food in the store, it is threatening disease a wide range of people. The incubation period for salmonellosis ranges from several hours to weeks. Most often the Salmonella lives and reproduces on meat products, eggs, oil and dairy products. To suspect that food or water is contaminated, it is impossible, they don't change their odor, color and taste.

How do you get

Forms of salmonellosis are different, but most often the disease occurs in the intestinal form. You can become infected several ways contact-household through food and through drinking water. The primary sources of the disease become domestic animals – pigs, cows and poultry on the farm. In addition, carriers have become doves and sparrows, which leaves infected with the pathogen of litter in public places.

The source of infection may be poorly handled by the medical instrument, poorly washed kitchen utensils and other items that contact with the pathogenic Bacillus. In the summer months, the infection often occurs after swimming in different water bodies.

In young children salmonellosis is diagnosed quite frequently, due to the fact that they often chew on hands. Small children touching handrails on public transport, display cases in retail chains and benches in the squares, and then dirty hands take it in her mouth. When this is swallowed by the mass of different pathogenic microorganisms, amongst them may be Salmonella.

Younger children may catch Salmonella together with toys that come from outside. Therefore, it is important to wash often and wash all of baby's toys, especially the ones he goes for a walk.

The incubation period of the disease in adults

Any infectious disease starts from the incubation period. This is the time between infection with pathogenic microorganisms and the appearance of the first symptoms. Doctors call this period of the disease is hidden, or latent. When salmonellosis incubation period is variable and ranges from 8 hours to 3 days. However, sometimes there are cases that the latent period lasts up to a week, and only after that the first signs of infection.

The duration of the incubation period an adult depends on the genetic characteristics of the organism and overall health.

The incubation period of the disease in children

In children the incubation period for salmonellosis is usually up to three to four days. At this time, the main thing is not to miss the beginning of the disease, to avoid dangerous consequences. To alert parents should the following changes – increased the child tearfulness, anxiety, repeated diarrhea during the day and poor sleep. The severity of the disease in children of all ages depends on the state of the immune system and the presence of chronic disease.

If a young child is noticeably changing behavior is suspicious symptoms, it to immediately show the pediatrician. Only a doctor can properly diagnose and prescribe adequate treatment.

It is not necessary to self-medicate and to give the baby drugs antibiotic group. Coli Salmonella resistant to multiple antibiotics, to choose the right medicine it is possible only on the basis of the analyses.

Main symptoms of the disease

After the incubation period results in unpleasant symptoms that are often similar to typical food poisoning. This can be a misconception how the sick person and relatives who will try to alleviate the signs of intoxication. Because of this similarity of symptoms the time period between diagnosis and start of treatment is greatly increased. Cheerleaders need such specific manifestations of the disease:

  • Paroxysmal pain in the abdomen, which is very difficult to endure.
  • Retching, and then uncontrollable vomiting. Empty stomach, the patient may vomit bile, which is accompanied by sharp abdominal pain.
  • Acute headache, severe weakness, low blood pressure and fainting.
  • The pulse is much quickened.
  • Profuse diarrhea with foam, with full bowel movement, there are false desires.
  • Urination is no more than 4 hours.
  • A lack of appetite as an adult and a child. In contact with food or water in the stomach felt the cutting pain;
  • The temperature increase, sometimes to very high marks. The aching bones and chills.
  • Can increase the spleen and liver, as determined by palpation.

In the most severe conditions people are greatly weakened, might be unconscious or delirious. Skin color becomes cyanotic, due to dehydration.

If you notice these symptoms, do not delay, an urgent need to call an ambulance or bring the patient on their own in the hospital. It is vital to quickly show the doctor a small child, as dehydration can lead to irreversibleprocesses in the immature organism.

Diagnosis of salmonellosis

To correct diagnosis use different laboratory techniques:

  • bacteriological culture of fecal and vomit;
  • bacteriological analysis of blood;
  • if the incubation period is not over, it is possible to do enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

Basically, these laboratory studies is enough to determine the specified diagnosis and to start treatment.

Treatment of salmonellosis

The earlier treatment is started the better the prognosis for the patient, the sooner the recovery begins. Treatment for this infection only comprehensive. It consists of various medications and procedures:

  • Wash out the stomach and intestines, then give the patient the sorbents.
  • When the unbearable sharp pains in my stomach prescribe antispasmodics.
  • Appoint Salmonella bacteriophages.
  • Always be imposed enzymes such as Mezim, festal, Kreon or;
  • When severe diarrhea the patient is given anti-diarrhoeal remedies.
  • Throughout the disease should be abundant drinking regime. In case of dehydration intravenous glucose and saline.

Antibacterial drugs for treatment of salmonellosis are prescribed only in very severe cases and only after the tests on the susceptibility of the pathogen.

Preventive measures

To prevent infection with salmonellosis, it is necessary to follow certain rules. First and foremost – wash your hands frequently, especially after using the toilet and streets. In addition, the need to avoid concentrations of domestic or wild birds. Meat products are prepared with careful observance of technology of cooking and do not eat raw eggs.

The latent period of the disease lasts very long, and then salmonellosis manifests itself fully. To treat the disease need only under the supervision of an infectious disease physician, otherwise you can earn serious diseases that have to be treated more than one month. If there is a patient with salmonellosis, the rules of hygiene must be observed especially strictly.