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How many days persistent fever in rotavirus infections

Rotavirus occurs with vomiting, diarrhea and fever. All these States are very difficult tolerated by both children and adults. It's hard to say exactly how much temperature during rotavirus infection, most often it depends on the overall state of health, presence of chronic diseases and genetic predisposition. At this time it is advisable to stay in bed, because the body is very weak.

A transfer method

The virus is easily transmitted from one infected person to a healthy through everyday life. In addition, you can become infected through food, which fell on the pathogen. Small children are most often infected in children's institutions, as well as from diseased parents.

It is worth remembering that rotavirus is very hardy. Exciter can long live in drinking water and foods. Particularly well propagated the virus in milk products. That is why in the period of outbreak of the disease in a child the diet should be limited to yogurt, cheese and yogurt. At this time, the milk must long to boil before use.

Once in the body of a child or adult, the pathogen affects mainly the gastrointestinal tract. Especially affects the mucous membrane of the small intestine, the normal process of digestion is disturbed, and manifest the main symptoms of the disease.

The virus infects the respiratory tract, so infection can occur if a sick man sneezes.

The stage of the disease

High temperature during rotavirus infection in children is from the very first day. All the doctors there are three stages of disease:

  • The incubation period can last from days to weeks. It all depends on the immune system. Most often, the incubation period is about 3 days;
  • Acute phase – lasts three to eight days. At this time the patient's condition is very bad, there is a General weakness, all the symptoms are especially pronounced;
  • The recovery period continues up to 5 days. At this time the acute symptoms are subsiding. May be disrupted appetite and feels General weakness.

During the incubation period a person does not feel symptoms, but the infection is already in the intestines. Man without realizing it is a carrier of the bacilli.

After the disappearance of all symptoms of the disease man is the carrier of the virus for about 10 days.

Symptoms of rotavirus infection

Vomiting and diarrhea in rotavirus infections are observed in the acute period. The patient is constantly nauseous, you experience the urge to defecate. Stool watery, they have foam and slime, in addition, may be blood-tinged blotches. Infectious disease of the intestine is distinguished by the fetid smell of faeces.

The high temperature of the child when rotavirus can stay more than 5 days. The clinical picture of the disease in young children is almost always identical. Since the morning the baby becomes ill, he complained of acute abdominal pain, General malaise and poor appetite. The child becomes irritable, pale and whiny. If you listen, you can hear the bubbling in the tummy crumbs.

Most often, rotavirus affects children from one to six years.

Thereafter, the diarrhea characteristic yellow color. Further retching become more frequent, pain in the stomach and abdomen are aggravated. By night the body temperature of a sick child reaches 39 degrees. Hyperthermia rather stable nature. The temperature does not go astray to reduce it is sometimes necessary to resort to intramuscular and intravenous injections. With high temperature the body tries to cope with a pathogen, which perishes already at 38 degrees.

To say exactly how long will the temperature of the rotavirus in a child, it is difficult, in some cases, these values are normalized in a day and sometimes painful condition lasts for several days. The sooner the parents had the child the right help, the sooner he will recover.

Body temperature can be very high during dehydration, therefore it is necessary to unsolder the baby.

First aid to the patient with rotavirus

Specific medicines that are able to quickly cure rotavirus infection does not yet exist. Therefore, the treatment of this disease is only symptomatic, aimed at addressing the main symptoms and facilitating the patient's General condition of a person. The first help to define these points:

  • The patient is constantly otpaivat small portions of water. Intake of fluid is the key to a quick recovery. You need to remember that for long-term loose stools and vomiting may be dehydrated.
  • Ill give the man the adsorbents are in the house. These medicines well absorb toxic substances and pathogenic microorganisms, and then gently remove them naturally.

Activated carbon it is desirable to use only as first aid, as it is not characterized by selective activity. For long-term use it is better to use enterosgel.

  • If the body temperature is greatly elevated, it is necessary to give antipyretic drug. When rotavirus the temperature is very hard to break, soparacetamol does not always help. In this case it is better to give Nurofen in therapeutic dosage, which corresponds to the age.

Regardless of the age of the patient must call the doctor, since the symptoms of rotavirus is very similar to salmonellosis and dysentery. Only a qualified doctor can properly diagnose and give important recommendations.

Sometimes rotavirus occurs unusually hard, in this case, the treatment is carried out only in a hospital.

What not to do when rotavirus

So recovery is not delayed, it is important to respect certain conditions:

  1. Patients should not be forced to eat, he should eat only when there is appetite. Portions should be small and consist of easily digestible foods.
  2. You can not restrict the patient to drink. To replenish lost fluid the patient should frequently drink, the volume of the drink must be an adult at least 3 liters per day, for a child of younger age to one and a half liters.
  3. Strictly forbidden to give no prescription antibiotics, antibacterial agents, antiemetic or antidiarrheal drugs.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to leave the patient in the acute phase of illness one even for a few minutes. The person may choke on vomit.

Very often, after rotavirus infection stomach hurts, in this case, you can take Nospanum in the age dosage.

Everyone once in a lifetime encounter with rotavirus infections. This disease always occurs with high fever, which bad strays. The acute phase of illness can last up to five days.