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Recovery from rotavirus infection in children and adults

The disease has several names: rotavirus gastroenteritis, stomach or intestinal flu, rotavirus infection. Is bacterial in nature. Stomach hurts after rotavirus in a child because of bacteria. The incubation period lasts up to 5 days. Adult or child who contracted the disease is considered to be a vector of infection throughout the period from the moment of infection until complete recovery. The duration of the disease depends on the age and abilities of the body. Adults generally easier recovery with proper treatment they reach their seventh day.

How is the disease

Despite the fact that rotavirus is considered to be an intestinal infection, it begins to affect the human organism from the upper respiratory tract. Occurs more frequently in children under 5 years. It was during this period the immune system is easily exposed to the virus, so the children suffer the disease more often than adults. Rotavirus affects the mucous membranes of the intestine, stomach and duodenum, causing disorder and dehydration.

The virus enters the body of the child, maybe for the first 5 days (the incubation period) does not manifest itself. After the stage of exacerbation and during this period begin to show the first signs. The child begins to worry, cry without, at first glance, causes. Particularly bad happen to him in the first day.

Together with the stool out disease, so cases considered to be a vector of infection for all members of the family and others.

It lasts for weeks and only after this period it ceases to be contagious. After treatment you need to recover after rotavirus infection in children. Only then the child can go to school or kindergarten, but on the condition that he not relapse.

Symptoms of intestinal flu in adults

An adult person carries the disease much easier. His symptoms were not so clearly expressed. In some cases, the disease generally is not expressed by any signs. In the adult the disease can be recognized by the following symptoms:

  • lack of appetite;
  • stomach aches;
  • diarrhea;
  • light feces, frothy and rich with the presence of undigested food, a sharp and acidic odor.

Vomiting in an adult is often non-existent. As you can see, the symptoms of intestinal flu can be easily confused with the traditional poisoning. It is therefore very important to understand the causes of these symptoms and if the diagnosis confirms the presence of infection in question, it is very important to know how to treat the disease, more importantly, how to recover from rotavirus.

It's food poisoning lasts no longer than three days, rotavirus infection before five days and sometimes up to eight.

Rotavirus in children

Signs of illness in children are pronounced, and from the first days of the disease:

  • the child does not eat anything;
  • he has been vomiting;
  • the child lethargic, drowsy, restless, not want to walk
  • observed a rash on the skin;
  • stool changes consistency and color: the first day of yellow and liquid, the second and subsequent yellow-gray .

You may experience redness of the throat, runny nose, high temperature and hitting her very difficult.

Very young children, unlike adults, can not explain what is bothering them, so be overly nervous and whiny. A clear sign of the presence of rotavirus can be considered as rumbling in the stomach and lethargy. Children up to years old at this point pressed against his legs and much crying.

Features of treatment of a patient with rotavirus infection

Patients with pronounced symptoms being treated in hospital. In the case when the disease is not severe, the patient can be treated on an outpatient basis, but under strict supervision of doctors. Therapy involves the administration of antibacterial drugs because the rotavirus insensitive to antibiotics. Their doctor does not appoint because antibiotics are considered broad-spectrum preparations, moreover, that kill pathogenic bacteria, also destroy beneficial intestinal flora. All this leads to disturbances in the immune system and rapid spread of the virus.

Antibacterial medications are assigned only in cases when the infection occurred against the backdrop of a bacterial infection, for example, when there is the child coughing after rotavirus.

Elimination of toxins

To this end, patients diagnosed with stomach flu, prescribed:

  1. Smectite. For children in the first 3 days, take 4, then 2 bags a day. The therapeutic course is 5-17 days. The composition of sachet diluted in 0.5 cups of water. Adult – up to 6 sachets a day. The duration of treatment is 5-7 days.
  2. Enterosgel. Children tablespoon three times a day. Make the product it 60 minutes before meals, drinking plenty of fluids. Adults 1.5 h, L. also three times a day before meals.

Useful to take, and activated carbon. The drug cleans the body of pathogens and toxins.

Restore intestinal flora after rotavirus infection

To restore the natural microflora of the patient are assigned to the maxilac, Bifidumbacterin, Linex. Supplementation is indicated whenthe acute phase of the disease has passed.

To restore the intestinal microflora the time necessary to recover did not develop goiter.


Belongs to the group of combined drugs. The product includes Pro - and prebiotics. Shown to children and adults. Helps in cases where there is, for example, constipation in a child. Available in sachets, the contents of easily soluble in water. To take it twice a day on the bag for 14 days.


Available in the form of capsules or powder. Contains beneficial bifidobacteria. Children are shown to take a sachet or capsule three times a day, adults the dose is doubled. Capsules need to be swallowed whole with water. Powder diluted in liquid and taken with food.


Consists of lactic acid bacteria, well restores the natural microflora in the gut, helps in cases when the child is not pooping, or, on the contrary, he has diarrhea. Children should take on capsule three times a day, adults – two capsules and also three times a day.

What kind of doctor treats intestinal flu

To set their own treatment and to choose medications is prohibited. This should be done by a pediatrician for children, a district physician for adults (in milder forms of flow). In fact, the disease cures infectious disease and gastroenterologist. After the main treatment should undergo a course of recovery. This period should consult a nutritionist.

Diet and its role in the treatment of rotavirus infection

Diet after rotavirus helps to restore the gut:

  1. Exclusion from the diet of milk and milk dishes, except the parent, if the child is too small. To replace it with plain water or herbal teas. Mint - to eliminate nausea with ginger - if stomach hurts after rotavirus in children.
  2. Meals should be light and useful, for example: soups, broths, mashed potatoes, juices of vegetables. If the child is on the mend, menu, enter yoghurt to restore intestinal flora.
  3. Adults should stick to a diet №4. It includes the consumption of crackers from white bread, fish, soups, cooked with water, semolina and rice porridge. Salt need not to exclude at the time of treatment.
  4. Recommended drink: plain water, herbal teas and teas with black currant or raspberry, cocoa, milk and water.
  5. After the reduction of diarrhea, when will the child rash after rotavirus, can in the diet include vegetable dishes, soups, seasonal fruits, vegetables and berries.
  6. For the period of therapy is necessary to completely refuse from barley and barley cereals, cabbage (cabbage), pasta, garlic, smoked meats, pickles, onions, fatty foods, carbonated drinks, hot spices, coffee.

Preventive measures

Primarily to process flat a disinfectant, strictly observe personal hygiene, wash hands:

  • before meals and after;
  • before the visit to the toilet and after it;
  • upon returning home from the street.

In addition to hygiene, it is necessary to monitor the freshness, purity and quality of food – apples, for instance, not to wipe and to wash. Processing toys, if you have multiple children and one of them got sick.

Dairy products to buy fresh in stores, not at natural points.

Is it possible re-infection with virus

You can become infected after recovery and repeatedly. Most infected children. Then, as they grow older, their gastrointestinal tract is more resistant to bacteria. Therefore, adults get sick much less than children. However, a lot depends on the reserve force of the organism, the individual characteristics of the digestive system.

Vaccination against rotavirus

Effective and appropriate method of prophylaxis against rotavirus – vaccination. In children with vaccine produces strong immunity to the virus. Vaccination is carried out in two stages with an interval of 4 weeks. Available in drip form, administered orally under the supervision of a physician.

The rotavirus vaccine can be combined with other vaccinations (closest at the plan). It does not effect on the performance of other medications, and therefore cannot be the cause of side effects.

There are a number of contraindications to vaccination:

  1. Allergic reaction (rash) after the first dose.
  2. Intussusception of the intestine.
  3. Defects in the development of the intestine.

The vaccine is well tolerated in children, no side effects, except for individual intolerance of the drug. Vaccination is not considered an absolute defense, but its effectiveness for a long period of time remains high.