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Prevention of rotavirus infections by the sea in children

Rotavirus periodically hurts all over. This infection is able to affect both adults and children, but most often her sick kids at a younger age. Especially dangerous if the disease develops on vacation, at that time medical assistance can be provided late and incomplete. The prevention of rotavirus infections by the sea in children of interest to many parents, because it affects how the child's health and relaxation the whole family. To prevent the disease, often enough to observe elementary rules of hygiene.

The mechanism of occurrence of the disease

Rotavirus is a disease of viral nature, which mainly affects the digestive organs. Causes this disease is a virus that is very similar to the form of the wheel. It is from the Latin rota wheel and gave the name, not from the word of mouth as many people think. Rotavirus is quite tenacious, it can a long time to live outside of the human body:

  • up to six months on the interior;
  • up to a month on the surface of vegetables and fruits;
  • up to two months in tap water.

A sick person is considered a distribution of rotavirus until then while completely will not recover. After the disappearance of all symptoms some time a person is considered contagious.

To be infected with rotavirus in various ways, the most common of which are:

  1. Via infected water, often in contact with a mouthful of water from open water when bathing.
  2. Through contaminated food.
  3. Through unwashed hands from an infected person to a healthy one.

The last option is considered the most common. The virus can live on dirty hands up to 4 hours, even if at this time, the baby will not pull the handle in his mouth, he will have time to leave the causative agent in many items from toys to furniture.

The most frequent rotavirus sick little kids. This is due to immature immune systems and habit to pull everything into his mouth.

Why the sea high risk of infection

The most ideal environment for life and reproduction of many viruses is considered warm water. In the warm period, the sea warms up very well, especially near the shore, where usually bathe the kids. The beaches are quite crowded, and some adults don't even know that they are carriers of rotavirus, as this disease takes them very quietly. Risk of infection in this case increases many times.

In addition, the pathogen can accumulate in the vents of the boarding house, and then posted the numbers of tourists. To avoid rotavirus at sea, is to adhere to certain rules.

The danger of rotavirus is that dehydration sets in very quickly. This in turn leads to impaired brain function and kidney failure.

The need to drink the water proven

The main rule that helps to avoid the threat of rotavirus infection on sea says: you need to drink only purified and tested the water. In the warm season water environment is ideal for multiplication of viruses and bacteria, so it is important to help your toddler drink only clean and boiled water. Preventive measures in this direction can be divided into:

  1. Water from the tap is carefully filtered, then necessarily boil.
  2. Store boiled water in closed containers no more than 4 hours, after this period, the water is literally teeming with different germs and viruses.
  3. It is very important to choose the right container for storing water. The neck should not be too narrow, so that the container can be rinsed, before pouring a fresh portion of water.
  4. Pour clean water into a container of milk is not recommended, such bottles cannot be fully wash, so this could be a source of infection.
  5. It is advisable to drink only tested water, sold through the trade network, water from the tap requires a thorough cleaning.

In the summer the kids drink a lot and often, you must make sure that they always had on hand a bottle of fresh water.

It is strictly forbidden to give children water from wells, springs and other dubious sources.

The importance of proper nutrition

To prevent rotavirus of the sea will help the right diet. In the summer the food products to deteriorate very quickly without compliance with appropriate retention rules. Sometimes it happens quite imperceptibly, without changing the taste and smell of the products. Adults must carefully monitor not only the shelf life of all products, but also the correctness of its storage.

In addition, all kids love to enjoy summer berries straight from the Bush or vegetables plucked directly from the garden. In this case, the plant products need a more thorough treatment than that which is restricted by most parents. Not to spoil the holiday to you and your baby, you must observe the following rules:

  • When buying you need to look at the shelf life of food products. If the date is already coming to an end, such products it is better not to buy children. Any perishable meat or dairy products to buy close to home, so they are not hot during delivery.
  • You can't buy your kids food on the beach or natural markets, which are just full of recreational areas. Nobody knows how it hurts the seller and observethe conditions of storage of products.
  • Food should be prepared at once to eat. If cooked more food, store leftovers in a glass or enamel container not more than 6 hours in the refrigerator.
  • Milk after you purchase definitely need to boil. An exception may be only products in Tetra Pak cartons, which has gone through many stages of processing.
  • Dairy products in open containers to store not desirable even in the refrigerator. Very quickly it accumulates pathogens.

The remains of sour cream or other dairy products placed in a clean glass jar with a sweaty glass lid, which is then put in the fridge.

  • In the summer it is not recommended to buy and eat cakes with oil and protein creams, and any product with a stuffing from meat, as it is a very good environment for rotavirus.
  • Fruits and vegetables from the suburban area thoroughly washed under running water, if necessary using a brush. After washing the vegetation you need to rinse with boiling water.
  • All berries must first be rinsed under running water, then drain in a colander and pour over boiling water.

For children in the rest period it is important to use only natural and healthy products. Portions should be small, to stomach effortlessly able to digest products. Fed babies have 5 times a day.

It is strictly forbidden to give children raw eggs and any products of them, such as protein cream or eggnog.

Clean the guarantee of health

Prevention of rotavirus disease in children of the sea includes careful hygiene. Clean pens, clean the toys, furniture, linen and other things used by the child is the main key to success in the protection against rotavirus. With great attention adults need to treat these important guidelines:

  • The child should frequently wash hands with soap before eating, after toilet, after the street and after a swim in the sea.
  • The fingernails of the baby should be cut very short to keep going dirt. This will help prevent not only a rotavirus, but also to avoid worm infestation.
  • Parents need to wean young children from bad habits. The baby should not suck fingers or bite nails.
  • Wet cleaning in the home should be carried out every day. The hotels in this closely watched, but if the rest takes place in a boarding house middle level, then to monitor the cleanliness of the accommodation needs parents.
  • Toilet, sink, potty and shower stall should be washed frequently using a disinfectant.
  • Toys are washed periodically in hot water with the addition of soap. Soft toys should be washed or brush dipped in soapy water with a sponge.

At sea it is desirable to take those toys, which can be easily washed. If your baby took a beloved stuffed Bunny, you must make sure that the toy was clean.

  • The dishes, from which eats a small child, thoroughly washed in running water and several times a month to boil.

Preventive measures to prevent rotavirus infection, a lot, but to execute them is not difficult. Such precautions parents and the child must comply not only with the rest of the sea, but also in everyday life. Only in this case we can forget about such trouble, as the rotavirus. Observing the above preventive rules you can make a vacation memorable and enjoyable.