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How to stop vomiting when rotavirus the child at home

Rotavirus is the most prone small children when their age is less than 10 years. Vomiting due to intestinal infection is fraught with little dehydration of the body, as well as other serious complications. Therefore, every parent should know, what actions should be taken to first aid.

Before how to stop vomiting when rotavirus the child at home, is to ensure that the condition is not critical, do not pose a threat to human health. Also, experts do not recommend giving any medication to Chad pediatrician.


Intestinal infection early in its development, has symptoms similar to other viral illnesses. Finally to diagnose rotavirus can only be a qualified specialist with the tests a little patient.

In most cases, are experiencing severe diarrhea in a child under 2 years of age is diagnosed with this disease.

What symptoms should pay attention:

  • complaints of pain in the lower abdomen, the baby will knock the legs;
  • exhausting diarrhea with great quantity of water in the stool;
  • cause nausea, multiple vomiting;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • symptoms of intoxication (weakness, lethargy, refusal to eat, crying);
  • signs of dehydration (dry mouth, pale skin, tongue coating);
  • cramps;
  • fainting, loss of consciousness.

The presence of the above symptoms in a young child almost always indicates infection intestinal infection. In this case, the actions of the parents needs to be immediate as vomiting severely dehydrates and exhausts the body. Procrastination in this situation is fraught with serious health problems, in severe cases, there is a risk of death.

When should I stop vomiting

When vomiting due to rotavirus in a child does not pass within a few hours and there is a General degradation, measures should be taken at her stop. It is worth to observe the health of the child, if necessary, to provide immediate assistance.

When intervention is required:

  • the baby starts to vomit profusely, more than a tablespoon at a time;
  • observed the mucus yellow or brown shade, streaks of blood;
  • child completely refuses to eat;
  • pale skin;
  • there are signs of dehydration;
  • toddler complains of severe pain in the abdomen;
  • observed cold extremities.

If you have the above signs, you should urgently give first aid to ease the victim's condition, and immediately call an ambulance medical team.

Rules stop vomiting

To stop vomiting during rotavirus infection, you should use defined rules. Actions must be deliberate, because sometimes the parents, instead of helping could further damage the health. If possible, it is better to discuss all procedures with your doctor. This will help to significantly reduce the risk of complications.

In infants

As a rule, to eliminate symptoms in infants, almost any medical action to take. Parents can only prevent the effects of all involving vomiting factors. This will help to alleviate the condition of the crumbs before the arrival of the doctor.

What you can do at home:

  1. You should not shake the baby, especially after a meal, don't put it on the belly. Recommended for a long time after the meal to keep baby upright at least 20-30 minutes.
  2. If a gag reflex is observed after feeding, you need to ensure that the baby was overfed.
  3. To bring down the temperature allowed when it exceeded the mark of 38 degrees. For this you need to clear the crumbs from clothes and diapers. You can wipe it off with room temperature water as often as possible to give the Breasts or excessive drinking, if artificial feeding is practised.

Nothing more to do. It is not recommended to try to wash out the stomach, it is prohibited to give any medications without prior consultation. If there is copious vomiting with blood are shown as soon as possible to hospitalize the child to the hospital.

In children after a year

If a kid can explain what was bothering him, to remove the cause of sickness will be much easier. This kid will not be capricious, it will show on the tummy or will cry before eating. After the parents will analyze the situation and make a conclusion about the condition of their child, should take measures to improve health.

What needs to be done in this case:

  1. Parents should not panic, as they fear will quickly be passed on, then the nausea will only worsen.
  2. If the gag reflex, the kid has to take a vertical position. Is to hug him and sit on his knees, it will help to calm down.
  3. To give to drink plenty of warm fluids, especially juice or tea with lemon.
  4. To eliminate intoxication to drink permitted a doctor the drug (e.g., smectite or activated carbon).
  5. To bring down a high temperature, shows preparations in the form of suppositories, because the tabletscan go out with the first attack of vomiting.

You should not force the child to eat, consumption of large amounts of warm fluids in the first day will be enough. If the condition begins to deteriorate, retching disturbed for several hours, the skin is pale or the baby loses consciousness, there is an urgent need to call the ambulance, because such symptoms require a full examination.

Traditional treatments

Traditional medicine has in its Arsenal a few prescriptions that help stop the vomiting and reduce the occurrence of retching. Typically, this warm drink – weak tea, herbal. Such methods are quite effective, if the clinical picture is weak, lethargic symptoms, vomiting is not debilitating.

If there are no contraindications, the baby can be given a tea of the following herbs:

  • mint;
  • Valerian root;
  • chamomile;
  • Melissa;
  • the ginger root.

The broth is made only from a single plant, it is not forbidden to add lime, wild rose or lemon. In the absence of Allergy instead of sugar should be mixed in tea, half a teaspoon of honey.

If the vomit contains streaks of blood, or color of coffee grounds, anything warm to drink it is impossible. It is recommended that only cold, but not icy drink. Before the arrival of the pediatrician must be put on the abdomen of the victim with the ice, pre-wrapped in cloth.

What else can help from vomiting:

  1. Dill water is given to a tablespoon every hour.
  2. Green tea before brewing is necessary to wash once.
  3. Compliance with bed rest.

When vomiting will stop, some time it is necessary to observe certain rules of nutrition. This will help to avoid a relapse, besides a weakened body is not ready to digest the heavy, multi-component dishes.

During the preparation of the menu should make the slope to the reception cereals, pureed vegetable soups, cooked in chicken broth, steamed food. It is useful to drink jelly, green tea, compote of dried fruits. After recovery you should enter into the diet of usual food gradually, to avoid fatty and fried foods.

If the child is on artificial feeding, in this period it is impossible to sharply change the mix, of course, unless she became a cause of severe vomiting. In case of feeding the crumbs chest, this diet should follow the nursing mother. It is necessary to exclude from the menu all heavy, gas-forming foods and those that can cause allergic reaction, thereby irritating the intestines.


To the child's condition has not deteriorated to critical levels, should pay attention to the slightest symptoms of intestinal infection. If you are experiencing symptoms pointing to the rotavirus, it is recommended to consult a doctor. He examines the little patient, and then advise the drugs which can be taken in a particular case, and will prescribe the necessary diet.

The sooner parents seek help, the less the risk of serious complications is fraught with health problems. Only the vigilant care of the child, timely responses to all the signals his body is able to prevent debilitating vomiting on the need for further hospitalization of the baby.