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Is it harmful to sleep a lot and what position is best to sleep

Modern man lives in a very brisk pace, so sometimes a normal sleep do not have time. When falls a weekend or a long awaited vacation starts, the person tries to make up for lost time and how to sleep. This leads to a violation of the day and the failure of the biological clock in the body. Not all people can answer, is it harmful to sleep a lot, and this is indeed a very interesting question to explore. After all, the overabundance of everything, even sleep, definitely can't carry benefits to the body.

What is the duration of sleep is the norm

What is the duration of vacation is the norm? There are people for which sleep five hours is sufficient, but some such a dream is not enough and you need ten to twelve hours. But a long daily sleep, as practice shows, can only hurt. It leads to metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, depression, headaches, back pain, obesity, the emergence and development of diabetes, and sometimes to reduced life expectancy.

Normal sleep for humans is the sleep duration of 7 to 8 hours daily. If this sleep everyday is not enough, it is a symptom of disease of the human body.

Moreover, the scientists found that lack of sleep not as a negative influence on human health, an excessthat can be dangerous and can even reduce life expectancy. So, researchers in the field of medicine, it was determined that people who sleep every day from seven to eight hours of typical life expectancy by 10-15% more than people who lie in bed more than eight hours.

Causes of excessive sleepiness

Hypersomnia may be a consequence of the following reasons and ailments of the human body:

  • People engaged in physical labor, lead an active lifestyle or in the course of the week was a day with not enough sleep.
  • If you do not sleep at night and sleep during the day because of mode and schedule.
  • Seasonal drowsiness, when a person is not simply lack of light and heat in the periods of autumn and winter.
  • Increased sleepiness as a side effect resulting from the ingestion of some drugs.
  • A strong desire to sleep after an evening feast with the excessive consumption of alcohol.
  • By nature people love to luxuriate in bed on stomach and back or on any side.
  • The emergence and development of specific diseases, such as hypersomnia, sleep apnea, diabetes, and diseases associated with inflammation of the thyroid gland.
  • Cancers of the brain;
  • Traumatic brain injury causing post-traumatic hypersomnia.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Disorders of mental status.
  • Narcolepsy.
  • Somatic disease.

If the person suffered severe physical and psychological stress associated with the stresses, good and long rest period is not a hindrance, but rather health benefits.

However, if such an overload will be of frequent and regular, they will lead to depression and chronic fatigue, and eventually to the desire to sleep late.

In medicine used long sleep of the patient, the so-called method of artificial coma. During the course of treatment or after a serious injury provide the patient a long rest, to shield it from ambient influences, emotional experiences, so that the body launches its immune system and intensified the recovery process.

Unreasonable if a man is attracted to sleep, you need to urgently seek qualified medical help.

For regulating the quality and duration of sleep corresponds to a system including the cerebral cortex, subcortical, reticular and limbic areas. Disturbances in this system cause disease is hypersomnia.

Although there are times that a person sleeps a lot, not because of any illness or fatigue, and then a disease called idiopathic hypersomnia.

The harmful effects of prolonged rest

After conducting a number of studies both domestic and foreign scientific and medical staff, it was revealed the harmful effects of prolonged sleep more than nine hours, which is the following diseases and symptoms:

  • Diabetes mellitus and obesity. Lack of exercise leads to metabolic disorders and produce hormones, which is accompanied by weight gain. Also chronic sleep deprivation contributes to the development of diabetes;
  • Headache. This problem occurs in people who allow themselves to sleep so long on weekends and holidays, and if you sleep during the day, which may interfere with normal night sleep.
  • Pain in the spine. To sleep without a pillow is not always a justifiable way of dealing with curvature of the spine. Currently, doctors do not recommend passive lying, and more talking about an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Depression as a consequence of the continuous prolonged sleep.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system. The reason for the constant sleepy condition may be oxygen starvation atthe disruption of the heart.
  • Loss active lifestyle. Long sleep reduces vitality, increases passivity, reduces memory, attention and discipline.
  • The crisis of marriage. Long dream of one of the partners possible misunderstanding in the family.
  • Shorter life, as shown by numerous scientific studies.

We must remember that timely detection of the causes of sleepiness will help to quickly deal with emerging and developing diseases.

How to restore normal sleep

Prior to visiting a specialist to revise the routine of your day:

  1. To respect the day. You should go to bed and Wake up at the same time. It does not need to be afraid to sleep on my stomach.
  2. In bed you should not eat and watch TV.
  3. You need to play sports and do exercises in the morning, especially in the fresh air.
  4. Complex tasks need to plan for the first half of the day to in the second half to calmly go to the evening and bedtime.
  5. You should not go to bed on an empty stomach, but don't eat and only eat.
  6. You need to refrain from excessive drinking before going to bed.
  7. To stop taking alcohol before going to bed.
  8. Bed should be comfortable, with carefully chosen bed linen. The room should be quiet and comfortable.

If such events have not helped, to restore normal sleep, you must consult your doctor, who will conduct a full medical examination will reveal the cause of this condition and will prescribe the best course of treatment.