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Medicines and tablets for digestion and intestinal microflora

Pills for digestion – this medicinal drugs intended for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory processes of the digestive system. Cause diseases of such organs is to maintain an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle, regular exposure to stressful situations and incorrect, unbalanced diet with a quick bite.

Feature of medicines

To restore the normal bowel function of the patient, in addition to medications in pill form, of drug use in the form of rectal suppositories, powders, dragees, suspensions, mixtures, tinctures and drops. Also used various diet tools recipes of traditional medicine, and sometimes in extreme cases, by the physician, surgery.

You need to remember that therapy, medication drugs is assigned, if not shown or contraindicated surgical intervention.

Most drugs for the digestive tract is made in the form of tablets. If you need to restore microflora, the use of drugs to improve intestinal flora in the form of capsules, which have a less aggressive effect on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

To drink products for digestion should be strictly prescribed by a doctorwho examines a patient, prescribe treatment and determine the dosage and type of medication will prescribe the period of treatment. Assign a drug to the intestine should not be, as there is no completely safe means. This is especially true of antibiotics.

For the prevention and treatment of inflammatory processes of the digestive system prescribe the following types of drugs:

  • Anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Medicines that restore the internal microflora.
  • Antibiotics.
  • Medications from diarrhea, restoring normal bowel function.

Depending on the type of disease and its extent can be designated as quick-acting drugs, and weak-acting medicines. The choice of drug remains for the attending physician after examination of the patient and accurate diagnosis.

The cause of the disturbance in the bowel

The main reason of development of diseases of the digestive tract is considered to be the concentration in the colon of food residues and slag compounds, which are then transformed into fecal stones. These substances accumulate because of incomplete digestion and absorption intestine food.

If your diet is wrong and unhealthy way of life of the human digestive system fails. Part of the digested food lingers in the hollows, the folds and grooves of the gastrointestinal tract, while deposits interfere with the absorption of nutrients in the body and clog up the villi of the intestine. The result of the processes of fermentation and putrefaction with the release of toxic substances that poison the body by entering his bloodstream. Such processes and lead to various dangerous intestinal diseases.

Disease prevention

Bowel disease it is advisable to warn by means of preventative measures to cleanse. Such measures should be used under the following symptoms:

  • bad breath and painful tongue coating;
  • regular respiratory infections;
  • frequent bloating and constipation;
  • the absence of the chair for several days;
  • a General lethargic state, weakness, drowsiness and lack of sleep;
  • frequent headaches.

Every year people involved in the colon cleanse at home is becoming more. However, the procedure of cleansing has many contraindications, namely:

  • frequent diarrhea;
  • gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • inflammatory processes in the stomach and intestines;
  • cancer;
  • hypertension;
  • cardiac and renal failure;
  • an allergic reaction to the stimuli.

Preventive measures are not desirable in dental pain and systematic pain in womenin order not to complicate the General state of the organism.

To bring the state of your body back to normal, the bowel clean from slag inclusions should be carried out not less than once a month or even more often. The course must be agreed with your doctor.

If the condition of the body after the colon cleansing does not improve, that is slag and what is will continue to accumulate, you need to urgently come for a consultation with a doctor to begin drug therapy.

Diseases in violation of the bowel

If not to conduct or begin to conduct not timely preventive measures to prevent diseases of the intestine, there may be such States:

  • dysbiosis;
  • beriberi;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • cancer of the disease;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • hypertension;
  • allergic reactions.

Such diseases are accompanied by symptoms of:

  • depression;
  • the deterioration of sleep;
  • constant fatigue for no reason;
  • violation of metabolism, which is accompanied by increased body mass.

For the treatment of patients with various diseases of the intestine shows the assignment of medicines toherbal and chemical based.

To each specific disease to each individual patient the doctors treated individually. This is due to the fact that prescribed medicines are effective for specific body, for quick recovery of the patient's health.

Drugs for intestinal plant-based

Drugs in a natural plant-based are more gentle on the tissues and organs of the body, compared with medications chemical based.

The list of drugs on a natural basis and diseases that they treat, it is possible to present the following list:

  • At constant constipation, fissures, fistulas, hemorrhoids, and diverticula can be treated with drugs: "Anlant-Willow", "Gastrodon", "Diaras", "Premieres" or apples with gooseberries.
  • In colitis, inflamed large intestine with constipation, can be assigned to products: "Vita-iodine+", "Inliners", zucchini with carrots and cranberries with corn.
  • In chronic colitis, accompanied by diarrhea, can be treated with drugs: "Biozinc", "Diaras", "Immunolog" Forte, apples with blueberries or broth hips with a cherry.
  • At exacerbation of chronic ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease may be prescribed drugs: "Beta-carotene" in oil, vitamins C and E, "Astrofili", "Riyals" and "Salineros+6".
  • When severe internal bleeding can be assigned to products: "Bio-copper" probiotic "Evita", "Rial", and beets with celery and broth hips with a cherry.

These drugs act in a complex, simultaneously on all the available bowel disease.

Medicines for digestive chemical based

Drugs for intestinal microflora on the chemical basis of the disease and possible to allocate such a list:

  • The normalization of microflora can be achieved by the means: "Bifidumbacterin", "Duphalac", "Linex", "Primadophilus" (children), "Probifor", "hilak Forte" and "Enteral";
  • Purification is achieved by means of: activated carbon (the so-called black pills intestinal flora), "Lavaca", "Magnesia" and "Fortrans";
  • When spasm and pain may be prescribed medication: nosh-PA;

The course of treatment prescribed by the attending physician, must be long and complex. Along with the treatment of bowel need to clean it from food residues and slag compounds.

Rules of purification

If you group all of the existing methods of purgation, we can distinguish three varieties:

  1. The use of diet, traditional medicine.
  2. The restoration of healthy microflora.
  3. The use of enemas and sorbents.

To obtain good effect when cleaning is necessary to comply with the following rules:

  1. Stick to your diet.
  2. Drink plenty of clean drinking water, of not less than 2 liters per day.
  3. To take useful vitamin products in the diet should include veggies, fresh fruits and various herbs.
  4. It is advisable to take honey of different varieties.
  5. To limit in the diet of sweets, flour and fat.
  6. It is advisable to take a lot of seafood and lean meat.
  7. Meals a day divided into small portions 4-6 times a day, the sixth meal 2 hours before sleep.
  8. To monitor the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth.
  9. To protect against bacterial, fungal and infectious diseases.

The colon cleanse will be effective only if an integrated approach. If you take the cleansing procedure and at the same time to balance the power, the cleansing will be ineffective.

The use of fiber

The amount of fiber that a person receives during a meal, significantly affect the protective properties of the colon. Fiber improves immunity and reduces the degree of development of various diseases of the intestine until the destruction of tumor cells.

To provide the patient a daily dose of active substance required for normal functioning of the intestines, it is possible to take pills "Nutricon". This drug not has no nitrates, so there are almost no contraindications for use. You can also take medication: "Litovit" and "Litovit".

To restore the normal functioning of the digestive system, the doctor may prescribe a course of dietary supplements, so-called dietary Supplements.

The use of antibiotics

Every person in my life was take antibiotics to fight the difficult and dangerous diseases. But such drugs should not be misused in the treatment of diseases of the intestine, as they are aggressive act on the inner flora of the body.

The use of antibiotics is the last step in drug therapy, when without them it is simply not enough. These drugs should be taken only as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

To antibacterial drugs that are used to treat the gastrointestinal tract include the following medications:

  • Chloramphenicol: the most common drug for diarrhea in adults. Is a synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotic, has strong antibacterial action, which is designed to combatmany bacteria that are resistant to penicillin, tetracycline and sulfonamides. Chloramphenicol is effective against infections of the intestine.
  • Ftalazol: an antibiotic with a minimum content of toxic substances, used for treatment of intestinal pregnant women and nursing mothers. However, this property does not reduce the advantages of drug – decreased absorption into the bloodstream and purposeful action.
  • Ercefuryl: the Antidiarrhoeal agent, intestinal antiseptic used for increased activity of pathogens, it is relatively harmless and is almost not absorbed into the blood plasma. The drug is considered to be low toxic and begins its action directly in the intestine. The drug is indicated for use for infants.

Antibiotics are powerful and effective drugs, leading to normal digestive system. Reception of such preparations can be started only after a medical examination, and passing all tests. If you do not seek medical help, then well study the instructions for use of the drug. Treatment bowel must be integrated with diet and microflora restoration.