Causes of vomiting after eating in an adult

Vomiting in itself is not considered a disease. It's just a defensive reaction of the human organism at different pathological processes. Vomiting after eating is a consequence of different diseases and dysfunction of organs and systems. This unpleasant symptom may talk about how nervous stress and the development of serious pathology. If the condition occurs regularly, you need to immediately visit a doctor to not run the disease. To self-medicate is unacceptable, prescribe treatment should only by a qualified doctor after passing a series of tests.

Why vomiting after eating

Causes of vomiting after eating are quite diverse. This unpleasant condition can occur when such factors:

  • A weak vestibular system. Vomiting after eating can occur in children and adults, if they are prone to motion sickness.
  • The toxemia of pregnancy. In women the situation occurs hormonal changes, so with a sharp and unpleasant smell may appear retching.
  • Vomiting after eating can be the result of treatment with certain medicines.
  • A stressful situation can also be the cause of nausea and vomiting. At great emotional shock body is simply not able to eat.
  • Appendicitis. This dangerous disease vomiting occurs after each meal and supplemented with diarrhea, pain in the right side and a high temperature.
  • Acute gastritis, or ulcer. Under such conditions, the vomiting after eating is very often.
  • Diseases of the pancreas and gallbladder. In this disease vomiting occurs not only after meals in adults, but in the process of eating. This condition is accompanied by pain in the stomach, a bitter aftertaste and bloating.
  • Poisoning of various etiology. In this disease there is vomiting after eating, severe diarrhea and General weakness.
  • Overeating. If a person has violated the food and the portions are too large, the organism can respond retching.
  • Injury and brain tumors. In addition to vomiting, severe headache, General weakness and slight fever.

In addition, the stomach may not take food with some viral diseases, even in typical flu. But this is the exception rather than the rule.

Some people who are keen to lose weight, artificially cause vomiting immediately after eating. This is quite dangerous, as over time the body ceases to take food and develops a dangerous disease – bulimia. It is a disorder of the nervous nature of therapy is difficult and can even lead to death.

Stage of reflex

Gag reflex is conventionally divided into three stages – nausea, retching and vomiting. Each of the stages has its own characteristics.

Nausea often occurs before vomiting, but this is not a rule. At this stage, observed a painful sensation in the stomach and esophagus, the muscle tone of the stomach is reduced, and the activity of the muscles of the small intestine increases.

When retching the muscles of the diaphragm and the abdominal wall is greatly reduced. Vomiting is a complex and uncontrollable process in which the muscle contraction leads to opening of a special valve in the esophagus and the eruption of raw food residues in the mouth.

In the process of vomiting, the airway completely overlap, which prevents the penetration of vomit into the respiratory organs.

What symptoms are considered the harbingers of

There are several signs that can determine what a person will start vomiting:

  • increased salivation;
  • persistent nausea;
  • migraine and dizziness;
  • pain in the stomach.

The person of advanced age before retching may appear borborygmus and diarrhea, in addition, notable weakness. Most often this is due to the aging of the body.

What will tell the color of vomit

When vomiting when eating, then immediately to identify the cause is difficult, although pre-diagnosis the doctor may even according to the nature and hue of vomit.

  • Greenish-yellow color speaks of intoxication or intestinal infection.
  • Brown or black may indicate bleeding in the stomach or small intestine.
  • Vomit with an admixture of fresh blood may indicate a deterioration of the lining of the esophagus and stomach, as well as the presence on the walls of the digestive organs of various tumors.
  • Unaltered color happens in that case, if the vomiting provoked by overeating, nervous shock or other disorders of neurologic nature.

Sometimes parents of young children are frightened when babies are observed vomit atypical brown color. Do not panic, all may not be as scary as it seems right. This color is due to certain foods – chocolate or banana, which the child ate before.

If a person of any age appeared vomiting blood, you should immediately call a doctor. Even a minute delay can cost the patient's health and sometimes life.

How to help

People with retching feels depressed and needs help. Households can help such actions:


  1. If the waste mass is atypical in color and is accompanied by other worrisome symptoms, you need to urgently call a doctor.
  2. Give plenty of water small amounts in order not to provoke another attack.
  3. To ensure the patient is at rest, it is convenient to lay in bed and constantly monitored.

If vomiting continues repeatedly, regardless of the use of food products, you need to call an ambulance, especially when we are talking about young children, pregnant women or the elderly.

When the gag reflex after eating occurs once and is not accompanied by any other symptoms, you might think that the reason was stress or overeating. But if the phenomenon is regular, the urgent need to go to the hospital and a full workup. With this reflex, the body signals the development of pathological processes.