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Pain and cramps in the stomach: what to do, how to treat

Discomfort and stomach pain can occur for many reasons, and sometimes it's hard to understand what gave impetus to the emergence of such reactions. The list of diseases and conditions involving this symptom is large enough. Cramps in the stomach may be the result of a banal overeating or the simultaneous use of incompatible products, and can be a troubling symptom of peptic ulcer disease, cancer, gallstones and inflammation of the pancreas.

Causes of sharp pains in the stomach

If the stomach pain is rare, it is likely you must reconsider your diet and try to moderate the appetite. If cramps are visited with a certain frequency and frequent, without a careful examination to determine their etiology will not succeed.

Causes of sharp pains in the stomach can be very diverse. Feelings are also very different:

  1. Gastritis. The appearance of this disease can be triggered by many factors: bacteria, experienced stress, a taste for oily spicy food and alcohol. During an attack of this disease there is an overwhelming desire to constantly have something liquid and hot. Cramps in the stomach and expressed slightly and are more like light scrapers.
  2. Erosion of the stomach. On its walls with this diagnosis formed small ulcers, this is usually a result of running of gastritis. When erosion stomach hurts so much stronger from the pain and spasms of a person bends in half is sweating and increased body temperature.
  3. Ulcer. The reason for its formation is considered to be the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which disrupts the acid balance in the stomach and destroys its walls. Stress and improper nutrition, prolonged intake of certain medications, injury and even heredity can serve as a trigger for the manifestation of this disease. Pains very strong, because on the inner walls of the stomach appear these wounds.
  4. Oncology. This is a terrible disease develops very quickly and in most cases leads to death. In cancer of the stomach, exasperated, aching pain, accompanied by periodic sharp pains and cramps.
  5. Overeating, eating oily food and incompatible foods at the same time can also cause cramps in the stomach. The symptoms come almost immediately after the medication is digestive or after the food is digested independently by natural means. Stomach discomfort can be the consequence of strenuous physical exercise.

Stomach if it hurts

What can be considered stomach pain? Cramps in the stomach can signal the presence of serious diseases, so besides the intensity, it is necessary to correctly determine their locationbefore making any conclusions:

  1. It happens that the place where the cutting pain, can not be determined, because it hurts the entire abdomen. In this case, you must immediately consult a doctor and not wait for other symptoms, as this may be the first symptom of severe poisoning.
  2. Cramps in lower right abdomen can be confused with the usual swelling, but this usually indicates inflammation of the Appendix, and frequent urge to have a bowel movement it is only confirmed, so here it is urgent to call an ambulance. Appendicitis can be purulent, and if it breaks through into the abdominal cavity, the account goes on the clock.
  3. If the cutting the pain is localized around the navel, it is in most cases tells about the infestation of worms. To cause such an inconvenience can not only pinworms but also Giardia, and this is much more serious, because such a dangerous disease like giardiasis may lead to intestinal dysbiosis and reduced immunity.
  4. Pains in right hypochondrium part can talk about inflammation of the gallbladder, and this pain can be easily confused with stomach.
  5. Stomach pain is localized in the epigastric region, just under the ribs, in the center of them. It is the discomfort in this place can be called cutting stomach pain. It provoked ulcers, erosions, gastritis, cancer and obesity.

How to determine what caused a cutting pain

Since the main function of the GIT is digestion, the cause of cutting pain in the abdomen can determine, following what her intensity and whether its occurrence with eating. Snack is also food, so a handful of nuts, a Cup of yogurt or even tea also counts.

Pain in the stomach after eating indicates the presence of chronic gastritis. Severe pain that occurs in one or two hours after a meal, suggests the ulcer. If the discomfort is not of a continuing nature and occurred in a couple of hours after eating, then most likely, people simply overeaten and the stomach is hard to digest whole foods right away. The cause of the sharp pains can be normal flatulence that arises from the simultaneous use of incompatible products.

The mechanism of occurrence of sharp pains in the digestive tract

Why do I get a cutting pain in the stomach and that helps? Actually cramps in the gut after a meal indicate that he can't take the whole trapped in the digestive tract the food and pass it through all its departments. It turns out that foods linger in the stomach, causing flatulence and cramps.

The body is designed in such a way that all systems have quickly become accustomed toa particular mode, and to adjust to a different way is extremely difficult. The same happens with the gastrointestinal tract – changes in the diet or switching to diet menu can affect the stomach in this way.

So how crowded or have received unfamiliar food the stomach can not smoothly reduced, this leads to spastic pain, which is accompanied by sharp pains. Amateur is irrelevant here, because, besides the specialist, nobody will be able to discover the true cause of the sharp pains.

The reason for immediate treatment to the doctor

What to do upon detection of a strong sharp pains in your stomach? To consult a doctor should, in any case, especially if the cutting the pain comes back again and again. The reason for the emergency of treatment can be:

  • cramps, accompanied by vomiting with blood streaks. This may indicate the pathological condition that caused the bleeding in the digestive tract;
  • pain spreading throughout the abdomen. This is a clear indication that the inflammation is in the pancreas;
  • sharp aching pain in the right lower abdomen. It shows itself, acute appendicitis;
  • severe cramps at the center under the ribs, which gradually increase and are accompanied by excessive sweating and low grade fever. Symptoms of ulcers.

If time does not take measures in a hospital, all of these can lead to death.

Diagnosis and drug treatment

Before you take any medicine for pains in the stomach, should be diagnosed by a gastroenterologist, who will prescribe a series of tests, x-rays or fibrogastroscopy. If such terrible diseases as cancer and ulcer, is not confirmed, it is likely that the problem is insufficient or excessive level of acidity. Excess or deficiency of acid require different treatment, though accompanied by sharp pains.

Upon detection of gastritis or when the patient reports constant heartburn are assigned gastal, Reni, Maalox and reducing the acidity of other drugs. These tools prevent the absorption of phosphates in the lining of the stomach and relieve constipation.

When cramps in the stomach occur due to the inability to digest food, after eating feel the weight and flatulence, it says low acidity and lack of digestive enzymes. In such cases, appoint Mezim, festal, or Kreon. These drugs promote the digestion and have light absorbing properties. They improve peristalsis and normalize the digestive tract in General.

If you experience sharp cramps additionally, use of tablets no-Spa. This drug differs analyzeriie and antispasmodic properties.

These medicines are given as an example, adequate treatment can be appointed only by a physician. Moreover, in each case to a complex of medicines, which are selected based on compatibility with each other, which is a very important aspect towards a rapid recovery.

Traditional medicines

Traditional methods from pain in the abdomen no less effective than medication. Medications are prepared using natural ingredients available in the pantry of every home. It should be understood that a serious illness is not cured by such methods.

Cramps in the stomach can be eliminated in the following ways:

  1. Make an infusion of chamomile. For the preparation you will need 2 tablespoons of inflorescences pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Infuse medication you need just a half hour, then take it three times a day for 100 ml.
  2. Drinking tea with black currants or gooseberries. This remedy relieves pain and cramps in the digestive tract.
  3. Mix the juice of three potatoes with a tablespoon of honey and take twice a day – morning on an empty stomach and evening after the last meal.
  4. A teaspoon of cinnamon mixed with a tablespoon of honey and smash in half a glass of water. Drink daily on an empty stomach. Regular consumption of this mixture gives vivacity, relieves problems with the gastrointestinal tract and helps to cope with the extra weight.

Traditional medicine is relevant if prior to this survey did not indicate development of any serious pathologies that could trigger cutting pain.

Cramps in the stomach can signal the presence of many diseases. Some of them are quite dangerous and can lead to serious consequences. Timely diagnosis and treatment ensure a quick recovery and disappearance of unpleasant symptoms. Yourself to deal with the problem only when it occurs infrequently, and does not give to know about yourself daily. To avoid the appearance of sharp pains, enough to be a supporter of a healthy diet. If you eat food in small portions, the risk of sharp pains and aches in the digestive tract is greatly reduced.