Diarrhea with mucus adults: causes, treatment

Diarrhea with mucus is not considered an independent disease. This is a symptom of any pathology. In most cases it indicates the presence of bacterial infection. Only accurately identifying the causes of diarrhea with mucus in the adult, and take all necessary measures, you can count on a quick cure. To let the issue slide, as it is fraught with serious consequences for health.

What diseases provoke mucous diarrhea

Mucous stool is often the result of serious illness. Among the most common reasons for this phenomenon are:

  1. Intestinal infection. Their development is associated with infection of the intestinal bacteria. Often in the role of the pathogen are E. coli, Salmonella, dysentery Bacillus. At the same time with the diarrhea there is a General weakness of the body, bouts of vomiting and severe nausea, pain in the abdomen, and increase in body temperature.
  2. Dysbiosis – lack the intestinal beneficial microorganisms. This phenomenon is caused by improper nutrition or use of antibiotics. Thus there is not only white slime in feces, but also the remains of undigested food.
  3. The irritable bowel syndrome. The exact causes of this deviation are still not understood. We only know that it is accompanied by violation of the correct intestinal motility, bloating and pain, detection of mucosal contaminants in the feces.
  4. Crohn's Disease. The disease is an inflammatory process in the digestive tract, which is chronic. Its appearance is related to infectious lesions, genetic defects, or immunologic factors.
  5. Cancer. Blood with mucus in the stool is often observed during tumor development in the intestine. Simultaneously, there are other symptoms: fatigue, drowsiness, sudden weight loss.
  6. Diverticulitis – inflammatory process occurring in the colon. It is characterized by the formation on the walls of the small intestine hernia, which can accumulate the contents of the intestine. Thus there is diarrhea with mucus and blood.
  7. Candidiasis. Appears due to lesions of the fungi type Candida.
  8. Vesiculitis – inflammation of the seminal vesicles. The appearance of mucus in the stool may be the only symptom of the disease at an early stage.
  9. Amoebiasis. It is an infectious disease that is accompanied by the formation of ulcers in the intestine. With time can cause abscesses in the various organs of the body.
  10. Obstruction of the intestine. At the same time manifests additional symptoms: pain, loss of appetite.
  11. Chronic poisoning. Instead feces white mucus. This is due to the serious defeat of the surface of the intestine.

The key to successful treatment will be timely identification of the causes of disease and proper therapy. Do it yourself is impossible, therefore, the appearance of mucous diarrhea, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Physiological causes

Mucus in the stool of an adult person may appear under the action of adverse factors. These include:

  • Ingestion of mucus discharge from the nose. It just goes intact with feces.
  • The mucus in stool may affect the consumption of certain foods, e.g. bananas, pumpkin, flax seeds, watermelon, oatmeal or cottage cheese.
  • Drinking of bad water. If it contains elevated concentrations of lime, it may appear white flakes in the stool.
  • Production of mucus can be a reaction to a dramatic change in eating habits. Often, such effect results in prolonged starvation.
  • Threat is hypothermia of the lower torso. The appearance of mucus can be caused by the pool or swimming in the pond with too cold water.
  • If defecation occurred after prolonged constipation.
  • The manifestation of food allergies such as lactose intolerance. In this case, there is feces white mucus.

If the problem is caused by the above factors, the cure will be enough to eliminate them. After some time the condition stabiliziruemost.

The exact cause of the disease can be determined only specialist. Therefore, consultation of the gastroenterologist needed in any case.

How is diagnosis

To determine the accurate cause of the problem, you will need to conduct laboratory research. The patient needs to have blood and feces.

Stool tests will show reliable results only under condition of observance of all the rules of his surrender. It is necessary to observe following recommendations:

  1. Before collecting the sample should observe all rules of personal hygiene. The excrement should not get urine, water or any foreign matter.
  2. For the collection of feces is necessary to use a clean, dry container. It is best to buy in a drugstore a special jar.
  3. It is convenient to collect a sample, if you pull on the toilet plastic wrap.
  4. Collect at least 5 grams of feces. This amount would be enough for analysis. To deliver the sample to the lab betteronly on the day of collection. Prolonged storage will lead to the fact that the study will be ineffective.
  5. If you have built the stool in the evening, and the lab will be able to deliver it only in the morning, then store it in the refrigerator.

Exploring the fecal sample, the specialist will be able to identify the presence of bacterial infection and other abnormalities that caused the problem. A blood test performed to detect the inflammatory process in the body.

When diarrhea is accompanied by other negative symptoms, the specialist may prescribe a more complete study of the body. For this purpose the following methods:

  1. Colonoscopy. The survey is conducted with the help of a colonoscope is a special probe at the end of which a video camera. Specialist advances the probe through the intestines, and on the screen sees all disease.
  2. CT. With this examination it is possible in detail to study all the abnormalities of the internal organs.

Such techniques will allow the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis. After obtaining all the results he will be able to develop the correct treatment plan.

Main therapeutic techniques

The treatment chosen by the specialist based on the cause of the disease. Most cases, the following therapeutic techniques:

  1. If the problem is caused by rot fungi, then prescribe a course of antibiotics and specialized fungi. Widespread medication, the main component of which was the clotrimazole and fluconazole. Simultaneously, you will need the use of drugs to restore normal microflora in the gut.
  2. When the transparent mucus diarrhea associated with dysbiosis, experts prescribe probiotics. These drugs fill the intestines with beneficial microorganisms and help suppress pathogens.
  3. In the presence of an inflammatory process in the intestine prescribe a course of antiseptic agents. At this, consider taking enzyme medications such as zantac, or Pancreatin festal.
  4. Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics. After their admission is necessary program to restore normal intestinal flora.
  5. If in the course of diagnostic procedures was diagnosed with a malignant tumor, the treatment will be lengthy and complex. The choice of specific methods depends on severity of the disease and peculiarities of organism.

In any case, the diarrhea leads to severe dehydration. In this regard, the necessary administration of drugs aimed at restoring salt and water balance. These include: gastrolit, regidron, Arasan and others.

If the diarrhea shows signs of intoxication, the experts make an appointment enterosorbents. The most effective of them are: POLYSORB, enterosgel, smectite.
In the presence of pain allows antispasmodics. It is best to give preference to but-shpe. He has virtually no contraindications.

The choice of specific drugs and their dosages must be extremely specialist. The self in such a situation can be dangerous for your health.

Treatment diet

Drug treatment will bring the desired effect only if compliance with the dietary regimen. It is necessary to observe following recommendations:

  1. Strictly forbidden the consumption of fatty, fried and smoked food.
  2. All meals should be light and easily digested. The menu should be more vegetables, steamed.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids. Per day you should consume at least two liters of pure water. In addition, the diet is necessary to introduce fruit drinks, fruit drinks and juices.
  4. Discard fresh white bread. You can not eat pastries, pies, liver. Allowed the use of a small amount of black bread. It is best if he is with bran.
  5. Discard the pork, lamb and duck. Give preference to lean meats, such as chicken or Turkey.
  6. Whole milk and sour cream. They can cause exacerbation of the problem. Replace them with fermented baked milk, yogurt or light natural yoghurt.
  7. Some vegetables and fruits can cause fermentation in the gut, leading to increased diarrhea. These include: tomatoes, cabbage, legumes, oranges, plums.
  8. For dessert, you can use dried fruit, dried blueberries.

Diet during diarrhea should be gentle. In the first few days prefer liquid meals: cereals, cooked in water, broth, vegetable puree. They don't have on the walls of the intestine irritating. To break the diet it is impossible under any circumstances.

Folk methods of treatment

Diarrhea with mucus can be treated and the tools of alternative medicine. But it can be done only in conjunction with a conservative treatment and after consultation with the doctor. Among the most effective recipes are:

  • A strong bactericidal effect, the broth is prepared on the basis of wormwood. Saparete in two cups of boiling water a tablespoon of dried material. To insist such a remedy need at least an hour. Take it before meals, a tablespoon three times a day.
  • A good remedy for diarrheabecomes oak bark. To prepare the broth should be ground in a coffee grinder a tablespoon of raw. The resulting powder separte two cups of water. Boil for 15 minutes. After the broth has cooled, it can be filtered. Take a tablespoon before eating.
  • To suppress pathogenic microflora in the intestines with the help of decoction of chamomile. To make it, boil a liter of water. Stir in a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers. Boil for about five minutes. The resulting tool need to filter and take a tablespoon three times a day.
  • Will help to deal with diarrhea and eliminate discomfort dill water. For its preparation you need to pour a teaspoon of seeds in 300 ml of boiling water. The resulting mixture should be boiled for about a minute. Leave for 40 minutes. The same way you can prepare decoction of the seeds of fennel or carrots.
  • Mix equal proportions of leaves of oak, walnut walls and pomegranate peel. Two tablespoons of the prepared mixture separte a half liters of boiling water. Take half a Cup three times a day.
  • Prepare a collection of flowers of calendula, yarrow and chamomile. The mixture of 25 grams zaparte Cup boiling water. Half an hour later, the tool is ready for use. It copes with flatulence, diarrhea, and inflammatory processes.

In some cases, these recipes can provoke side effects. Therefore, before applying you should consult with your doctor.

Preventive measures

To avoid the appearance of mucus in the feces, closely monitor the state of your digestive system. Stick to the basic rules of prevention:

  1. Follow personal hygiene. Try as often as possible to wash their hands. Carry antibacterial wipes that will decontaminate hands without water and soap.
  2. Before use, thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables. You can douse them with boiling water, so that all harmful microorganisms are killed.
  3. Pay special attention to the thoroughness of roasting meat. Of particular danger are in poorly cooked seafood and fish. They can live harmful microorganisms. Do not eat raw eggs.
  4. The remains of the dishes store in a clean container. Do not leave them for a long time at room temperature. Always put away food in the fridge.
  5. Do not purchase food in suspicious places: street vendors, in coffee shops, in the bazaars.
  6. Do not store raw fish or meat around food, which in the future will not be subjected to heat treatment.
  7. Closely monitor the quality and safety of drinking water. It is best to install a house filter or use bottled water. If you doubt the quality of the liquid, boil it.

Compliance with these simple rules will help you to protect yourself from health problems. Upon detection of anxiety symptoms as soon as possible will help to physicians.

Diarrhea with mucus – a dangerous symptom that may indicate the development of severe disease. Only if timely diagnosis and proper therapy you can count on a quick and full recovery.