Nausea and vomiting bile: causes, treatment

Vomiting can be from impurities in the form of mucus, bile, pus, particles of blood. Vomiting bile is a sign that the patient has problems with the pancreas, stomach or liver. How does bile vomiting? Vomit have a yellow-green color, and after this the patient some time feels an unpleasant bitter taste in my mouth.

The main reasons

The causes of vomiting with bile particles can be different. But the most common ones are the following:

  • Bowel obstruction, which is caused by a number of diseases – pancreatitis, cholecystitis, volvulus and others.
  • Stenosis of the pylorus. In this case, vomiting of bile occurs mainly in the morning. And if a person has eaten, all eaten immediately goes along with vomit. And this is due to the fact that the contents of the stomach can not pass into the intestine. As a result, food starts to ferment, causing nausea. This reason leaves the bile may lead to ulcers or even cancer. Therefore, if such symptoms should immediately consult a specialist.
  • Overdose of some drugs, or the emergence of side effects after their use. Usually vomiting bile occurs after taking opiates or drugs.
  • Diseases of the liver and stomach. In this case, very often sick, vomiting appears approximately every half hour. If the seizures occur mostly in the mornings, it often indicates problems with the stomach, for example, the development of gastritis. With gallstones, this condition may be the result of eating fried or fatty foods, resulting in increased stress on the liver.
  • Mental illness, brain disease, nervous disorder.
  • The usual food poisoning can also cause vomiting and vomiting bile. At first, the patient vomits the contents of his stomach, and after its purification have yellow vomit. The main symptoms of severe food poisoning are vomiting bile and diarrhea in adult. While the diarrhea is usually very pronounced and persists up to several days. It is important in this case to drink plenty of liquids, otherwise dehydration, which can lead to its depletion.

Perhaps this condition during pregnancy. It usually appears in the first trimester of gestation and is considered a symptom of toxicity. It completely goes away.

If vomiting with bile in a child

Vomit bile toddler, this may indicate that he ate too much fatty foods. As a result, the bile gets into the stomach and then into the esophagus, leading to irritation of the walls. This starts vomiting. In addition, a similar condition in a child may indicate appendicitis or severe poisoning of the body. It is urgent to consult a doctor. If the child vomited bile, but not before he hit her head hard, such a symptom may indicate a concussion.

If, in addition to vomiting, the baby fever, there is a fever and diarrhea, it may indicate an intestinal infection. In this case, an urgent need to call an ambulance. But until such time as the experts will come should give the child as much fluid as possible. If there is high temperature, it is necessary to try to bring down cold compresses. You also need to give your child activated charcoal or smectite.

Vomiting with bile in the elderly

Older women and men yellow vomit is a symptom of age-related diseases. For example, this condition can be caused by stomach problems that occur in almost all people over 55 years old pancreatitis and cholecystitis. In the elderly unpleasant symptom may also appear due to atherosclerosis, which disrupts brain function. This condition usually occurs not earlier than 60 years.

Vomiting after alcohol

If after every meal with drinking large amounts of alcoholic beverages in humans occurs vomiting with impurities bile, it is a reason to reject alcohol. It means that the liver can no longer cope with filtered ethanol. As a result, the person may have a serious pathology. In this case, necessarily need to go on diet after remove from the body toxic substances.

Vomiting after gallbladder removal

Vomiting after removal of gallbladder may be a symptom of serious pathology. Often a complication after surgery can become peritonitis. This is a dangerous condition in which the inflamed peritoneum. If time does not begin treatment of the disease, impair all the vital functions of the body. And it can even lead to death.

Bile gets into the abdominal cavity if bile ducts were tied with leaking during the operation. In this case, there is a number of symptoms: pale skin, sore in the abdomen, reduced blood pressure, decreased or no appetite, appears allergies, there is bloating.

Another possible complication is pancreatitis. It is a consequence of the inflammatory process in the gallbladder, which is caused by stagnation of bile. And after the organ removal, in many cases, this pathology is often accompanied byvomiting bile does not arise. Its recurrence is due to the intake of alcoholic beverages. In addition, the problem may appear in case if after the removal of the gallbladder is not a special diet.

First aid

Many question arises, what if there was vomiting bile? In this case, it is necessary to carry out several procedures, such as in cases of poisoning:

  1. Immediately wash the stomach of the patient. For this he is given to drink 2 litres of warm water. For faster results, you can prepare a solution of potassium permanganate by adding 1 liter of water a few crystals of potassium permanganate. The solution should be slightly pink. You need to drink as much as possible means, preferably in the sitting position. An attack of vomiting should occur immediately. If the manipulation was not effective, it is necessary to stimulate the root of the tongue, using a clean spoon. However, this procedure is only possible if the patient has no heart problems, pressure, stomach.
  2. Then you need to provide the patient fluids to prevent dehydration in his body. With this aim, every 15-20 minutes the patient should drink approximately 100 ml of non-carbonated mineral water or dog rose decoction. The liquid needs to be drunk slowly, in small SIPS.
  3. If vomiting bile in adults triggered by food or alcohol poisoning, be sure to take a few tablets of activated charcoal or some other sorbent media. Due to this, from the body will be quickly displayed all the toxic poisons and toxins.

After all the above procedures, you must ensure that the patient rest. It is recommended to sleep at least 5 hours. Due to this the body quickly to cope with intoxication. It is forbidden to eat – the meal is only possible after the vomiting will take place, not earlier than 10 hours after the last. It is advisable to eat a light chicken broth without bread. Extension of the diet gradually. In the first days after that, you cannot take spicy, fatty or smoked food. This can lead to repeated attack.

You need to normalize your diet. Moreover, it needs to be correct not only in the first days after the vomiting, but constantly. You should eat small portions about 4-5 times a day. It is forbidden to eat before going to sleep. The last meal not later possible 2-3 hours before going to bed. Minimize should the consumption of alcohol, coffee, strong tea, spices. Need to sleep only on my left side, due to which the body is less load. But when you sleep on the right side or back stomach contents can get back into the esophagus, causing vomiting.

Treatment of pathology

If bile vomiting appeared only once, then stop. In this case, the body itself to cope with the problem. However, if the seizures are frequent and do not stop, you need to provide first aid to the patient, then immediately seek help from a specialist. After inspecting and carrying out all necessary tests, the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment.

Using medications directed to the treatment of the underlying disease, which provoked an attack of vomiting or nausea bile. That is why it is impossible to self-medicate, it is impossible to make a correct diagnosis at home. And the use of inappropriate medicines might even more exacerbate the situation.

In order to ease the condition, you can make teas from special choleretic fees, which are sold in the pharmacy. However, they can cause a number of side effects, so their use is possible only under the strict supervision of a physician.

The use of traditional medicine

Treatment of folk remedies can also be very effective. However, before using any drug consult your doctor. After all, some components may be incompatible with drugs of traditional medicine, which appointed a doctor. To stop vomiting bile, you can use the following effective tools:

  • A decoction of St. John's wort – an excellent choleretic and anti-inflammatory drug. To make it, take 1 tablespoon of dry plants and steamed it in a Cup of boiling water. Then the mixture is cooked over low heat for another 10 minutes. Then medication is cooled and filtered. You need to drink a glass of choleretic tea in the morning and evening one hour before meals.
  • Helichrysum also effectively relieves inflammation in the stomach and increases the flow of bile. If there is vomiting bile it is recommended to take dry extract of the plant. A daily dose of 1 g of extract, diluted with 100 ml of filtered water. The resulting dose should be divided into 3 doses. Medication required three times a day for 3 weeks. Then for 7 days take a break, and if necessary, treatment is repeated.
  • The broth of corn stigmas is an excellent cholagogue. For this 3 h. L. minced stigmas pour a glass of boiled water, then put it on a slow fire. It is necessary to heat and cool for half an hour so that it was not brought to a boil. Then, the drug is diluted with boiled water in proportion 1:1. Medicine should 2 times a day before meals halfglass.
  • To stop the bile will help and dandelion. To do this, take the flowers, roots and leaves of the plant. They were thoroughly washed from various contaminants and finely milled. Then pour water so that it was about 3 times the weight of the plant. Bring the liquid to a boil over very low heat. After 15 minutes, strain. The drug must be taken 2-3 times a day before meals half a Cup.
  • A few hours after he vomited bile, it is recommended to take half a Cup of heated crude oil. It is gentle on the stomach walls, protecting the mucosa from irritation. After the adoption of the national medicines need to lie on your right side, resting on his hot water bottle. Lie in this position should be as long as the heater has cooled completely. Within 3 days after the treatment in the morning on an empty stomach is recommended to drink a decoction of dog rose. To cook 2 tbsp of dry fruits thrown into a thermos and pour half a liter of boiling water. To insist in for one hour, then strain.

For the treatment of pancreatic cancer effectively used pumpkin seeds. Moreover, they are also very well rid of worms. You can buy them at the pharmacy or to dry themselves. To nibble them at any time, but be careful not to swallow the husk. This can lead to appendicitis.

Preventive measures

In order to avoid poisoning the bile you need to follow certain preventive measures. Before the use of strong alcohol are advised to take 5-6 tablets of activated charcoal. This will not only prevent a hangover, but the poisoning of alcoholic drinks.

You need to buy only high-quality products for cooking. It is better to cook rather than eat in cheap cafes, or order it on the house phone. The diet recommended to be enriched with vitamins and microelements. The same food should not eat for several days, as it can develop harmful microorganisms. It is not recommended to eat vegetables and fruits are not in season. In the fruit contains large amounts of nitrates, which often lead to bitterness in the mouth and vomiting bile.

So vomiting bile usually indicates some diseases. Although in some cases it is a symptom of overeating or food poisoning. Anyway, you need to be examined by a doctor if vomiting appeared more than once. Meds without prescription of the specialist, as it can lead to some complications.