Nausea and vomiting adult: treatment, causes

Irritation of the digestive system causes a reaction in the form of nausea. If the esophagus or the stomach got germs and also the poor quality of food, begins to intensify that part of the brain that is responsible for vomiting processes. At this point, the esophagus begin to decline, nausea, and then vomiting.

Thanks to this gag reflex, the body quickly cleared of fallen into it poisons and toxins. Normal is the situation when this phenomenon persists no more than 2 days. Otherwise, start the treatment of nausea and vomiting in adult.

The main causes of nausea

But nausea is not always connected with the protective reaction of the organism. Causes of vomiting in an adult can be the following:

  • Severe headache, as because of her there is a imbalance in the autonomic system.
  • Motion sickness associated with riding in a car or plane ride. In this case, the vomiting is associated with the imbalance of the middle ear. For this reason, there is a so-called sea-sickness.
  • In some cases, vomiting for no reason in adults is associated with a strong stress or overly unpleasant odor. These negative effects cause profuse release of adrenaline, resulting in muscular contraction and the person begins to feel sick.
  • Often nausea and vomiting night or day occur during pregnancy.
  • The older man vomiting occurs due to age differences. People over 60 often there are problems with the vestibular apparatus, digestive and emotional system that leads to nausea.

In addition, vomiting can be due to the deterioration of emotional state. Nausea can be experienced at an elevated atmospheric pressure. In addition, taking some types of medications cause discomfort.

Treatment of nausea and vomiting depending on the reasons

Usually while nausea and vomiting the body performs the cleaning of the intestine from toxins. But if this phenomenon occurs too frequently, medical examination is necessary. After all, it may be the consequence of serious disease, which should be treated immediately. To determine the exact cause of this condition can only a doctor after a series of diagnostic tests.

Migraine or headache

If there is frequent vomiting, accompanied by intense headache predominantly on one side, we are talking about migraines. This is one of the most dreadful chronic diseases, as it is accompanied by severe pain. The disease most often manifests in women, men suffer from it rarely.

Because of the headache the patient feels dizziness, is the imbalance of the autonomic system. As a result, there is nausea, followed by vomiting. While migraine can occur due to sharp or specific smells (heavy perfume, bow, air fresheners for cars, fried food, cigarette smoke and cleaning products are chemical based). When inhaled, these scents nausea can occur for two reasons: after a migraine or because of intolerance to specific aroma by the body.

Even a few minutes inhaling the particular smell that the body shows intolerance, may trigger a migraine attack. For this reason, you should avoid irritating fragrances.

To avoid migraines, it is necessary to monitor their symptoms. The disease usually accompanied by irritability, tearfulness, increased appetite and thirst, nausea and causeless vomiting. If these signs have already appeared, but the headache is no need to try to sleep. Due to this headache needs to go.

But if the migraine is already there, you can take any pain reliever, for example, tempalgin. If the headache is accompanied by persistent vomiting, it is better to use special candles (diclofenac, indomethacin and others). In the case when none of the drug does not work, the patient has to receive intramuscular painkillers the next time a migraine attack, for example, baralgin.

Treatment of motion sickness

If, during the drive, there was a sudden vomiting, it means the person queasy. This phenomenon is accompanied by headache and dizziness, chills, numbness of extremities, dilated pupils. Sometimes there are problems with the digestion diarrhea or constipation. Often motion sickness is observed in children, but among adults it is not uncommon.

For the treatment and prevention of this disease used medications that influence the CNS. These are the medications:

  • Sedatives with holinoliticheskim action. These include "Scopolamine", "Aeron", "Hyoscyamine".

All of these drugs are to be taken an hour before travel. If they have to take in the car, then the person will suddenly begin to vomit after 20-30 minutes, when the medication starts to act.

  • The combination of hypnotics and CNS excitatory means. For example, the integrated reception "Mediala" and diethylbarbituric sodium.
  • Drugs acting on the autonomic division of the CNS, for example, "Platifillin".

It is recommended to consult a specialist before taking any medicine for motion sickness. Some of them may contain commodities,not appropriate for this patient.


With the appearance of vomiting without any reasons in women of childbearing age have a high probability of pregnancy. While morning sickness can be of different types, which depends on its treatment:

  1. Staphylococcal toxicosis related to food. Occurs if a pregnant woman consumed food products containing staphylococcal enterotoxins. This kind of toxicity should be treated under medical supervision. A doctor prescribes a weak adsorbents that are suitable for pregnant women. The most common toxicity treated by use of activated carbon.
  2. Toxemia before the delay or in the first half of pregnancy. Experienced relatively calm, so to treat nausea and vomiting in this case is not required.
  3. Late toxicosis, which many women experience difficult. In this case treatment is possible only in a women's hospital. If such a phenomenon develops on the background of other symptoms (retinal detachment, absence of urine, coma), immediately performed a cesarean section.
  4. Evening morning sickness, which can become exhaustion or a severe stress situation. Pathology usually accompany hiccup and night vomiting. Unpleasant symptoms disappear after normalization of the emotional state.

It is worth noting that pregnancy is not always accompanied by toxicity (despite widespread belief). And that's absolutely fine. Moreover, pregnancy without toxicosis is the absolute health of the expectant mother and the fact that she is doing everything right.


When a person ate something or took an excessive amount of drugs, the intoxication of the organism. In this case, there is a strong nausea, vomiting a fountain, diarrhea, stomach pain. Protracted diarrhea is very dangerous and can lead to dehydration. Therefore, the appearance of symptoms of poisoning needs urgent treatment. They may appear immediately or on the second day after the ingestion of toxic substances.

You first need to perform gastric lavage. This should be done until then, until he starts vomiting water without concentration of food particles. Then you should take a few tablets of activated charcoal, pre-chopped them to a powder. To restore the water-salt balance in the body, you must drink plenty of fluids, boiled water, chicken broth, unsweetened tea. For strengthening the digestive and immune systems you can use the following two methods:

  1. In the bathroom, where there is no breeze at the moment to sit in a cool sitz bath. Then quickly wiped dry with a large bath towel. Do this procedure daily for the first weeks after the attack of diarrhea, and then through the day.
  2. After a bout of diarrhea for one or more weeks to restore the tone of the internal organs, it is advisable to apply to the abdomen a cold compress: can be taken either cold or warm water with dissolved in it with Apple cider vinegar.

Chronic bouts of diarrhea and vomiting it is necessary to find the cause. You need to check for the possibility of a bad food sensitivity to certain food and to pay attention to constant stress, which should be removed.

Often nausea and vomiting associated with frivolous reasons is the inhalation of unpleasant odors, stress, sickness. But if the stomach hurts, the man began to hiccup, there are dizziness, chills and General weakness, you should consult with a specialist. All of these symptoms can indicate various diseases.