Bloody diarrhea in an adult: causes, treatment

Diarrhea, when it is not accompanied by more any additional symptoms may be a consequence of improper diet, overeating, and even overworking. Even antibiotics or any medicines can affect the state of the microflora of the intestine and cause loose stools. However, bloody diarrhea – this is a more alarming symptom that may indicate the presence of serious disease of the gastrointestinal tract. In medicine, the feces containing blood is called hematochezia, and to fight against this phenomenon is not recommended.

Causes of blood in stool

What causes blood in the stool? In fact, a lot of them, and therefore, only after passing examinations to determine the nature of the bloody impurities. Among the diseases that can be accompanied by diarrhea with blood is the following:

  • infectious diseases such as salmonellosis, enteritis, dysentery. In these diseases is characterized by frequent painful bowel movements with mucus and blood, fever, vomiting, and fever;
  • bright red impurities in the feces indicate the presence of a goiter or ulcerative colitis;
  • if the diarrhea observed blood clots, most likely, their appearance provoked the hemorrhoids. However, this disease is not asymptomatic. If you have red diarrhea, the patient may feel pain and burning in the anal area;
  • regular defecation with feces red color can be a result of serious food poisoning;
  • bloody stool could also indicate the presence of intestinal polyps. When passing stool, these benign growths can be damaged and bleed;
  • maroon clots in the stool suggests that the bleeding occurred in the upper gastrointestinal tract. This indicates that diseases such as stomach ulcers or cancer;
  • the crack of the rectum can also manifest itself in bloody stools. And bloody diarrhea is not the only symptom of this disease. In sports, when lifting weights and any other physical stress can be detected bleeding from the anus. Especially often suffer from such women who have recently given birth, as the crack often forms during attempts due to the pressure of the fetus;
  • irregular liquid and watery stool with blood impurities can talk about the formation of hemorrhoids. When such bowel movements are repeated for a long time, the situation worsens and develops hemorrhoidal diarrhea.

Malignant neoplasm in the digestive tract, intussusception, and necrotizing enterocolitis are those frightful diseases which are also accompanied by the formation of impurities of blood in the stool. Upon detection of this condition must immediately go to a specialist for advice.

Besides, such diseases as cancer, very insidious, can manifest itself already in the last stage. Therefore, you should pay attention to such preceding or accompanying red diarrhea symptoms like:

  • fever. Bloody diarrhea with this symptom usually indicates penetration of an infection into organism. The body temperature rises due to production of antibodies against foreign bacteria;
  • vomiting and nausea. If the patient is the stomach, and vomiting of blood and diarrhea complement the overall picture indicates a poisoning with poisonous substances, Salmonella and cholera;
  • sluggish General condition, drowsiness, aching. For anybody not a secret that the gut is the Foundation of the immune system, so the presence of these symptoms and bloody diarrhea may indicate diseases such as dysbacteriosis, ulcer, cancer, etc.

Hemorrhagic diarrhea

This disease is to talk separately. Diarrhea with blood when it is a consequence of infection with E. coli which produces a toxin that destroys blood vessels of the intestine. Hemorrhagic diarrhea occurs in people who prefer to eat raw foods, such as meat or unboiled milk. Infected with this disease is the fecal-oral route, if you use one with a sick kitchenware and other household items.

Blood in feces is not the only symptom of this disease. It is quite often accompanied by fever, chills and spasmodic cutting pains in the abdomen. Later the patient may vomit profusely. For young people and people in middle age this disease does not pose such a danger, like an elderly person or small child. These age groups may be fatal due to pathology. This happens because of hemorrhagic colitis leads to sudden kidney failure in the body begin to break down red blood cells.

Not diagnosed in time hemorrhagic diarrhea can have a detrimental effect on the human nervous system and cause bleeding in the brain. When the pathology has led to serious complications, its treatment is in a hospital, as if the kidney damage, the patient may need hemodialysis. To eat during the illness following a strict regime and special diet. In addition, constant loose stools with blood may result in dehydration, so sickneeds to drink plenty of liquids.

What to do upon detection of bloody diarrhea in a child

Diarrhea in a child occurs almost by the same reasons as an adult. It can be caused by infection, poisoning, medication and even a nervous breakdown. However, when frightened or agitated diarrhea with blood can not be, therefore, attributed this symptom to psychological problems is wrong. Due to the fact that the bloody impurities are different, it is possible to determine their nature the feces.

Blood in the stool may be due to the child swallowing any foreign body. It can be an item designer, a needle or a pin. In any case, try to get the subject on their own is the wrong decision. Without hospitalization not do. If the baby swallowed something in volume, it is likely that it will be enough to spend some time lying down, consuming liquid food and plenty of drinking. But if the esophagus is stuck something sharp, then no operation is necessary.

A common cause of stool with blood in a child is a bacterial infection. Kids love to drag in a mouth everything that comes their hands on, and therefore, the cleanliness in the house and their behavior must be constantly monitored. The mother should watch the baby chair, so there was no mucus, blood and other impurities, and the color and texture of it was natural. If a child is discovered in the feces of blood, you must:

  1. Immediately call an ambulance.
  2. To measure child's temperature and to know whether he had nausea, headache and other symptoms.
  3. Try to find out, could the baby something to swallow.
  4. To put the baby on your back, not to bother and leave it lie quietly until the doctor arrives.
  5. Focus and remember previous events: what the baby ate, with whom you had contact and how he felt the day before.

To talk about some self-treatment in this case is not necessary, because if the child is little, he can't even tell what exactly was bothering him. To appoint any medications the baby may only a doctor after examination and diagnosis.

Treatment of bloody diarrhoea

Drug therapy

For the treatment of this disease is diarrhea with blood, if it is not caused by some serious disease, use of medicines that hold the chair and prevent dehydration, for example, the drug regidron.

Self-consumption of antibiotics or any other medicines unacceptable with this symptom, as the liquid blood in stools – this can only aggravate the situation. Almost all drugs that are taken orally are absorbed in the intestines, and if cause of diarrhea is the dysbiosis and not an infection, then antibiotics will worsen the condition of the microflora, as its normalization is needed they do not, and probiotics and prebiotics.

In diseases such as hemorrhoids, is topical treatment with ointments and surgery. Upon detection of malignancies in the gut, most likely, also need surgery. If the diarrhea with blood is a result of ulcerative colitis, here you will need a comprehensive treatment medicines and intravenous injections. Moreover, ulcers can not do without the observance of special diet and nutrition.

Treatment bloody diarrhea.

Upon detection of such symptoms as bloody diarrhea, should immediately consult a specialist and only after an examination and consultation to apply the methods of traditional medicine. Basically, the recipes focus on the treatment of hemorrhoids, as it is the most common cause of bloody diarrhea. So, to get rid of frequent bloody stool, can help the fruits and plants:

  • persicaria maculosa. Tablespoon of dried herbs is poured 0.5 liters of boiling water and allowed to stand for eight to ten hours. After infusion should strain and take three times a day. The healing properties of this plant help to stop the bleeding;
  • the horse chestnut. Helps to tone the walls of blood vessels of the intestine. To treat need the infusion. Fifty grams of the fruit are crushed and pour the liter of vodka. After that, the Bank needs to put in a dark place for two weeks. Taken three times daily 35 drops by a third of a glass of water;
  • walnut. To stop diarrhea can be a broth partitions walnuts. Under the definition of "partition" in this case it is necessary to understand the walls that divide walnuts into several parts. Tablespoon of partitions must boil for 20 minutes in ½ liter of water. The broth must strain and take 3-4 times a day, half a Cup;
  • cucumber whip. Bleeding with fissures and haemorrhoids can be stopped, taking a decoction of cucumber lashes – stems on which they grow vegetables. Two tablespoons of chopped stems, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, and then send to the fire and allow to simmer for five minutes. Ready medication you need to cool and drain. It is recommended to take a third Cup three times a day until the red the diarrhea will not stop;
  • the oak bark. This tool cleans well inflammation and secures the chair. A little oak bark to grind into a powder, to make a teaspoon, and pour it one and a half cups of boiling water. Then the medicine will need to boil until the volumeit is reduced to one Cup. You need to drink two tablespoons three times a day;
  • rose. Strengthens blood vessels and removes the inflammation of hemorrhoids medication on the basis of rose hips. Blender need to kill the fruits, and after a tablespoon of the resulting powder pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Here added 2 tsp of sugar and the mixture is left to stand overnight. The morning medicine strain and drink for a day for three times.

During treatment of bloody diarrhea is not forget about the fact that prolonged diarrhea can lead to dehydration, so you need to constantly maintain water balance by drinking at least two liters of water a day. Blood diarrhea in an adult or child – is an abnormal phenomenon and try to be treated independently is not recommended, especially if there are accompanying symptoms. Therefore, the only right decision – to go to the doctor.