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Nutrition and diet for gastroenteritis in children and adults

Diet in gastro-enteritis and any other infectious diseases of the intestine plays an important role in the rehabilitation process. Due to the disease greatly affected mucosa of the digestive organs and to recover faster it, you need to stick to a certain power, without serious and harmful products. Together with a properly chosen drugs treatment diet promotes rapid recovery. But it is important to know what foods should be excluded from the diet, and what you can just to limit. For adults and children has its own characteristics diet.

The basic principles of the diet

Nutrition for gastroenteritis, it is desirable to coordinate with your doctor. The patient begin to feed as soon as it subsided the main symptoms of disease – nausea and vomiting. Wait for to stop diarrhea is not necessary, this process is usually a little delayed. Before subsiding gagging a person is given only drinking liquids, but water or broth is allowed to give only small portions, very often. This is to prevent the development of new attacks.

Any drink that is offered to the patient must be warmed to body temperature. This measure will allow faster fluid absorption, prevent dehydration and promote rapid removal of toxins from the body.

Diet for acute gastroenteritis needs to adhere to strictly, as violation can go back all the unpleasant symptoms. As disease recedes, the menu introduces products allowed, but they are introduced gradually to 1-2 a day. After eating this or that product, you need to observe the reaction, if 2-3 hours of nausea or vomiting does not occur then the product can be left in the diet and to gradually increase the portion.

Menu if you develop gastroenteritis to food was Chestertown, give food often but in small portions. To wash down your food with any liquids not recommended.

The benefits of fasting

In the first days of the first signs of the disease the patient is not recommended. Although rare to meet a person who in this state can boast of a good appetite. Relatives of the patient can not worry, a day of refraining from eating from hunger nobody died. In the period of fasting the patient is given only of different drink water, teas and herbal teas, fruit drinks, compotes and decoctions of dried fruits. Due to the large flow of fluid in the body prevents dehydration.

Teas, fruit drinks, fruit drinks or jellies should be drinking an hour before a meal or after the same interval after a meal.

The drink should be rich in vitamins and minerals, as during diarrhea and vomiting significantly disturbed electrolyte balance and the body of the washed nutrients. You can often drink tea, added a slice of lemon and a little honey.

What can I eat patient with gastroenteritis

At the end of the day the patient with gastroenteritis, you can gradually offer to eat. The main diet consists of the following products:

  • Pureed cereals – rice, buckwheat or oatmeal, with a small addition of salt. You can cook porridge, gruel, when the volume of water in three times the amount of cereals. A mess of long simmering on low heat.
  • Low fat soup on the second broth or vegetable broth. For broth you can use chicken breast or lean beef.
  • Lean meat, boiled or steamed. For preparation of the second dishes are allowed to use the meat from the broth, only it pre-shredded in a blender or grinder.
  • Vegetable puree of potato, carrot or zucchini. So mashed potatoes were nutritious, can be directly boiled, and then wipe three vegetable. The oil in the first days is not added, then gradually introduce a small amount of vegetable oil, and then cream.
  • Fruit puree of boiled or baked apples, and ripe bananas. After a couple of days, you can enter a cherry, this berry good crepe.
  • Drying app nesdobnoe cookies or crackers.

Later in the menu you can enter fish low-fat varieties, it is prepared steamed or boiled. Before serving, the fish definitely crushed, so not much to load a sick stomach. Diet for gastroenteritis in adults includes more allowed foods than children.

Diet is enough to observe at least 5-7 days, then the patient can gradually return to normal diet.

Diet food for kids

Diet for gastroenteritis in children is slightly different from the diet in adults. It is worth considering that the child's body weaker, and the disease is often more severe. To help the kid quicker to cope with the disease, you must adhere to such power:

  • The first day, when the acute symptoms are still there, feeding the baby is not recommended. The only exception is infants, who still breast-feed on demand. Children older give only drink.
  • On the second day of the disease the child is asked app cookies and crackers with sweet tea. You can also give ripe bananas and baked apples with honey. Food hard to not get carried away, again, not to provoke vomiting.
  • On the third day baby give low-fat soup with croutons orvegetable soup and pureed meat separately.
  • On the fifth day, you can give meatballs, steamed and boiled fish.
  • Starting from the fifth day, the children are already eating mashed potatoes, porridge, gruel made of buckwheat or rice and curds with infant food.

You need to remember that whole milk and concentrated fruit juices patients with intestinal infections can not be given until full recovery.

All the products in the diet of the child is introduced gradually, while watching the health of the child and his chair. If parents try to force-feed a child – it can cause repeated vomiting, which could lead to admission to the hospital.

What to consider

You can highlight several factors that should be considered when dietary nutrition:

  1. Infants who are ill, impossible to wean from the breast, it is only possible to reduce the number of feedings and some of them to replace the milk products.
  2. Sick children should not be hungry, because they need the strength to fight the disease. Fasting is permissible only in the first days of the disease.
  3. During intestinal infections and in the recovery period in the diet of the child do not introduce new products.
  4. To cook any dish can only be steamed in the oven or boil.
  5. Ready-made meals not to much salt, the minimum amount of salt.
  6. All food and drink must be the temperature of the human body – it contributes to the assimilation products.

Sick children cannot be forced to eat by force, any health benefit it will bring. But parents need to ensure that the intervals between feedings is not too large.

It is impossible to give patients unripe bananas. In these fruits too much starch that is poorly digested. If the peel is green, the bananas just before eating for a couple of seconds lowered into boiling water.

It is not recommended to eat with gastroenteritis

Identified a number of foods that are forbidden to eat during illness and recovery for both children and adults. These include:

  • sauces and different seasonings;
  • any smoked meat, fish, cheese and sausages;
  • sodas and concentrated juices;
  • any chocolate and confectionery;
  • butter cakes;
  • any foods that are high in fiber;
  • sausage and any cheese;
  • strong meat broths;
  • whole milk;
  • alcoholic beverages.

Patient preparing all the food for one or a maximum of two times. All spicy, fatty, salty and sweet should be strictly limited.

Some doctors recommend after a couple of days to give a little dark chocolate, it contains a lot of vitamins and it is well restores strength.

To quickly recover enough to take medications and stay in bed. The key to success is diet. While gastroenteritis can have many different products but the list of restrictions is impressive. Thanks to this measure it is possible to quickly restore the digestive organs and return to a normal life.