The temperature at which botulism dies if boiling

Botulism – a disease that is a severe toxic infection. To win her is not easy, moreover, it poses a serious danger to human life, because it generates the strongest in the nature of the poison. What conditions need to be created to load the death of the bacteria died? What environmental factors are able to kill her? Is it true that botulism is killed by boiling?

Illness leading to serious consequences

The causative agent is an anaerobic, able to grow without oxygen, the Clostridium botulinum. The disease is progressing, it affects the nervous system. Without treatment, death occurs, and treatment is prolonged. Long and recover. But to fight with the infection: botulism is killed by boiling!

Infection is not transmitted from one person to another. Skin, lungs, gastrointestinal tract – the route of transmission of infection through them is infected. Coli or Clostridium botulism mobile, active, able to live in oxygen-free environment. They form spores, which survive even in the vacuum of space.

When the wand is in the process of metabolism, it forms a toxin that produces gases. Therefore, cans with the causative agent of botulism can be inflated to contain air bubbles.

Pasteurization of jars in half an hour kills the active bacteria, but their spores can exist at the temperature of +100°C for several hours. This makes it difficult to fight infection.

At home infected with botulism, you can:

  1. Poisoned by stale food.
  2. Using poorly processed mushrooms and vegetables.
  3. Using garlic or seasonings that are contained in vegetable oil.
  4. Eating canned fish or fish homemade.

How to avoid this dangerous infection? Most importantly, the hygiene in the preparation of canned food at home. During harvesting and during preparation in the kitchen should be spotlessly clean. All the necessary containers should be thoroughly sterilized. Otherwise there is no guarantee, and microorganisms at any moment can begin its destructive "work."

The cooking conditions must also be met: the products are carefully proverjaem or deep fried. It affects your health.

Bacteria live in conditions where there is no oxygen. Most commonly the soil. From the soil they fall on fruits and vegetables, disputes shall be entered in the smoked fish. Poorly washed or prepared incorrectly, they get into our body, where microscopic sticks quite suitable conditions.

What ingredients will help to kill the bacteria

Is it possible not to be infected with botulism? Many diseases caused by bacteria or viruses, in General, no one is immune. But to create a certain environment that botulism fears still possible.

  1. Find out if botulism develops in an acidic environment. Creating an acidic environment, even a 2% solution of vinegar, reduce the risk of developing bacteria. Acidification of the products helps to kill the bacteria by boiling. Heating the solution of citric acid or juice, diluted acetic acid to 100°C, the coli is killed when part of acid.
  2. No living microorganism and in a highly concentrated salt solution (more than 10%). This concentration is suitable for the brine in the preparation of pickles. In barrel and bucket the salting of botulism no, because there is no oxygen-free environment, so multiply the wand can't.
  3. Not withstand coli botulism and sugar syrups, so for the person they are safe. Well cooked and not closed tightly jam, jams, fruit jellies can be eaten without fear (if their content of sugar 50%). With the right preparation of fruit drinks also do not cause any harm, especially if they have a sour taste.
  4. Do not carry danger and freeze-dried foods that have a low level of humidity.
  5. Storing canned workpieces and products in the cold, the glacier, the refrigerator at a temperature below 3°C. botulinum toxin (a poison that is emitted by the bacteria) is destroyed, while a long time at low temperatures.
  6. Mustard kills bacteria botulism.
  7. Meat products need to be processed at a temperature of 115°C and above. Only killed spores that may be in the product. Such high temperatures can be obtained in the autoclave. After autoclaving you should cook the meat for another 15 minutes to completely eliminate the possibility of disease.

You should not eat canned food brought by friends or visitors. After all, you can't be sure that all the rules of cooking are met. Also avoid canned foods, which make you suspicious, for example, bought on the market.

The temperature at which the organism dies

The bacterium is represented by two forms: vegetative and spore.

To understand how to kill botulism by boiling, you need to understand the cycle of the life of the sticks. In disputes coli may be in an external environment in the intestines in animals. When the temperature of the air propagated botulism instantly, highlighting the botulinum toxin (the poison). Dose that leads to death, is 0.3 µg.

Botulism spores are killed by boiling for 4-5 hours. At a temperature of +120C (autoclaving) – in 20 min. They are resistant to most external factors:

  • notkilled in action of disinfectants at high concentration;
  • viable in 18% saline solution;
  • preserved by freezing and drying
  • do not respond to UV irradiation.

The vegetative form of botulism is killed at a temperature of +100°C in 5-15 minutes. But the botulinum toxin is destroyed by boiling for 15 min and at 80°C for half an hour. Unfortunately, prolonged boiling will not help when marinating. Long to boil only homemade stew or jam.

The first symptoms are similar to other diseases, and determine only on the basis of the symptoms of botulism fail: important laboratory investigations. After feeling unwell, contact your doctor. The earlier you start treatment, the better the chances of recovery. Modern drugs can cure this disease.

How to protect yourself

In the event of a suspected botulism (nausea, weakness, vomiting, blurred vision) call an ambulance. Do not self-medicate, because time is precious. Usually the treatment is divided into 2 stages:

  1. Cleansing of the body.
  2. Relief from neurological symptoms.

Doctors are immunized with a special serum. Vaccination is carried out rarely, because it creates a temporary immunity to the disease. Unfortunately, the permanent immunity to bacterial disease is not produced, so they can get sick again. The treatment is performed in the hospital within a month.

Symptoms can appear a few hours to a few days. Please note that while botulism is not a fever.

Required preventive measures:

  • In preservation wash, sterilize, treat all the dishes and necessary utensils.
  • Acid and salt are added strictly on prescription. If you first engaged in the preparations for the winter, then get familiar with a lot of experience to avoid mistakes.
  • Withstanding the conditions of sterilization. Heat treatment should be conducted according to the rules. Fish and meat to sterilize using the autoclave.
  • Products for workpieces boil 20 min. Destruction by boiling is the most reliable method.
  • It is undesirable to use a metal cover. They create an environment without oxygen, the one in which you live bacteria. This is especially true of mushrooms, which are hard to clean 100%. Any products that have touched the ground are a danger.
  • Add vinegar or acid, which when boiled to destroy the toxin. In neutral or alkaline medium it is stored.
  • Stored the prepared jars in a dark place (basement, cellar) at low temperatures.

All this will help to prevent infection. But we must remember that the bacterium and the toxin tenacious, and homework full guarantee of their absence you get.

The massive fascination of growing their own vegetables and country economy, procurement of supplies for the winter – it's wonderful. Pickles on the table, the stories of a host of recipes for delicious preparations, delicious winter snacks... But remember that it can be dangerous. Botulism is a dreadful diseasewhich is in the area of attention of physicians.