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Could it be botulism in cucumbers (salted or pickled)

Canned or pickled cucumbers is one of my favorite winter pieces, which are in every home. The taste quality of the dishes make it indispensable for the daily diet. But homemade preserves are the perfect place to save argument of pathogenic microorganisms is Clostridium botulinum. Once in the human body, they begin to intensively produce the botulinum toxin that causes damage to the nervous system, partial or total paralysis of skeletal and smooth muscles. Botulism in cucumbers is not uncommon, therefore, to the preparation and use of canned foods should be taken seriously.

How dangerous is Clostridium and their spores

Clostridium botulism is an anaerobic bacteria who live in absence of oxygen. In nature they are everywhere and they live mainly in soil. By itself, this organism is not dangerous. The threat is the controversy that it generates.

Spores are special cells covered by a dense shell. They are very resistant to all external factors – physical influences, temperature extremes, chemicals (acids and alkalis). Therefore, botulism in pickles with vinegar develops unhindered.

Spores not killed by boiling for 5 hours. In the sterilization conditions in an autoclave for decontamination should the temperature of 120 °C and 30 minutes of time. The spores retain their activity in barrel cucumbers as resistant to salt solution. Therefore, botulism in pickles is also possible.

At room temperature the spores transformirovalsya in the vegetative form and begin to produce powerful neurotoxin is botulinum toxin. Lethal dose for adult humans is only 0.3 ág.

Active forms spores when interacting with oxygen to lose their stability. Boiling kills 5 minutes.

As bacteria and spores into conservation

Bacteria found in water, soil, organisms wild and domestic animals, waterfowl. Transmission is person – dirty fresh vegetables and fruit, contaminated water. The bacteria itself does not cause botulism. To disease has been developing in the body needs to get the botulinum toxin.

The source of infection for humans are only those products that were stored in the absence of air. That is why the greatest danger is posed by home-canned pickles and other vegetables and fruits.

Salting pickling cucumbers is a cooking method which does not ensure the destruction of spores. So be ill with botulismafter eating these products, quite possibly.

The presence of botulinum toxin in salted cucumbers, cured or canned does not affect organoleptic properties. So the man has no idea that he eats the poisoned food.

Botulinum toxins are not destroyed under the action of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and affect various parts of the Central and peripheral nervous system. The main mechanism of action is the violation of the momentum transfer, which causes paresis and paralysis.

Symptoms of botulism in humans

The first symptoms, after people ate canned cucumbers with botulotoxine appear after 5-6 hours. If the concentration of neurotoxin minor signs of botulism develop slowly and increase gradually over 3-7 days. The faster you will manifest the disease, the harder it is for her.

In the vast majority of cases botulism occurs suddenly and sharply. Onset of the disease is associated with disorders of the digestive system:

  • crampy abdominal pain cramping nature;
  • repeated vomiting with impurity eaten cucumbers;
  • diarrhea up to 5 times a day;
  • flatulence.

The symptoms of inflammation of the small intestine not last long, a few hours, then completely disappear. They change into severe neurological signs. The first pass of the neurotoxin enters the organ of vision. Botulism in cucumbers is manifest such affections of the eye:

  • the decrease in visual acuity.
  • double vision;
  • the difficulty recognize objects close;
  • mesh and fog before the eyes;
  • strabismus;
  • dilated pupils, poor reaction to light;
  • drooping eyelids.

The victim feels a strong sense of thirst, mucous in the mouth is constantly dry, difficult swallowing, the voice becomes husky. In humans, the symptoms of poisoning of the whole body – severe weakness and fatigue, acute headache, insomnia. The temperature of the body when botulism is not increased.

With the progression of the disease to the fore the symptoms of breathing disorders:

  • heaviness and tightness in the chest;
  • shallow and rapid breathing;
  • panic feeling short of breath;
  • blue skin tone.

The rapid development of signs of lesions of the respiratory system indicates the most severe form of the disease, which often leads to death. People die from respiratory failure.

The victim urgently delivered to the hospital. The mainstay of treatment, the patient antitoxic introduction protivobotulinicheskoy serum.

Asto detect the presence of botulism in banks

There are certain signs of botulism in a jar of pickles that say about the infectious risk of the product.

If the brine in a jar or container with pickles dimmed, contains air bubbles, the foam, such cucumbers as a precaution it is not recommended to eat.

If the covers on the banks of the swollen, it tells about the process of gassing. Normal no chemical reactions in the jar with the cucumbers should not happen. Therefore, it is better to refuse from such cans, as they can be vegetative forms of spores which produce the botulinum toxin.

If you brine or marinate the cucumbers without a heat treatment, for security purposes, not the dishes, cover with a tight lid. To prevent the formation of botulinum toxin, you need to ensure the access of oxygen. It is not recommended to store salted or pickled cucumbers at a temperature of from 22°to 35 ° C. under these conditions, the brine becomes an ideal nutrient medium for the activation of the dispute. Store cucumbers have in the fridge or cellar.

The rules of safe canning cucumbers

In the preservation of cucumbers it is important to follow certain rules:

  1. Before you start canning each cucumber should be thoroughly washed under running water with a brush. Not allowed the presence of soil particles, as it is likely to contain bacterial spores.
  2. Not recommended for canning or pickling corrupted or damaged vegetables.
  3. Banks should be thoroughly sterilized. Not allowed the presence of dust or water drops from the tap. By boiling can sterilize the lid.
  4. Observe the proportions of the ingredients for canning – water, salt, vinegar, sugar. To minimize the possibility of Contracting botulism, it is not enough just to pour cucumber pickle and roll up. Banks with better content boil for 15 minutes.

If before use the Bank raises suspicions as for the quality, for security purposes, the cucumbers with the brine need to shift into a saucepan and boil for 10-15 minutes. Then allow to cool and then they can eat.

To prevent botulism, never buy homemade canned cucumbers on the spontaneous markets. And when homework observe the technology of preparation of canned food and storage conditions of the finished conservation.