Beetle – an insect is poisonous or not

Beetle poisonous is representative of the family of insects. The beetles can be different colors, from blue, to lilac, although occasionally some specimens are almost black in color. Beetle runs fast, eats palusami, the main food are the escargots. When the danger of the bug emit a poisonous liquid, which in contact with the eye causes a sharp pain and conjunctivitis. Found the pest in different regions, mostly with a humid climate. This parasite causes great damage to food products and dwelling people. People who are faced with such a pest and ask about the methods of struggle exist.

General characteristics of insect

The beetle is poisonous insects that are in danger emit a caustic liquid. To distinguish this beetle from other insects is easy, if you know what he looks like.

  • Sapper oval or oblong corpuscles.
  • Body color may be different from bluish to lilac. Black individuals have a metallic sheen.
  • Bug have well developed jaw. They help to chew the vegetation and feast on the juicy flesh.
  • Antennae covered with stiff bristles.
  • Legs long and well developed, the bug could very quickly cross long distances.
  • The abdomen of the beetle is nearly fully closed by the elytra.

When describing a bug, special attention should be paid to the size of the wings. This value is dependent on the habitat of the insect, the more food around, the less the wings. This is because the insect can fly in search of food.

Grain beetles often live in areas with high humidity and likes moderate temperatures of the environment. Therefore, to meet such a bug in a hot area is almost impossible. Mating bugs throughout the autumn, in dry weather, brood less.

Bread ground beetles live in the territory of some regions of Russia, Ukraine and Moldova. In the Crimea the rare species of such beetles, which are listed in the Red book.

As the beetle enters the housing

A harmful insect, like a beetle, can live not only in the fields, gardens and orchards. Often these predators penetrate the housing of the person. The basic ways insects are:

  • With wood, for example, with old furniture. In addition, larvae can anestis together with street dust.
  • If the house as Pets are hamsters, food can attract these insects.
  • Beetles can fly up to the lights in the house if the Windows do not have mosquito nets.
  • These bugs love to live in old wooden window sills, antique furniture and wooden frames.
  • Sometimes ground beetles dwell in the supply of potatoes, flour and different cereals.

For man, the beetle is not poisonous. The insect emits acrid substance irritating to the skin. If the secret from the abdomen of a ground beetle enters the eye, can develop quickly passing conjunctivitis.

The bite of man by beetles may experience severe swelling that come in a few days. This is due to an allergic reaction.

What is the harm from bugs

Bread ground beetles love to feast on crops, at the same time destroyed most of the crop. Crops spoil not only the adult beetles and larvae, which eat the tender leaves of winter.

Prevent beetles and human life. During the day they hide in the old wood, and at night go hunting. Ground beetles can eat bread crumbs, or cereals. Often at night they fall directly to the sleepers. In that case, if the house is constantly forage for bugs, they shortly begin to multiply.

If the house was spotted beetle, it is urgent to destroy it, otherwise it will be the invasion of beetles on the housing.

The poison

Many experts still can't say for sure, beetle is considered poisonous or not. Some species of ground beetles in danger fired the caustic liquid at the distance of half a meter. The composition of the venom of these beetles include formic acid which can cause severe burns of the skin and mucous membranes.

If the poison gets on the skin, it can cause severe swelling that takes several days. In the case of getting poison beetle on the skin, wash the affected area with a larger volume of water. If swelling has already occurred, one must take antihistamines. A particular danger is swelling of the face and neck, as this can lead to suffocation.

In contact with a poisonous fluid in the eye causes severe irritation, which may lead to conjunctivitis. In this case, the victim it is advisable to see an ophthalmologist.

To prevent the breeding of ground beetles in the home, you need to store all grains in sealed containers.

Ground beetles in the insect world

Some types of bugs feed on caterpillars and larvae. They can choose, and other members of the family of insects that are soft. Ground beetles living in Crimea, fed land snail, however, they do not crack open the shell and suck the snail body, plunging his proboscis and part of the body. There are bugs, which are equally good to eat as plant foods and animal.

Conducted an interesting experiment, which examined how stronger insect – a beetle or a tarantula. Now, in the duel ground beetles andtarantula, a large species of beetle won a dangerous spider. This once again confirms that the bug is a predator and in case of danger can be a serious opponent.

Ground beetles listed in the Red book, cannot be destroyed. Such individuals are found on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula.

How to remove beetles from the home

If seen grain ground beetles, they need as quickly as possible to get rid of. To do this, follow these recommendations:

  • Need to find a habitat for the bugs and its good to disinfect.
  • Food residue and crumbs needs to be put in inaccessible places.
  • It is possible to process the surface of dichlorvos or other such drugs safely.

To remove bugs from the dwelling, it is sufficient to wipe the surface with a strong solution of baking soda or vinegar in the water.

Ground beetles there are many species, some of them feed on vegetable food, others are predators. These bugs are very complicate a person's life, so we need to fight them with conventional methods. But do not forget that some species listed in the Red book.