Flower Spathiphyllum: poisonous or not for human

Many people love to decorate their homes different flowers and plants. Buying them, few examines information about a particular form so that the house can be a poisonous plant. One of the most common plant is the Spathiphyllum, which has a second beautiful name – happiness. This flower will decorate any room, it has many useful properties, and legend says that he is able to bring women happiness. Spathiphyllum poisonous or not to humans? To answer this question, it is necessary to consider in detail this plant.

General characteristics of plants

Spathiphyllum is an evergreen plant whose dark leaves with pronounced veins. It belongs to the family Araceae, is therefore considered conditionally poisonous. The stem of a plant on the surface is not visible from the ground the leaves grow on elongated stems. This plant blooms in spring and sometimes again in autumn. Flowers many, they consist of bright yellow middle and white bedspreads. The fragrance of the flower is quite nice. Thanks to the unusual inflorescences in the people this plant is often called a white sail.

The smell of the flowers is most pronounced in the morning, by the evening the scent is almost imperceptible.

What is dangerous Spathiphyllum

Spathiphyllum is considered to be poisonous. This attractive plant contains dangerous oxalates of calcium and oxalic acid, which are irritating to the mucous of the eyes and skin. Particular danger this plant poses to small children and people with weakened immune systems. If accidentally eating parts of this room can be such health disorders:

  • inflamed mucous membrane of the oral cavity and esophagus;
  • develops indigestion;
  • the person feels severe pain in the stomach.

In addition, can become inflamed upper Airways, leading to shortness of breath. People prone to allergies may be skin rashes and other disorders of allergic nature.

In case of accidental ingestion of Spathiphyllum children need to show the child the doctor, as there may be unpredictable consequences.

Use flower

Disputes about whether or not the poisonous flower women's happiness, go for a long time. Some experts say that a flower can be considered toxic only conditionally, and so it is that people tangible benefits, which is as follows:

  • Such a flower will become a good decoration of living room and office. It blooms for quite a long time and pleases the eyes of the people. Such vegetation often decorate the children's rooms.
  • Leaves of Spathiphyllum large area, and thus produce a lot of ozone and facilitate the person's breathing.
  • It is believed that this room good energy, it increases efficiency and attentiveness. To check this, is enough to put a pot with a flower close to the workstation location.

It is popular belief that Spathiphyllum brings happiness to women. But there is one rule, the plant should be presented. So if you want to add to someone's happiness, it is enough to give a potted Bush.

The flower room will not be any danger, if not to eat its leaves and other parts.

First aid in case of accidental ingestion

In case of accidental ingestion of this corrosive plants inside, you need the victim to provide first aid. The algorithm of actions should be:

  • Artificially induce vomiting, for this purpose you can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate or salt water. Quickly cause gagging and will help the soapy solution, for which we take shavings of baby soap.
  • Well give the victim rinse the mouth and throat.
  • Give any adsorbent, in order to neutralize the remnants of harmful substances.
  • In order to reduce stomach pain give the man any dairy products – milk, yogurt, cheese or kefir.

Although the leaves of the Spathiphyllum does not attract even animals, they are very bitter, there are times when young children eat a lot of this vegetation. In this case, need immediate medical attention, as it may cause convulsions and renal failure.

Often after first aid the victim's condition is gradually returning to normal and the next day nothing like the unpleasant incident. Only if eaten a lot of this vegetation, the symptoms of poisoning gradually increase and could disturb the person to ten days.

Small children are particularly susceptible to toxic substances, so if a child ate the leaves of Spathiphyllum, an urgent need to show it to the doctor.

How to prevent poisoning

To avoid severe consequences, you should exercise extreme caution when caring for Spathiphyllum.

  • To care for plant, crop and replant it, preferably with gloves.
  • After contact with leaves is necessary to wash hands with soap under running water.
  • If the skin turned red and became irritated, it has been washed with a strong jet of water in order to wash away the remnants of the acrid juice.
  • If the juice has got into eyes, please rinse with water. When significant inflammation of the eye should consultthe optometrist.
  • When in the mouth parts of the plant or juice mouth rinse water or milk, which are then spit out.

If the poisoning occurred, the doctor may need to provide the name of the plant and it is desirable to provide a sample of the vegetation.

If the victim observed hallucinations or confusion, we urgently need to call an ambulance.

Signs associated with a flower

With women's happiness, so people affectionately known as the Spathiphyllum, is associated with many beautiful legends and superstitions. Some of them came from ancient times, others have appeared recently.

It is believed that if an unmarried girl to give the Spathiphyllum, she will soon marry. Thus it is necessary not just to buy a flower, it should give a friend or close relative who is happy in the marriage. Especially good if the plant will bloom quickly, in this case, the wedding is not far off.

This flower will help those couples, who for a long time dream of a child. It's enough to make a flower, and the result will not keep itself waiting long. Harbinger of early pregnancy is considered profuse flowering. According to the belief, pregnancy and childbirth are without problems.

According to the observations of people, Spathiphyllum are often dry and does not bloom in those families where constant bickering and disagreements. This flower cosy in the house where there is love and mutual understanding. If the room is densely flowered blooms and leaves his large and fleshy, so he is cozy in the house. We can say that all this superstition, but people's reviews indicate that it corresponds to the truth.

According to belief, you cannot give your Spathiphyllum to other people together with him giving her happiness.

Beautiful when housing is decorated with potted flowers, but do not forget that some plants can be poisonous. Before buying a new flower it is necessary to examine all the information on this form.