Anthurium flower: poisonous or not for human

Some house plants are dangerous for human health. Upon contact with poisonous specimens can experience various allergic reactions, as their juice and the pollen often irritates the skin and mucous membranes. A universal favorite and frequent home inhabitant was bright Anthurium. Its green leaves and fiery red flowers, white flowers with a yellow spadix are so correct relief forms that this houseplant is often mistaken for an artificial flower. However, the owners of this house plant does not stop to see their favorite Anthurium are poisonous or not to humans and how to properly care for it.

Actually quite a lot of houseplants are poisonous and to what extent, are a danger to humans. Almost every house you can find a dieffenbachia or Spathiphyllum, but not everyone knows that these plants are sources of poisons and pathogens allergies. Anthurium is also dangerous in their own way. This flower, like the highly toxic dieffenbachia belongs to the Araceae, and the plants included in this family, is referred to deadly. Why is this happening?

What is dangerous Anthurium

Anthurium is a rather whimsical, care needs to be regular and requires special diligence. Usually the flower room feels good at the window, located on the southwest side. He doesn't like bright light, so you need to protect the plant from the scorching sun. If it is decided to buy, is to possess some information about toxicity of this flower:

  1. Anthurium does not emit into the air of hazardous fumes like some house plants, so its presence does not harm the respiratory system. It can be safely placed in any room, be it bedroom or hallway.
  2. The juice of this plant oxalates are salts of oxalic acid, which, in contact with skin and mucous membranes irritating to skin. On the damaged surface which could cause burns and ulcers.
  3. If the flowers or leaves of the plant fall into the mouth, it can cause severe burns and edema of the larynx, which represent a mortal danger to human health.

Precautions in the care of the flower

It turns out that the Anthurium is not only uplifting home life, but dangerous as a poisonous plant. Deciding to decorate your house with this flower or not, should save him a seat so he did not get up nor children, nor animals. Due to the fact that the flower is capricious, you need to be prepared for the fact that it will often be transplanted. When working with the flower you want to observe the following precautions:

  • in any manipulation, whether cutting dry flowers and leaves or Seating colors with different root systems in a few pots, you need to use rubber gloves;
  • if you are allergic to bloom, when cutting you should wear a respirator and open the Windows. The juice of the plant are poisonous, so if you trim the Anthurium in a hot room, the air can get toxic fumes;
  • upon completion of the work, it is better to wash hands with soap and water, despite the fact, was on the hands gloves or not – even accidentally caught the skin a couple of drops of poisonous juice that can damage the sensitive human skin.

Not necessarily by contact with an irritant such as salt of oxalic acid contained in the juice of Anthurium, followed by immediate reaction in the form of irritation, burn or swelling of the mucous membrane. Every body is different, and even poisonous Anthurium operates on the all different. However, observing the simple precautions, the owner of this beautiful plants protects themselves and their families from possible problems.

What to do in case of poisoning

Special attention should be paid to the choice of the location of the flower. Since Anthurium is poisonous, it is obvious that it should not be placed directly on the floor. Children and Pets have a particular interest in such decorative jewelry and can not only smell the plant, but also to taste it. This is very dangerous, because children's skin is particularly sensitive. In such a situation, it immediately needs to apply a "Rescue" or spray "Panthenol".

If the poison got into the mouth of the child, it should immediately be washed, but in any case do not induce vomiting, because the acid can damage the esophagus, re-passing through it.

It is better to give the child a glass of milk, as it is an effective antidote in cases of poisoning, and decongestant drug, for example, "Core" or "L-color". In this case, one can only expect the ambulance and hope that the child got a burn of the esophagus. So that this did not happen, you should pick up the flower higher ground to get to it could only be an adult.

The fact that the Anthurium is poisonous, does not mean that it is necessary to refuse from its acquisition. This beautiful plant is a great gift for a celebration: particularly pleasant to him to be representative of the stronger sex, after all, red Anthurium – flower men. This representative of the flora looks very impressive and unusual, it refreshes the space and residential apartments and office. Sufficient to comply with the precautions and you can enjoy the beauty of this wonderful plant for many years.