The most fast-acting poisons in the world

Worldwide, there are a wide variety of poisons, both natural and synthetic origin. Some of these substances show a toxic effect instantly, while others may destroy its victim inside. Fast-acting poison capable of killing for a few minutes or even seconds, almost completely depriving the victim of opportunities to save his life.

Potassium cyanide is a leader among fast-acting poisons

Potassium cyanide, or cyanide, is the most fast-acting poison, reputed to be the most toxic among the other poisons. It is an inorganic compound produced by a chemical and is a product of hydrocyanic acid. This substance looks like a white crystalline powder resembling sugar.

Also hydrocyanic acid found in the seeds of some plants –cherries, peaches, apricots, plums. 100 g of such product can be a lethal dose. Contains toxic substance and almonds. 100 g fruit or 60 g of almond kernels capable of becoming a lethal dose, therefore, is not recommended to eat inside.

Cyanide can enter the human body in different ways. The concentration of fast-acting poison and its method of penetration depends on the speed of death:

  1. When injected 0.2 mg fast-acting substances in the stomach, and death after 10 minutes.
  2. The dose of 0.12-0.15 mg is fatal for half an hour.
  3. If the poison got inside through the skin, man dies after incident of 40-90 minutes.

After receiving higher doses of the toxic substance in death comes instantly. If the victim has inhaled vapours of cyanide, symptoms of poisoning can occur after a few seconds. Paralysis of the respiratory system, the heart fails, a person loses consciousness.

The antidote to the fast-acting venom can be ordinary sugar or sulfur, eaten at the same time. However, after absorption of the poison into the blood these products are already unable to save man from death.

Fast – acting deadly compound sarin

Sarin gas – liquid, instantly receiving a gaseous state. This fast-acting poison was created by German scientists during the Second world war, since then ranked as the strongest toxic substances. Getting inside in high concentrations, it inevitably leads to death.

Mainly suffering from gas Central nervous system. The victim show symptoms in the form of:

  • dizziness, headaches;
  • overstimulation, emotional instability;
  • depression, depression;
  • tremor (shaking of the upper or lower extremities, whole body);
  • convulsions;
  • slurred speech;
  • inconsistency of movements of various muscle groups.

A characteristic sign of poisoning by a quick poison, a sharp contraction or dilation of the pupils, is not always manifested to the same extent, intense headaches, defocusing of view, the reduction of its severity, redness of the conjunctiva. The state is complemented by a crushing sensation inside the chest, shortness of breath, continuous cough, bluish discoloration of the skin.

Sarin is a threat to life when in contact with skin, in the stomach or the mucous membranes. The greatest danger is inhalation route of entry of fast-acting poison. After that, the average concentration of a substance causes acute respiratory failure after two minutes and a large dose results in death for one minute.

If you to quickly enter the antidote, the life of the victim can be saved. With this purpose, performed intramuscular injection of atropine, known as hyoscyamine, cyclodolum, diphenhydramine, doxylamine. The dosage of the drugs depends on the degree of destruction of the body.

The strongest natural poisons

In the plant world, you can find many strong rapidly degradable poisons, causing almost instant death. These include:

  1. Amatoxin.
  2. Coniin.
  3. Ricin.

Amatoxin – the poison that is present in some mushrooms (pale toadstool). The degree of toxicity is not inferior to the cyanide of potassium. This substance is dangerous because in the absence of immediate medical attention death becomes almost inevitable. Even after the rescue of human life, there is a risk of complications for life – kidney, liver failure, problems with the respiratory system.

Coniin – quite fast-acting poison contained in Conium maculatum. Weed containing it is often found on wastelands and fallow lands, among the roads in the garden plots. Poison element is present in considerable concentrations in the leaves and stems of this plant.

Deadly for the human body is a dose of 0.15 g Once inside, the poison immobilizes all muscle groups, causing the inhibition of respiratory function, paralysis, labored swallowing. Death occurs from respiratory arrest, consciousness remains poisoned until the last seconds.

Hemlock also contains other substances, greatly enhancing its toxic effects:

  • cicutoxin;
  • methylconiine;
  • pseudoconhydrine;
  • contain
  • considerin.

src="/poisoning/images/35-3.jpg">there is no Specific antidote. In the case of intoxication quick-acting poison as soon as possible to start symptomatic treatment with mechanical ventilation.

Ricin, a toxic substance derived from castor beans of the castor plant. For the death of an adult will be quite a few grains caught inside with the air or if swallowed. This fast-acting poison destroys the cells and stops the production of proteins in the human body. After the beginning of action of the poison, the victim observed a critical decrease in blood pressure, tightness in the chest, hallucinations.

Death occurs within 36 hours. A specific antidote does not exist.

Toxic substances of animal origin

One of the most fast-acting poisonous substances of animal origin include:

  • II the neurotoxin contained in the venom of Central Asian Cobra;
  • alpha latrotoxin – a substance produced by the body of spiders karakurt;
  • alpha conotoxin – component, fast-acting venom of the geographic cone (mollusk Conus geographus).
  • the batrachotoxin present in skin lubrication frogs-listratov of the genus Phyllobates.

Modern medicine has developed a serum that allows to neutralize the toxic effect of compounds produced by snakes and spiders. When ingested other poisons used copious bleeding, and symptomatic treatment.

Being deadly, a fast-acting poisons can bring benefit to mankind. So, cyanide is used in various fields of human activity. The substance use workers in the agriculture, mining and processing industry, manufacturers of plastics. Also it is added to photoreactive.

Medicine valued antioxidant, anticancer and analgesic properties of Hemlock. Tincture of the plant are used for the treatment of cancer and hepatitis. Snake venom helps fight against sciatica, asthma, Alzheimer's disease, is able to accelerate recovery after stroke.