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Poison corned beef in the potato – the more dangerous it is for a person

That corned beef in the potato threat to the health, heard many people. But not all can say exactly what the tubers are dangerous and how much of this substance must get into the body below the poisoning occurred. Still can be found very conflicting opinions. Some experts say that after heat treatment the poison completely neutralized, others say that this toxin can be used to treat certain diseases.

What is corned beef

Corned beef is a poison plant origin, which consists of glucose and solanidine. It is a crystalline substance which is almost insoluble in water, but quickly diluted in alcohol. Corned beef is in all vegetation, which belongs to the family Solanaceae.

This toxic substance is in all plant parts, but the last thing it detected in potato tubers. He is also in eggplant and tomatoes. In potatoes it is not enough only if the tubers are properly stored and period of storage does not exceed 3 months. Six months later, the corned beef to potato tubers is added, and most of all his in sprouted or green fruits.

Is it possible to get poisoned Solonina

Corned beef is a toxic substance, which theoretically can be poisoned. But this is only possible in the performance of such conditions:

  • It is eaten boiled sprouted potatoes with peel.
  • People eat green potatoes.
  • Unripe tomatoes are eaten fresh.
  • Eggplant before cooking is not purified.

But nobody does, so in practice Solonina poisoning from potatoes or other vegetables do not occur. But the cases of poisoning with poisonous substance from other sources is possible. This can occur when accidental or intentional ingestion of berries with potato leaves or green nightshade. In such berries the contents of the venom is very high.

Green tomatoes can be used only for conservation, under the action of acetic acid the poison completely neutralized.

What dosage is considered dangerous

The poison in potatoes that are well matured, contains just the amount of 0,05%. However, in an old, sprouted or green root vegetables, its concentration is greatly increased and represents a danger to humans.

To get poisoning is mild enough to eat 20 mg corned beef, which is sprouted and green potatoes. Most of these poisonings occur in the spring, when people eat up stocks of last year's potatoes.

Corned beef lethal dose is 200-400 mg. Dosage depends on the weight of the person and his health.

But, it is worth noting that this toxic substance is not completely absorbed in the intestine so that the blood received such an amount of poison, you need to eat more of this dangerous substance. In life it is very difficult to implement.

The main symptoms of solanine poisoning

The poison in green potatoes can cause poisoning, which primarily affect the digestive system. Intoxication is manifested by such unpleasant symptoms:

  • a feeling of nausea that almost always passes into vomiting;
  • severe diarrhea;
  • cramping pains in the abdomen;
  • bitterness in the mouth;
  • a feeling of tickling in the throat.

After a couple of hours after consuming excessive amounts of green potatoes or fruit with it begins the absorption of toxin into the blood. At this time, the manifest dangerous signs of effects on the cardiovascular system and the nervous, urinary and respiratory. Observed shortness of breath, weakness in muscles and joints, lethargy, migraine, dizziness and decrease in urine output. If you do a urine test, it is possible to detect a large number of proteins, some of which is hemoglobin.

If poisoning solanine too heavy, they manifest such life-threatening symptoms:

  • Falling blood pressure, sometimes to critical levels.
  • Quickens the heartbeat.
  • Possible disruptions in the functioning of the heart, which then lead to a slower rate.

Under the influence of the toxin destroys red blood cells, all the groups of muscles start to twitch, which then goes into intense convulsions. This condition starts the paralysis, and General paralysis. The lethal outcome occurs from malfunction of the respiratory center.

First aid

Emergency care must be rendered at the first suspicion of intoxication, when the bulk of the toxic substance did not have time to be absorbed into the blood. Assistance is provided in the following sequence:

  • The gastric cavity is washed with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The procedure can be performed as long as the waste water will not contain contaminants of food.

At home permitted to wash out the stomach for adults and children over 7 years. Young children and sick unconscious lavage performed only in a hospital.

  • Intestines washed with a weak saline solution or a solution of pharmacyregidrona.
  • Give the poisoned person adsorbents – activated carbon, enterosgel, POLYSORB or.
  • Give the patient astringent substances – tannin, or a decoction of oak bark.
  • It is recommended to give the victim enveloping products, mashed ripe bananas, jelly, milk fat or butter.

After first aid be sure to call the ambulance. If necessary, the victim hospitalitynet in the hospital carried out cleansing the body of toxins by all available means. Re-washed the stomach, carry out fast-track procedure diuresis, intravenous fluids and various according to the testimony perform hemodialysis.

In the mandatory prescribed symptomatic treatment, which is aimed at normalizing respiration, stabilization of the kidneys and heart. Patients with severe poisoning Solonina prescribed antibiotics to prevent the development of infection.

Preventive measures

In the thermal processing of corned beef is completely destroyed only at temperatures over 250 degrees. That is when cooking and frying, it remains in the final product. To protect yourself and your family from this toxic substance, you should follow these rules:

  • Can not eat sprouted potatoes.
  • Green areas on potato tubers are cut along with part of the pulp.
  • It is necessary to properly store potatoes. Before laying on storage of the tubers are well dried and stored in cool and dry places, which are equipped with ventilation.

It is worth remembering that the growth of tubers begins when high temperature and humidity. Under these conditions, the amount of toxic substances in the potato increases dramatically and it becomes unfit for human consumption.