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Can I eat fly-agarics, their benefit and harm to human

We all know that the mushroom is poisonous mushroom poisoning which can lead to serious consequences, including death. Can I eat the mushrooms? Officially, food mushrooms should not be consumed, but the residents of some countries are preparing their special recipes, casaliva, pickling, and making them medicinal tinctures.

Species of the family Mukhomorov

The toadstools are poisonous and edible, however, many mushroom lovers are trying to avoid them.

The cap of Amanita red dotted with white spots, the stalk is usually white or yellow in color. Located under the skin of the flesh bright color, has a sweet taste, odorless. Grow muhomorov everywhere: in acidic soils, near birches and firs, around trees and shrubs, are found both singly and in groups:

  • Red – very dangerous for a human representative muhomorov. Despite the attractive appearance and bright color, is considered the most toxic. The fungus contains dangerous poison muscarin causing severe poisoning. A lethal dose of venom is contained in 3-4 hats: this is enough to cause serious irreversible phenomena in the body and death.
  • White has a strong unpleasant smell and taste. Can cause death if you eat three large instance.
  • Smelly, judging by its name, has a disgusting smell, similar in appearance with white, has a hollow stem, and is more toxic.
  • Pantherina – dark green or brown fungus with white patches. Able to trigger hallucinations and psychotic symptoms, on signs similar to delirium tremens. The damage from this mushroom even more than the red, the prognosis for life and human health is extremely unfavorable.
  • Pohadkovy – highly toxic mushroom that looks similar to edible. If you look closely, you can identify the teardrop-shaped warts. Earlier it was considered poisonous and not used in food. Currently allowed the use bovankovich mushroom after prolonged heat treatment. Can provoke minor gastrointestinal disorders, especially when used in raw form and in large quantities.
  • Gray and pink mushroom has a dark spot on the cap, has a spicy taste and aroma, is considered conditionally-edible. However, the risk is still not recommended.
  • Fat is the representative of the mushroom family, which has an unpleasant taste, but is often used in cooking. It is easy to confuse with pantherina.
  • Cesarski mushroom is an edible fungus, characterized by a smooth cap and stem pale yellow tint. However, to meet him in Russia is almost impossible.

The last three species belong to the edible, but few are willing to put their lives and health danger of death.

What happens if you eat a poisonous mushroom

If you eat a red mushroom, the consequences could be unpredictable. Each year from mushroom intoxication kills a lot of people, including experienced mushroom pickers.

Signs of intoxication appear after about half an hour after consumption. Usually they are expressed:

  • an emetic reflexes;
  • severe nausea;
  • soreness in the abdomen;
  • convulsive syndrome.

It is important to note that the fungus has a negative effect on the Central nervous system, leads to visual and auditory hallucinations and loss of consciousness. Complications and degree of toxicity are directly linked to the amount of toxic substances in the composition.

Some believe that mushroom safe to eat if properly prepared, for example, a long soak and boil and dry. Still, during heat treatment there is a risk that the poison will not evaporate. Application of the fungus may not cause death but can cause severe discomfort and upset stomach. The main symptoms are redness of the face, neck and chest. In addition, the intoxicated may experience an increased heart rate, impairment of coordination and delirium.

What is the harm to human

The fungus is extremely dangerous to humans. Inappropriate preparation of its application could lead to severe intoxication and death.

The poison starts after 2-3 hours after eating and can last from 6 hours to 1 week.

Some use mushroom powder for Smoking to cause a hallucinogenic effect.

At the first signs of mushroom poisoning should seek medical help and to take the following urgent measures:

  1. Lavage of the stomach. The victim should drink a solution of 1000 g of water a few crystals of potassium permanganate and 1 teaspoon soda. Next, the patient should be artificially to provoke vomiting.
  2. In addition, you need to clean intestinal system: this allowed the consumption of laxatives or purging by enema.
  3. The patient must drink any sorbent, e.g., activated charcoal 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight.

In case of any intoxication would be wise to call an ambulance, but sometimes assistance is required immediately.

What is the use

Mushroom components are applied in traditional and alternative medicine, part ofsome medicines that can eliminate different diseases. The use of fly agaric has been proved by scientists. Mushroom will help in the treatment of:

  • epileptic seizures;
  • excessive excitability of the nervous system;
  • sclerosis;
  • sleep disorders;
  • inflammatory processes ENT organs.

Included in the ingredients possess antibiotic powers:

  • kill the bacteria;
  • eliminate blood clots;
  • struggling with varicose veins and vascular diseases accompanied by pathological changes.

In addition, the mushroom extract will rid of diseases of the Central nervous system, neuralgia, osteochondrosis.

There is a positive impact of components on the skin. Substances able to eliminate:

  • nonhealing wounds;
  • boils;
  • fistula;
  • dermatological diseases: eczema, psoriasis, warts, papilloma, and others.

The fungus contributes to the cure of respiratory diseases: tuberculosis, bronchitis and removes phlegm. In addition, the mushroom is able to restore male sexual power, reduce pain during menstruation and menopause and is also used in the treatment of intestinal diseases.

What is useful for animals

Bright color of the fungus attracts not only people but also animals. Do animals eat the mushroom? It occasionally eat squirrels, elk, bears and deer. It is believed that the information contained in muhomorov family components save animals from worms and other microorganisms living in their body.

Characteristically, when eating these representatives of the fungal Kingdom animals can experience all the stages of drug intoxication, and people.

In animals, the metabolism differs from human metabolismcontained poisonous substances are not assimilated in their body and are excreted along with the urine. Mushrooms for animals act more like drugs, which under the influence of instincts animals use for malaise.

In addition, animals are not able to abuse the food, so can't be poisoned with an overdose.

Who can not

By itself, the fungus is very dangerous, and only with proper preparation its use can be harmless.

However, there are some limitations:

  • children's age;
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding;
  • diseases of the digestive system;
  • ulcerative lesions of the stomach, gastritis;
  • pathology of the pancreas;
  • diseases of the liver.

Before taking medicinal tincture on the basis of Amanita, need to consult a doctor.

How to cook

Even in Russia people wondered how to make the fungus with maximum health benefits without the risk of poisoning. This fine line must be followed if there was a desire to try it.

It is worth noting that should gather the mushrooms, having the hat a large number of white spots, legs to collect is not worth it. Dried fly agarics, penetrating them to the rope, and then store in a dry place. A drying oven is not recommended.

Mushroom tincture has immunostimulatory abilities, effectively fights cancer and tuberculosis. To eliminate skin diseases apply fruit juice or a special ointment for rubbing on the basis of his drawing.

In any scenario, a mushroom worth remembering that it is deadly poisonous, and it should be prepared carefully, observing the necessary dosage. To do it ordinary people is not recommended, as the risk of poisoning is still high.