Flower zamioculcas: poisonous or not

Many growers make the window sills and every available space in the house potted flowers. And the more exotic the plant, the pride of place in the house he is given. Now increasingly seen in the homes and offices of so-called dollar tree that has a beautiful fleshy twigs. This plant requires no special care. It is evergreen and so pleasing to the eye in any season. But then few people think that zamioculcas is poisonous or not. This is the correct name of this plant, and it really is a danger for humans and for animals.

What is the zamioculcas

This flower has long been known, but of particular interest to him as a potted plant that appeared only in 90-ies of the last century. Increased consumer demand for this decorative flower has facilitated the breeding work and new varieties.

In the role of potted flower zamioculcas has a number of advantages that can be identified as:

  • a unique, exotic look;
  • easy maintenance;
  • drought-resistant;
  • does not require special illumination.

This flower normally takes irregular watering or the dim lighting in the room, its maintenance is very easy.

In people, this beautiful exotic plant received the affectionate name zamik.

Zamioculcas, like all succulents, have thick leaves and leaf petioles. This feature is necessary for the accumulation of moisture and subsequent economical using. Special wax coating reduces evaporation of moisture from the leaves and prevents them from burns from the sun.

Flowers zamioculcas quite original and not like the usual flowers. Inflorescences consist of a large whitish cob, who is dressed in a greenish veil. Such homeliness is easy to explain the habitat of this flower and a feature of pollination. Pollen can be transported only by the wind and some small insects.

Tuberous stem of this plant is entirely underground, only the top visible leaves.

How dangerous bears zamioculcas

Zamioculcas deemed to have been a poisonous plant, as all the numerous representatives of the family Araceae. Are poisonous all parts of this plant. The juice contained in the leaves and stems can lead to such health problems:

  • persistent allergic reactions;
  • the lesions on the skin that resemble burns;
  • intestinal disorders in case of accidental ingestion of plant parts;
  • visual impairment by ingestion of the juice on the eyes.

In addition, harmful and pollen from flowers. A particular danger of this flower brings people who are prone to allergies.

The life expectancy of zamioculcas is from 5 to 10 years. In the height of the flower can reach one meter.

Poisonous flower and children

A particular danger zamioculcas is for young children. Because of its natural lyubopitnost kids often chew on anything they found on the way. Sometimes it leads to serious poisoning.

If ingested parts of the plant can cause in adults only indigestion, chewing a leaf, the baby may be in the intensive care unit. This is because the immune system of children is still not fully formed, and the digestive organs do not yet have enough enzymes to neutralize toxic substances.

The flowers of zamioculcas appear in an already advanced age of the plant and although they are ugly, children are very attracted to. At hit of parts of the plant inside in children may have these disorders:

  • painful nausea and profuse vomiting;
  • high fever and convulsions;
  • diarrhea.

In severe cases there may be confusion and hallucinations. Children tend to suffer any toxicity, so the treatment should be carried out in a hospital.

When pollen falls into the eyes of inflamed mucosa that is manifested by blurred vision. If time does not help, there may be serious burns to mucosa and persistent blurred vision in children.

The doctor must show the parts of the plant, which accidentally used child. This will facilitate the diagnosis and treatment.

First aid if poisoning vegetation

If a child or adult accidentally ate part of zamioculcas, it is necessary to provide first aid:

  1. Adults and children older than 5 years gastric lavage is performed. You can use a weak solution of potassium permanganate or activated charcoal slurry. The procedure is performed as long as the waste liquid does not contain impurities.
  2. Give the adsorbent in a therapeutic dosage. It is preferable to give enterosgel or smectite, which are well envelop the mucosa of the digestive organs and prevent the absorption of toxic substances.
  3. The victim otpaivat abundantly with clean water or tea.

If the victim is unconscious, gastric lavage it is possible only in a hospital. The same applies to children who have not attained 5 years of age.

At hit of juice zamiokulkasa skin, their well-washedrunning water with soap. At hit of juice in eyes, flush mucous membranes by a large volume of water.

In contact with the juice of this poisonous plant it is advisable to drink suprastin or loratadine therapeutic dose to prevent the emergence of allergies.

Could it be fatal

Poisoning with a fatal outcome may well be subject to these conditions:

  • People ate too much of this vegetation.
  • Part of zamioculcas ate a small child, whose light weight and a weak immune system.
  • The victim has some chronic disease.

The lethal outcome is possible only in case if first aid was not on time. This can happen if the parents self-medicate and not go to the hospital.

How to prevent poisoning

When breeding poisonous succulent at home, you must follow some rules:

  1. Transplant or cutting plants is carried out only in gloves.
  2. After taking care of poisonous flower be sure to wash your hands several times.
  3. A pot of zamioculcas not kept in children's rooms and bedrooms.
  4. If the family has allergies, then such a flower should be abandoned.

In addition, it is not advisable to keep this flower in the house where there are young children or Pets. But if you really want to decorate your house in such an exotic plant, then it is better to keep it out of reach of kids and Pets.

To prevent pollen allergies, the flowers from the succulent, you need to pluck.

Signs associated with zamioculcas

Zamioculcas many people know under the interesting name "Women's happiness". As popular rumor, this flower somehow magically contributes to female happiness. But this magic property is manifested fully, it is necessary to observe certain conditions:

  • The flower should be gifted.
  • Magical properties are manifested only in the flowering period flower, and it blooms Oh how rare.

If you believe all of the same mind, as soon as this succulent will bloom, so the home will immediately knock happiness, not aby what, and women.

Another name for the flower is dollar tree. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, this flower is able to attract to the house the financial well-being, and jade. But if the latter is to raise money to bury in a pot of coins, it's zamioculcas just enough to settle in your house.