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Mushroom entoloma toxic (poisonous rotoblation): description, properties

Somehow, having met a mushroom like this, it does not want to touch purely on instinct. Although in appearance it is quite attractive and nothing portends trouble. Mushroom entoloma toxic (poisonous rotoblation) in the mushroom Kingdom is represented by several species. It is quite dangerous, as it contains many toxic substances. Entoloma poisonous is rarely fatal, more likely to have symptomatic health disorders that are treated in the toxicology Department of the medical institution.

General characteristics

Rotovating poisonous can be found in gardens, city parks or young forests. These mushrooms grow well on simple soil, where good illumination and a large length of a solar day, at normal temperature and humidity.

Entoloma toxic has quite a flat head large in size, which seems silky. The cap may have a diameter up to 20 cm, color from yellowish to slightly brown. Plates under the cap are well defined, at a young age have a slightly pinkish hue, and then become a pronounced pink color.

If you break the cap, you can see the white flesh that smells of fresh flour at a young age and has a rancid smell when the fungus is aging. Lead on rotoblation quite stretchy and long, reaches to 10 cm.

Entoloma poisonous – very poisonous mushroom which causes persistent digestive disorders. Experienced mushroom pickers bypass such instances side.

Intoxication causes

Poisoning most often happens from-for imprudence and negligence. The main causes of intoxication include:

  • Being careless when collecting mushrooms.
  • Eating products that were purchased at an undisclosed location.
  • The inexperience of pickers when entoloma poisonous is edible mushroom.

Another, albeit rare cause of poisoning can become child-like curiosity when the kids are tearing unfamiliar mushrooms and taste it.

The signs of poisoning

Symptoms of poisoning by poisonous entolomas is already half an hour after consumption of food. This time period might be a little stretch, but usually not more than two hours. The first signs of poisoning are:

  • unbearable headache and persistent dizziness, sometimes a person lose coordination;
  • copious vomiting;
  • diarrhea.

If timely medical assistance recovery occurs in 2-3 days. The healing process may be slightly longer, if the person ate a lot of mushrooms or has a weakened immune system.

If a person has eaten a large quantity of poisonous mushrooms can be fatal, although this phenomenon in the use of poisonous rotoblation rare.


To assume that people were poisoned dish of mushrooms, based on interviews with the victims. While the remains of cooked meals, the doctors take on the study. The treatment Protocol should be:

  1. Thoroughly wash the stomach clean or slightly salted water.
  2. Wash out the bowel with cleansing enemas, it will approach a weak salt solution or a solution regidrona.
  3. Affected saline laxative – this is especially true if the diarrhea and vomiting yet.
  4. Give any adsorbents.
  5. If pronounced inflammation of the stomach, intravenous saline and glucose.
  6. In severe conditions blood transfusion.

Patient ensure a good drinking regime to speed up the elimination of toxins and prevent dehydration. You can give water, fruit drinks, green tea or decoctions of herbs. Use as drink milk and soda is not recommended.

If entoloma poisonous tasted the whole family, even in the absence of symptoms of poisoning other people, all carry out preventive lavage of the stomach, intestines and prescribe adsorbents.

Any mushrooms – it is very heavy food for the weak stomach of a child. These products should be limited in children's diets. Give only those that are sold in the store. Not worth it to risk the health and life of the child and to treat him with mushrooms collected in the forest!

Possible effects of poisoning

If entoloma poisonous has upotrebimye in food in limited quantities, up to three mushrooms, it is likely that any health effects will not. But this is only the case if a person has no chronic diseases and a healthy immune system. Otherwise, intoxication may make itself felt some time such health disorders:

  • prolonged indigestion;
  • increased excitability;
  • constant thirst;
  • migraine.

From the effects of intoxication often affects small children who have low body weight.

At the slightest suspicion on poisoning with mushrooms it is necessary to call an ambulance!

How can you reduce the risk of poisoning

All mushrooms collected in the woods by yourself, it is better to cook in several stagesto minimize the risk of poisoning:

  1. Firstthe product is boiled in salted water for about 10 minutes.
  2. The water is drained and poured clean, then boil the product for another 10-20 minutes.
  3. After the water is drained, mushrooms fried, pickled or frozen. With this method of cooking from accidentally caught a poisonous instances out poison, and they become less toxic.

To minimize the amount of poison will help and drying. During the process of the toxic substances evaporate with the water.

Entoloma poisonous is described in encyclopedias as a highly poisonous mushroom that causes severe poisoning. But in spite of this, inexperienced mushroom pickers continue to collect this dangerous instance. Because whatever you say, and look at rotoblation quite attractive.